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Successful Sacramento 'Targeted Individuals' Meeting Aug 30, 2011

Below is a summary of Jesse Beltran 's TI meeting in his own words.  With over 80 attendees and several speakers this has to be one of the most successful targeted individual meetings ever held.  Thank you Jesse, for all your hard work.

Northern California Victims Meeting  

In co-operation with FFCHS and individuals working to help victims of Domestic Terrorism

Synopsis of meeting held in Davis California at the Veterans’ Memorial Community Center Theater

On August 30th 2011 a meeting was held in Northern California for the specific purposes of gathering signatures for a letter written to Senator Joe Simitian and to provide frequency scanning free of charge for any of the attendees.

The guest speakers were Doug Millar, Roger Tolces, Dr. Ed Spencer, Elizabeth Adams, and host Jesse Beltran.

Doug Millar is a private investigator and long time colleague of the late Ted Gunderson. Doug spoke about the history of human manipulation programs in the United States and the exposure of such programs by his dear friend Ted Gunderson the former F.B.I. agent in charge of the Los Angeles, Dallas and Memphis divisions. Doug touched on the fact that these crimes against people need to be addressed as “electronic domestic terrorism”. He believes it is more effective than using the label “targeted Individual”.

Roger Tolces was the next speaker. He is a 30-year private investigator who specializes in providing services to victims of electronic harassment. Roger was very informative. He did a question and answer session. He addressed the types of equipment he uses to detect RF transmissions and electromagnetic transmissions. He states that the technology has progressed to bio-coded directed energy; this means attacks can be DNA specific. This is how individuals
and groups of individuals can be easily targeted. Roger explained to the group different ways he helps victims build protection systems utilizing shielding technologies that he has  developed.

Dr. Ed Spencer is a neurologist who graduated from Yale School of medicine. Ed addressed issues regarding who is doing these crimes. He also addressed how the medical community would rather turn a blind eye and look to diagnose individuals as having a psychological disorder rather than deal with the truth. He emphasized the need to band together to fight these issues by finding a common ground and working towards that goal. Dr. Spencer has been a patriot by coming forth and having the courage to speak the truth, even though he faces scrutiny in the medical community. We thank him for his courage.

Elizabeth Adams from emphasized the importance of bringing others outside the victim community to our meetings to promote public awareness. She presented documentation on 31,700,000 individuals who have made websites regarding the subject of mind control programs. She provided information about legislation passed that prevents any mind control technologies being used in airspace over the City of Berkley California. Elizabeth pointed out that if we could have more turn out like this one, we would be more effective in fighting this type of terrorism in America.

Jesse Beltran the host of the event.

We had approximately 80 attendees which were comprised of victims, non-victims, media from the cable networks, public access networks, and a journalist. An  awesome turn out!

We addressed California Senate Bill 362 authored by Senator Joe Simitian. Senate Bill 362 makes it illegal for the non-consensual sub dermal transplantation of an RFID device on any human in the State of California. Violation of SB 362 is currently a misdemeanor and has a 3-year statute of limitation.

The letter addressed to Senator Joe Simitian, was signed by attendees at the meeting. The letter requests that violation of SB 362 be changed to a felony and that the 3-year statute of limitations be changed to indefinite to be equal to that of a capital murder case. In addition, a request was made that specific language be added to consider this type of crime a form of Domestic Terrorism.

We demonstrated how shielding works, and why individuals who come up positive on preliminary scans had to be tested in a Faraday Cage. We did this by building a miniature working model of a Faraday Cage. Demonstration worked perfectly as expected.

The highlight of the meeting was the preliminary RF scanning. Twenty-four people were tested. Thirteen came up positive for RF transmission. All findings were in the LF wave range. All scans documented by written documentation as well as having each test videotaped. For further understanding visit the link below:\

I would like to thank all who attended and those who helped to make this meeting a success! We have only just begun. We must continue to band together to hold those who commit this atrocity towards fellow human beings accountable. It does  not matter if you’re a private entity or affiliated with a public agency. This type of crime falls under Domestic Terrorism. You are either a Terrorist or Treasonist! There is no in between.

Jesse Beltran

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bioethics Commission Meeting 6 Update

An interesting turn of events occurred with the Bioethics Commission in the interim between  Meetings 4 & 5 and Meeting 6 on Aug 29-30, 2011.  Apparently, it got a little too hot for the Bioethics Commission that was hearing public testimony about all the current heinous crimes being committed against innocent American citizens at the hands of the U.S. Government. They ended up sending letters out to several hundred people that did not get to speak at these two previous Meetings 4 & 5 and it stated that they would take no more testimony from these torture victims at Meeting 6.  You can read the text of the letter for yourself at this link.

By not letting all these people give more testimony, I think there was definitely pressure from above to keep the cover up on going by not giving any more attention to this issue.

Aug. 29-30, 2011, in Washington, D.C.
This meeting occurred without the testimony as stated but the Bioethics Commission Chairwoman Dr. Amy Gutman and panel came out with statements concerning all illegal human test subjects should be compensated for their suffering.  Looks like they are devising a no fault against the perpetrators of these crimes and pay off the torture victims scheme.  The link to the Washington Post story is here.

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