Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Basis for Organized Stalking

    I think of the overall organized stalking activity in this country only a small percentage originates from the government exerting control over certain segments of the population.  The shadow government or New World Order crowd if you prefer have handlers now at the neighborhood level picking out the new targets to persecute that will not conform to their plans of a one world socialist dictatorship.  I was minding my own business before this all came crashing down into my life.  Its not like I was some radical activist or trouble maker before this occurred.  I do speak my mind and have no fear of speaking the truth like telling people our government is being run by criminals.  Like myself, a lot of these other chosen targets are people of integrity that have good morals and character, they also speak the truth, have intelligence and are compassionate. They also are independent minded enough to not go along with the crowd if it is not the ethical choice to do so.  These targets have nothing to do with being criminals, un-American or terrorists but are simple dissenters to the criminals that run our government.  This is the threat we present to them and the basis for our stalking and why we were put on the watch list because we are decent honest people unlike the government officials after us. 
     After you have been put this black list then you are thrown to the wolves which means as a victim you can be subjected to just about anything.  Being stalked constantly is having psychological warfare waged against you non stop.  It can still get worse from this point. Even though I have had no personal experience with it myself,  I thought I would mention that there is a portion of stalking victims experiencing more than regular stalking tactics and it involves energy and mind control weapons.   These are the victims of even more vicious military type weapons experimentation.  These targets claim that their stalking involves energy weapons being directed at them in their homes that cause burning pain through excessive heat on different parts of their body and devices that can make a person hear voices and sounds in their head. It is called voice to skull technology or V2K for short.  Their claims are that these weapons work through walls at a distance so the victims can be attacked remotely and there is little to shield oneself from these attacks. While it sounds outlandish at first, if you follow anything the military is working on or follow past claims of what they have already accomplished you will quickly find that there is a basis in science for these devices that exist right now that are capable of these things or something very close to it.  Besides, the military industrial complex is always at least 20 years advanced ahead in all these technologies from what is publicly made available to scrutinize.  Where do you think all these billions of dollars go each year into these black budget projects the Pentagon and National Security Agencies have that the public has no idea about?  So, the military,CIA and FBI have all these fantastic energy and mind weapons they have got their hands on and want to use on people but the problem is that they can not be used or experimented with ethically.  The military and agencies want feedback on how these weapons work on targets who are unaware of why and what they are being targeted with to see the long term effects it has on them both mentally and physically.  These are slow torture/kill weapons so even though some of these weapons can cause death or physical damage little by little the primary reason for them is the psychological damage done to control or influence a target.  I think that rogue elements in the military and intelligence agencies have no problem carrying out the targeting of innocent people to gain information on how these weapons affect people and will stop for no one.  The experimentation is therefore done covertly against victims just like the targets claim.  There have been many historical instances already documented of the U.S. Government experimenting illegally on people unknown to them.  Look up the Tuskegee syphilis experiment and the withholding of proper treatment to study the long term effects of the disease had on the unwilling victims.  The latest case exposed just recently was again syphilis given to unknowing Guatemalan prisoners for study.  I find experimentation with these energy and mind control weapons today as completely believable based on historical events of the past targeting of innocent civilians with disease and the general lack of ethics practiced by large powerful organizations and governments that are accountable to no one.  These weapons today are just modern examples of this same unethical type of targeting of innocent people from the past that has always persisted.  For these reasons, I believe there is truth to these accusations from some targets claiming to be experiencing these nefarious energy and mind weapons.
     To end, all of this has to do with controlling the population for the new worldwide dictatorship that is coming.  We, as chosen targets are the first wave the New World Order has come after but eventually everyone will be subjected to this if you do not go along willingly with their plan.  Everyone will be under a yoke of tyranny like the world has never seen.

