Monday, August 15, 2011

Selection of Targets Beyond Corruption- Is it Scientific Study?

         If it is not blind corruption that got us into the predicament of being a target then I think it is fair to assume that we are not randomly chosen. We either represent a threat to be controlled or a resource to be developed and exploited because that is the only way military and intelligence types think. What other justification is there for torturing innocent people for many years on end other than illegal non consensual human experimentation? I do not believe any one target represents too much a threat on an individual level to them but represents certain types of people that might come together with characteristics that are always going to be a threat to those trying to over throw our Constitution and install an illegal new Fascist style government with non existent rights for the individual.  People who tell the truth and better yet, can see the real truth behind all the obfuscations by the government would fall into that category.  They are the ones deemed dangerous by the Establishment if they can not be made to fall into line of what the government has in store for us. The supposed threat to them is not even what you have done wrong yet but what you might do in the future that gets you put on the harassment list.  Evil always operates from a place of illegitimacy so those practicing it are quick to stomp out any opposition no matter how small or irrelevant because they know it could all come undone rather quickly if the real truth gets out to too many people about what they are trying to do.  The corrupt government bureaucrats know the plan to install a Fascist government would never pass the muster of the people in a truly free democracy but as it stands now the whole political process has been compromised.  They can not fight fair because they know they have zero integrity so they either coerce you to join or label you a threat.  Once presumed a threat by this crowd, then there is never any humanitarian or ethical concerns ever involved in their decision making process when they deal with people in this category. Hence, we have the organized stalking against thousands of innocent Americans today because of it.  These controlling types of people always exploit other human beings for their benefit one way or another and if they can not do that then they destroy them.  This is all they do and it never changes.
        Ultimately, all the stalking the American government does against its citizenry has to do with control.  Its always been about control and now along with the traditional methods of mind control they are trying to do it with developing remote mind control technology which I am sure is very advanced but highly classified so I do not speculate too much about what it can do because I really do not know.  No touch covert warfare is the wave of the future between the nations and also the control of a nation's population.  Killing people is a messy laborious business along with the costly destruction of property that goes with it as history has shown us.  Until the government wrests full control of everything, they can operate covertly like they are doing today to keep dissenters down. This new Fascist Government does not want millions of people rioting across the country and greatly disrupting the system through violence and bloodshed so they will never openly state they are going to take away everyones rights.  They will take away rights in small but steady steps like is happening today always playing to the fears of society like terrorism as a reason these rights have to be taken away.  But do not fear, it will all be OK because our government bureaucrats know what is best for us and they would never take advantage in this type of situation. (please note sarcasm)  This is why 9/11 was orchestrated for the American people so their rights of freedom could be taken away from them slowly but steadily through the Patriot act. It was passed at first to loosen restrictions on surveillance and once they got that going it made it easy for corruption to set in to harass and stalk anybody they wanted for any reason all done covertly from the public. This was no accident when this was implemented and it had all been planned for a long time.  They knew exactly what they were doing.  To avoid great civil unrest with the violence and destruction that goes along with it is the reason why I believe so much money, time and resources have already gone into developing these mind control technologies and will continue to do so. It is to control the important individuals in our government, foreign governments or independent minded individuals and dissenters that might bring about problems against the plans of the New World Order. The process is already well on its way today and targets are probably the last line of defiance for them to overcome.  We may represent the type of people that would be the hardest to influence and control so they are practicing on us and refining their technics.
      I think most targeted individuals are the type of person that are no nonsense truth seekers who tell it like it is and will not back down. We may be more difficult than average to influence with mind control technologies and we are now the challenge presented for the establishment to deal with us. Since targeted individuals may not be as susceptible to the typical mind control tactics used on the masses by the various mass media outlets today such as TV, certain Internet media and the print media, it is easier for us to see the truth.  For the rest, I think the mass media mind control has been very successful and  gone a long way to making your average citizen rather complacent when it comes to challenging the government. What the people behind the New World Order fear the most about the truth seers are that they have the ability to counter the mind control complacency that most people seem to be unaware of and the influence it has over them.  With the truth, these seers wield the power to wake up the masses to what is really happening in our society and the danger that this fast approaching tyranny will have on all people if it is not stopped dead in its tracks.  Since the American government runs on a great deal of lies, deception and deceit in most of its undertakings especially as it pertains to the intelligence agencies and military, it is natural that people who have the moral courage to confront these wrong doings and bring forth the truth against them for the rest of the people to see would be a threat.  Truth is power and the great equalizer to the evil and deceit behind the Establishment and their real agenda which has very little to do with the best interest of the people.
      If all of our targeting does have to do with scientific research and our ability to resist mind control, then all targets might share similar attributes that are not present to the eye but makes us connected in some way.  It could be genetics, or something like the way our brains process information like being introverted as opposed to extroverted.  I am only speculating and I am sure there a many factors involved that determines the way we are that they might be interested in looking at from our behavior, our environment or to the way are brains are structured.  As of now there is not much information about this available and I am only putting it out there for others to ponder on.  

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