Friday, April 16, 2010

Statistics of Multiple Stalkers

The 2009 U.S. Department of Justice study (link below) states in Table 3 (page 12) in the appendix that 13.1%  of the roughly 3.4 million stalking victims in America has three or more stalkers which equates to roughly 445,000 victims with 3 or more stalkers.  So, you can see that this group stalking is a real phenomenon and comes from a credible source.

There has been more information released about the break down of the statistics cited above in that 185,000 respondents claim a group of three or more are working together to stalk them.  Use the link below.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What is Surveillance 24/7 ?

Most people understand that the phrase in the title means being watched 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  If you are not a target though it really has no meaning other than the words because there is no concept or idea of experience that comes in your mind because most people have never been under surveillance 24/7 so you really don't understand what it means.  I write this for the general audience to get an idea.  Everything you do in your house can be broken down into patterns whether you know it or not.  It can be broken down into time intervals and physical locations of the house.  People are all the same in our humanity by sharing the common experiences of eating sleeping, sex and using the toilet and shower.  Even our recreation at home is very similar by watching TV programming or movies, reading books, playing games or whatever.  You spend a certain amounts of time a day doing these things and you do each of the activities in certain parts of your house.   The point of all this is a great deal of what you do is on a patten with probably less variation than you might think.  You do not think about everything you do in your house or even away from your house  as a recordable pattern because no one ever cared about quantifying this stuff before.  Guess what?  Your stalkers do.  In fact that's all they do.  They track everything and are more aware of what you do than you yourself because they need this information so they can plan their attacks against you.  The more reconnaissance they do the easier it is to organize to attack you.  You have to realize they are taking your patterns in by the day, weeks, months and years and someone is analyzing this info to use against you.  Remember they are playing for the long term because these constant attacks take a great deal of effort by many people and the the more efficient use of their army of dimwits against you the better.  They do this by predicting your behavior by your patterns.  As an example, every time you turn on your bathroom light to use it, its a chance to attack you.  Say you have not used the bathroom in over two hours, so you are due to use it within a half an hour.  You may not know that information about yourself but your stalkers have been recording how many times a night your bathroom light goes on and the intervals in between them.  See, its better for them to have a stalker waiting to run to their car or already waiting in their car for a half hour or less to buzz your house with their loud car the next time you turn your bathroom light on than to wait for hours not knowing if you will or will not use your bathroom again that night.  Its about efficiency and not needlessly burning out their personnel.  Its not an exact science because a person does have some variations but there are many patterns to be gleaned about your home life if someone cares to watch every thing you do.  I also was going to say that the 24/7 surveillance does not last forever but I would say it did for me for about two years.  They have backed off some probably because they have different targets to work on and they now know I am not going away(this is to my benefit which I will explain in the future) so they can be more casual about it.  The observation periods are for shorter amounts of time now with it ceasing at some point during the day where it never did before.  I have no doubt that they could go 24/7 again but it would not get them anything and the police know now so that makes it harder for them than before.  I always thought that the tolerances of a human being watching something constantly would not be high enough to do this monitoring by humans only.  I don't know how they do it but I always thought it was more like an electronic camera watching my house and when it noticed a light going off at night or something it would record the time or sound an alarm so the idiot in the room monitoring the work station could call their goons in to do their stalking tricks on the street but this is only speculation on my part.  Anyway,  I hope this gives a better idea of how stalkers operate when watching your house.
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