Monday, December 6, 2010

First of its Kind

Billboard in Milwaukee, WI  (JAN 2011)
This is the first known billboard ever to raise the awareness on the topic of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment that first went up in Milwaukee, WI in December 2010. The link goes to the press release about the event.    http://www.prweb.com/pdfdownload/4881944.pdf 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Create Bumper Stickers on ORGANIZED STALKING

I had some bumper stickers made that say, ORGANIZED STALKING IS A CRIME! with my blog address under it.  I put 4 stickers on my SUV which are fairly colorful and now everywhere I go people will see it besides just the people in my neighborhood and that is a good thing.  There is not much room on a bumper sticker and I don't know if it is the best slogan I chose but I thought it was best to get the name of the crime out there.  You find people quibble about the best name to call this crime on other websites and there are some good points to be made about the different names and why  but at the end of the day we need a unified name for it. I think Organized Group Stalking is the very best but I had space restrictions on the bumper sticker so I dropped "group".  The public knows what stalking is so that is a good word to use but OS by itself does not give the reader the idea that three or more perpetrators are involved in the stalking and that is why I think "group" is important and I try to use it a lot in my writing.  Stalking is organized by its nature and there is no such thing as random stalking whether done by an individual or a group.  All stalking takes a great deal of thought and planning and the word "organized" is sort of redundant in the OS name.  Organized Stalking is the most common phrase out there and I think it is the best to use right now.  One important thing to remember and the reason you should get bumper stickers or some kind of signage on your car is that it may be the only way to clue your stalkers into the fact that they are taking part in a crime especially when you are away from your home in your car.  Remember there are a lot of these stalkers being manipulated to come at you and in their own mind they don't even know they are taking part in a serious crime against you.   If they see the stickers they might figure out it pertains to them and that they are doing something wrong.  This may help in deflecting some stalkers away from you over the long run and may make your handlers reign in some of their more ignorant stalkers in the dark about their culpability in this crime they use against you.  The main ideas to get across on the bumper stickers is the name of organized stalking and that it is a crime.  Be sure to include a blog address of your own to go to that summarizes what organized stalking is for the reader.  Include the pertinent points of what this crime entails clearly stated so to make it easy to follow.  If you do not want to upkeep a full blog for others to follow then have a page ready to go on your blog that includes links to some of the better sites on organized stalking so a reader can quickly find more info on the topic with out having to search for it themselves.  Most people are not going to go digging deep for this information unless it affects them on a personal level so make it as easy as possible for them to find it. Remember, our goals as targets should be to spread the word to everyone about organized stalking and want the general public to take away an awareness about the existence of this crime and that innocent people are being victimized by it by our national security agencies.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wake up America!

Everyone wants to believe that the society they live in has a certain measure of control that ensures their safety, personal rights and freedoms for its citizens.  This is the cornerstone of what America and western societies were built upon and these values instilled in its citizens.  When you explain organized stalking to someone its hard for them to understand the fanaticism of the tactics used against targets by their stalkers because it is so out of control it does not seem possible the American national security agencies would organize to commit these crimes against its own citizens.  In truth, they are at war with a certain segment of their own citizens. A covert war.  There is something so sinister about how these government sanctioned  stalking campaigns operate under the guise of normalcy in everyday life that it shatters the publics notions of what they have been taught about their rights and freedoms in America.  Evil was something that only occurred in nation states around the world by dictators who could be toppled eventually and its people freed from tyranny.  It could never happen here, right?  Nowadays this evil lurks right in front of everybody in our places of work, schools, stores and neighborhoods and people don't even recognize it for what it is or even know these stalking campaigns exist unless you are either a victim or a perpetrator.  That is a scary concept for the public to accept to think that such a conniving force is at work to destroy and control innocent people in our society with no one to hold accountable and the majority of people having no idea of its existence.  Their fear is justified because it goes against everything they think and know about America and their rights as citizens of this country.  This is all very wrong and should not be happening.  Organized Stalking/Electronic Harassment is the modern day evolution of what centralized evil used to be to control and destroy people like Nazi Germany.  This same type of evil is now decentralized and hides in plain sight today in our society and most of the developed world.  It is shocking that something like this is happening here in America and law enforcement in general is not doing much about it.  Their oath to uphold the law apparently has no meaning today.  Stalking is illegal in every state so why is not more being done?  Because it is hard to prove, does that make it any less of a crime?  Talk of a new world order is not so far fetched because there is something much deeper going on here otherwise there would not be this total disconnect by law enforcement and the media on this topic.   The argument that law enforcement and the FBI will not get involved because they use these same stalking tactics themselves against their enemies is true.  This group would include real terrorists and people wanting to do harm against this country. The problem is that innocent American citizens are not supposed to be enemies of the state but are being treated as such.  If they went after the group stalkers attacking innocent people and prosecuted them then the public awareness would go way up and the national security agencies would end up incriminating themselves because of their own illegal activity against their citizens.  I think this organized stalking is how all dissidents will be dealt with eventually if this new world order is to come to power.  These stalking campaigns are ultimately about controlling all of the population in the long run.  There is a  famous statement by a pastor named Martin Niemoller from the WWII era about nobody stopping the Nazi regime in Germany as it was consolidating its power and control over the population. It follows below,

They came first for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and by that time no one was left to speak up.

Following the parallels of history I believe targeted individuals are being controlled right now through organized stalking because the NWO has not wrested total control out of the remnants of what is left of the legitimate American government quite yet so they are bidding their time for now.  I think the term for what is happening to us is called scape goating.  The national government security apparatus needs a pretend enemy so they can justify their relevance.  All this has shown me by these illegal stalkings is that our national security is vastly over funded if the best thing they can do with all this money is seriously hassle innocent American citizens.  History tells me that once they have complete control then we will be put in camps.  Does this sound too far fetched?  Did you know that from my understanding there are fully staffed prisons that are empty and have been sitting around for years in this country?  Just who do they have in mind for these prisons and what are they waiting for?  If I am wrong, then can anyone explain to me just how is this any different from what happened in the early years of Nazi Germany against Jews or all the other claimed false enemies of Germany dragging down their society?  Targeted individuals are sounding the alarm today to the rest of the population.  They have already come for us and we have done nothing wrong. In this modern version the government does not actually have to physically take you away anymore like in the past as they work to destroy your life daily.  Who will be next?  Heed our warnings now before it is too late for the rest of you. There will be far reaching consequences in our society for everybody if this tyranny is not stopped by the law abiding citizens of this country.  Wake up, America!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Organized Stalking E-Book Link

This is a very good source of information on Organized Stalking called "Welcome to the World of the Targeted Individual" by Laurin Gallagher


Friday, October 1, 2010

My Ongoing Story Update- October 2010

So this is what I now believe to be true about my stalking almost three and a half years since the beginning.  I think my stalking now began in my last few months in California by the government because of the train station incident before I moved to Beaverton, OR.  It followed me up to Oregon where I was probably stalked lightly(probably all different races) up until the East Indians started stalking me big time a year later. I did not recognize this light stalking before at that point in time because I was not an aware target yet and I think I missed a lot of it but I now can think of several incidents from that period that could have been stalking related.  I think this East Indian stalking group has been involved with the government since the beginning and they do it for their own community needs as well and I will explain.  What I have learned is the government will pit against you whoever they think will get a rise out of you the most. This serves two purposes.  First they want to provoke you into violence so  they will send against you whoever they think you hate the most in hopes of you getting into trouble and jail time.  This takes you out of free society which is what they want.  Why they thought East Indians would bother me more than someone else I can only guess.  Its probably because I made the face at the Indian girl originally.  If they thought it would freak me out or something more than some other racial group then they did not do their homework very well because I worked with two East Indians very closely for 10 years at my last job and others in previous jobs before that.  We got along together just fine.  But since they pitted this East Indian group against me and made my stalking race based, I have no problem slagging on East Indians for it today.  They earned it and I would hate to disappoint them.  They are the most identifiable group to me as my stalkers and they wanted me to believe that it was race based in the first place so all is fair.  Second, by sending what they think your perceived enemies are after you serves to keep the victim distracted from realizing this is really a government orchestrated stalking group against you.   It worked well on me because I never thought the government was behind it for almost three years. In truth though these East Indians are just part of the larger network of government stalking groups that includes whites, blacks, Hispanics and Asians.  Its only over the last 8 months that I realized in my case all races are involved in this and were from the beginning but they were only sending East Indians after me for 2 plus years.   I discovered this because after I went to the police the East Indians went away and I started to be stalked mostly by whites and a few from the other races.   Since these East Indians scattered after I went to the police again shows they do fear the police.  They were easily identifiable as my stalkers in my largely white community so to  avoid getting caught they started to lay low when I started to draw everyones attention to their stalking campaign against me in the community. This is when the other races started to do the stalking.  Now, after about six months some of these East Indians are creeping back again mixed in with the other races stalking me besides whites.  From all of this, I have to draw the conclusion that the local police must not have a standing policy to let these stalkings occur otherwise the Indians would not have stopped stalking me at that point for fear of getting caught.  At the same time the police did not do much to stop it either so its up in the air how much the local police are involved in this matter in my opinion.  All these multi ethnic stalkers working together is just another piece of the puzzle that the national security agencies are behind all these illegal stalkings.  Only a government organization can have all these disparate minorities mixed with whites in these kinds of numbers working for the same cause.   I also have some evidence this East Indian group was stalking someone in my apartment complex a month before I even moved to Oregon where my stalking started in earnest a year later.  That tells me they were active before I showed up and this specific example I cite was probably a community based East Indian stalking and the government not involved in this case.  If I was to believe these East Indians just wanted me out of their apartment community in Oregon because I offended them then they would not have followed me over to Vancouver, WA.  The fact that they did now tells me that it was a large government based operation from the beginning but I sure did not know that at the time and I would not figure it out for almost 2 more years from that point.  Before I had found out what organized stalking was, I was led to believe this East Indian community solely was after me and they were to a point but the government was backing it all along.  I posited  once before I understood the government was involved that the Indians must be financed by some East Indians with money but I don't believe that too much anymore.   They would have to be footing this ongoing stalking campaign against me by supporting in my estimation at least six stalker houses in my neighborhood not to mention the ongoing bills of operating the airplanes harassing me and everything else.  Is this the way rich psychopaths spend their money and am I really worth all this money being spent against me?  Probably not, from private individuals.  Also, it never did make much sense to me because I never did anything to warrant such a reaction other than make a face at a girl but it was all I had to go on.  So in conclusion, who could be paying for all these pathetic losers to stalk me other than the deep pocketed government?  They have endless amounts of money that no one has to work for to get it in the first place(other than the taxpayers) or be accountable for it as well.  Today, that explanation makes a lot of sense to me and what I now believe to be the truth behind my stalking.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Government Sponsored Organized Stalking

In the train station incident that triggered an investigation against me by the government in my opinion, I already stated that I understand how my activity looked suspicious.  After 4.5 years later it makes no sense though. Have I been in contact with other suspected terrorists or criminals, in contact with terrorist sponsored countries or organizations domestic or abroad, had dealings in weapons or bomb making materials or anybody associated with them? Or have I had any other dealings in anything illegal? Absolutely not. They know this statement is true but I am still subjected to stalking. Is the government into psychological terror tactics against innocent people as opposed to just surveillance? The simple answer is, yes they are. The terror tactics are highly illegal and even the surveillance part of it is as well depending on what methods they are using and for how long.   Why do they not separate the surveillance from the terror tactics.  I don't consider being watched in public necessarily wrong for a reasonable period but the daily regiment of psychological attacks are unjust and the real crime. Those who take part in these attacks on any level are criminals no matter how anybody tries to spin it or justify it and they all should be locked up. So what this all boils down to is the government creates its own stalking watch groups under the guise of community policing and unleashes them on innocent Americans.  In reality these watch groups are psychological terrorist groups. What you have then is state created and sponsored domestic terrorists stalking groups to stalk alleged enemies of the state. That is rather ironic in the land of the free and home of the brave.  Victims are treated as guilty regardless of the real facts and apparently stay in that category forever.  Since these watch groups seem to have no oversight and are run locally, they do whatever the hell they want.  Obviously they are run by morally bankrupt people who have no problem mentally torturing others or worse.  This is what a psychopath does.  This corruption exists through a combination of a gross lack of ethics and lack of any kind of control mechanisms in these watch programs that allow this abuse of power to continue.   I do not know if the local police advocate for these watch groups or not but all local police departments should be aware of this problem by now or have been aware for a while and I do not see much action on their part so this is a form of compliance in itself.   If I am to believe the government is not involved and the stalkings are coming solely from criminals not in cahoots with the government somehow then why will the police and FBI not go after the stalkers?  You would think that these stalking groups that are this organized would be capable of committing successful violent terrorist attacks against this country would catch the interest of our national intelligence and security agencies but it does not because they are compliant with them.  This is especially true when it comes to the stalker airplanes that are allowed to troll around all day to harass people because they could be used effectively as terrorist weapons as they have been in the past.  The fact these airplanes are involved in the harassment has government written all over it because they would never let our air space be invaded daily in this manner by airplanes of dubious backgrounds if it was not government sponsored in the first place.  I have also been stalked now seamlessly in four states. Two I have lived in which is the basically the same metropolitan area of Portland/Vancouver but I was also stalked on two trips out of state to Idaho and California. Who has the resources or a network of stalking groups to pull something like this off at a moments notice when you leave town except the Federal Government and intelligence agencies? Along with the above, the most overwhelming evidence in my own mind came to me when I thought about it a bit and realized how easy it would be for these low level stalkers to be picked up by the police or FBI and with a little prodding they could be made to talk.  These are not hardcore thugs but mostly a bunch of deviant pussies who could be broken easily and made to talk.  I have seen many that would fall into that category.  With the sophisticated surveillance equipment that exists today enough evidence could be gathered in a matter of days to break these stalking rings up if the FBI got involved. Through interrogation of the small time lowlife stalkers the police or FBI could then work their way up the chain of command in short order. They would not even have to get to the top level to break up the racket of stalkers.  If enough of these small time stalkers got put in jail then the word about it would spread like wildfire real fast and soon the pool of small time thug stalkers would dry up real quickly.  It would diminish a great deal of the organized group stalking taking place today in a short amount of time and it could be done quickly with minimal effort.  With this idea of how simple it would be to shut down these stalking groups and why nothing was being done about it, it all fell in place for me.  With this epiphany I had about the entire situation before me, I now knew that indeed the Federal Government along with the National Security Agencies and possibly parts of the local police are all involved in this and allow it to happen.  I am now very confident about the truth of the matter saying that the government is involved behind all of it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Survey of Targeted Individuals

This is a survey of targeted individuals (link below) from the organization Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance. I think the most interesting feedback is on question 16 which shows the steady growth of this crime over time.  Another important fact in question 3 is that almost 80% of targets surveyed are 40 years old and over.   For the deniers of organized stalking claiming we are all a bunch of schizophrenics, the facts don't bare that out because this disease is diagnosed in people when they are in their teens and into the twenties.  The vast majority in this sample were well into their thirties or older when their targeting began.  I guess there is no previous medical conditions stated for the people of the sample but I assume that these people are experiencing these stalkings or this type of thing for the first time in their life when asked about when the targeting began.  Question 36 and 37 shows what a broad range of abuse that targets experience.


Thursday, September 2, 2010


     The government now treats individuals as guilty when they decide to blacklist you until proven innocent.  I thought it was supposed to be the other way around in America. Innocent until proven guilty.  Not anymore, in the police state America has become.  The problem is no one in government or Homeland Security is interested in actually determining whether blacklisted targets have done anything illegal but actual guilt or innocence has nothing to do with it and never really did.  There is something much more sinister going on with these organized stalkings across the country and it is a power play to squash dissent against whoever they want and for any reason they decide whether it is true or not.  The whole stalking system has been created to accomplish this task by the new Fascist type government that has been taking hold in Washington DC since 9/11 with more power everyday at the expense of personal rights and freedoms of all its citizens.  To perpetuate the system it must have fodder to keep it going and this is the plight targeted victims find themselves in today.  Its a social control system that needs to be up kept and active so it is always ready to go and they can sic it on whoever they want.  I know Homeland Security knows most of us targets present no real threat to anyone but again the system has to be kept going no matter what to continue its funding and existence.   
         I believe I was originally put on a national security watch list because of an incident I had at a train station in the Spring of 2006.  It took me about three and a half more years figure out the government was behind my stalking. One reason is that I never equated the East Indian hate group stalking against me to be some part of a government watch group but I now believe that as absolutely true today.  My story starts with me watching trains at a train station which is not a crime or so I thought.  I am a rail fan and there are many across the country like me which means I like trains and everything to do with them and all the different industries served by the railroad.  I can go to a train station and sit for many hours at a time waiting for trains to go by and have done that since my late teens.  I also like photographing the industries and the run down parts of cities where trains run.  After 9/11 security stepped up a great deal and in early 2006 I had my first known experience with an undercover agent at the Santa Clara, CA Train Station.  I am mostly interested in freight trains and they are far and few in between in Santa Clara but it has a very active commuter rail system.  I am very observant and one day I am watching this Asian guy get off a train and I did not know what he was up to but I knew he was not a regular commuter.  He saw me watching him and he got on his cell phone and tried to play it off but he did not fool me.  So he takes off the other way eventually and I thought it was over.  A few minutes later this same dude comes from behind my vehicle and is totally scrutinizing and looking into the back of my SUV as he slowly walks by me. My SUV was parked right in front of the tracks.  This dude was undercover and was looking for a bomb or something. I think to myself, "Great, this douche bag thinks I am a terrorist."  It pissed me off but as I settled down I realized that I totally fit the profile of a terrorist other than being white.  I was recently out of a job, single male under 40 with no real ties to family or friends, spent lots of time at the train station, liked to photograph industrial areas that most would not be interested in, and that particular day I was already pissed about something I can not even remember today but I was agitated and I know it showed.  Unfortunately this is the same M.O. of a terrorist staking out targets like train stations for long periods of time over multiple days while sizing up the weaknesses of the security.  So I  soon realized  after that, that  I was was probably put into some national data base watch list.   Soon, one time after that I was at the train station and I noticed a small plane kept flying in big circles and directly flying right at me each time as it went over again and again.  I was pretty sure they were watching me at this point as I had never seen a plane do that before my incident with the undercover agent and I had been going there for many years.  Also in this same time period I went to the Port of Redwood City one Sunday afternoon to photograph it because it is industrial and train tracks went out there which is what I like.  It was deader than dead out there and no one was around so I start photographing from my SUV and off the bay comes this little airplane once again making a beeline right at me and flew right over me a couple of times so I now knew I was being watched.  I understood the suspicion but I had a totally clear conscious because I was not doing anything wrong then or now.  I thought that after they investigated me a while they would realize I am not a terrorist and move on.  This all happened the last few months in California before I moved to the Portland, OR area.  Looking back now I had a few odd occurrences in parking lots in the San Jose area before I left that could have been the beginning of my stalking  by the government and probably was but its been 4.5 years ago and I don't remember enough details to say it was them with certainty.  When I got to the Portland area in Beaverton nothing really stood out to much in my mind for about a year where my story starts in the police report and the overt harassment began.  Thinking back, there where some unusual instances that come to mind from that period though.  I had been over to the Vancouver train station to watch trains and had noticed a whole bunch of white people checking me out but I did not think much about it. One time coming out of a shopping center a young thug got behind me making fun of me for no apparent reason. He was a dark minority and may have been East Indian but I did not pay much attention so I don't really know. The other time was by a real smug Indian girl leering at me after popping out from behind a wall as I left my parking lot on a very cold night.  Her action did not fit the situation in any manner so it was suspicious and odd behavior to me and this was a month or two before I made a face at some different 20 year old Indian girl that I eventually thought started the whole East Indian hate group stalking me.  I think I was already being stalked lightly back then by the East Indians and others but I did not recognize it as stalking at that time because I was an unaware target.  To finish, a couple years after the train station incident above, I started to learn that after 9/11 many rail fans across the country at train stations and other places have been hassled by the police with some even being arrested or having cameras and pictures confiscated.  I wonder if all these people are blacklisted and being stalked today like me.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Deniers and Cognizant Dissonance

One thing I noticed about a lot of deniers (mostly men) of organized stalking is that most of them don't have the imagination to understand what a victim endures day to day. They lack the empathy for what the victim experiences.  They can only see the short term application of these tactics the target has to tolerate and think of them in that manner as no big deal and never consider the chronic effects on a victim.  That is understandable to a certain extent because most people are not in touch with what psychological warfare is all about and how it affects the victim over the long term.   That these deniers think they would be above the effects of a psychological warfare campaign plotted against them is laughable and only shows their ignorance about the experience.  I know people who are not victims of this crime don't really research the subject because it does not affect them personally so its easy for them to be flippant and dismiss it.  A lot of the acts of intimidation are lame taken in small doses but after a couple years of these attacks everyday no one is beyond the effects of it against your psyche.  A targeted individual can learn to minimize a lot of the damage through desensitization which is good but they can go a long time before they are aware of their stalking campaign against them and really understand what is happening to them. Before this time most do not know how to protect themselves and to handle the situations they will be forced to experience.  At least today more resources are becoming available with information online on how to help your situation and what to do to fight back against your stalkers. That average people who are not victimized by this crime can not understand this concept of organized stalking is not hard to believe because nothing in their life they have ever had to experience would prepare them for having to deal with a hostile group after you 24/7.  For a target trying to tell their story to deniers don't waste your time with this type of person.  These types of people are not the ones that make change happen in society and everything must stay within their comfort zone and conform to their narrow view of reality.  There is something deeper at play here though with the deniers when hearing about organized group stalking. What they experience is something called cognizant dissonance.  Everyone probably experiences this upon hearing about organized stalking at first to a certain degree for a while until it sinks in but many will keep denying it regardless. What cognizant dissonance entails in relation to organized group stalking is when a person is presented with  this new information never heard before and the information goes against everything they think they know about America and our personal rights under the Constitution then they will deny it is happening.  It goes against everything they have been taught and think that local law enforcement would not let innocent people suffer these indignities, that the national security agencies would never do this to their own innocent citizens and only people of great importance might get stalked.  They have never heard of groups of people being organized by the government to harass others.  They are of course wrong on all accounts.  Since their brain is overloaded with this new information that contradicts their belief system they simply deny its existence to themselves to avoid the great stress created if they now have to deal with the new information in their new reality of the situation.  It is a bitter pill to swallow, I know. Bearers of bad news have never been popular with the general public especially if it is significant bad news that changes the known rules and sets up a paradigm shift in society. It is resisted by many. Its a great burden to become aware now all of the sudden that every American has to deal with the fact that America is and has been in a police state for a while now and the rights and freedoms we uphold as the cornerstone of our democracy are mostly a myth.  People don't want to have to now accept that our government is responsible for allowing criminal elements to operate freely with their consent that are torturing innocent civilians to a slow death. Its a hidden tyranny to the public right under the guise of national security with a big smiley face stamped on it so everybody feels better about the government going after all the false bad guys and terrorists for our own good.  In reality though  innocent people are being systematically destroyed by the state.  Don't kid yourself into thinking that OS/EH is not that bad.  It is a conspiracy by national security agencies to destroy and slow murder innocent Americans through psychological torture and/or electromagnetic energy and mind weapons.  To end, a good example of this cognizant dissonance in history would be when the concentration camps were liberated from Nazi Germany in WWII.  The German civilian population did not want to believe the horror stories that occurred in these death camps because it went against their value systems on how to treat other human beings.  The U.S. Army marched thousands of German civilians through these camps so they would see the horror and gross inhumanity perpetrated by their own people against others.  America is already on the slippery slope down into full tyranny if things don't change.  Innocent people are being destroyed now for no lawful reason at all.  America will become a full blown fascist state if things are not countermanded soon.  If you were a victim of organized stalking you would absolutely understand this to be true and have no reservations at all about your rights as an American under the Constitution and Bill of Rights as being nothing but a sham as things now stand.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Below is a post from a Yahoo message board that is purportedly written from an anonymous manager level person running one of these stalking campaigns. From my experience of being stalked over three years now and what I know about the subject it seems to be pretty close to the mark.  I think it is more authentic than not but there is really no proof one way or the other.


"...I was eventually offered a place in the syndicate. The syndicate was presented to me as a kind of fraternity, a masonic-like mutual profit organization with strong police- like overtones. I was told that I was helping to build a better society. However, I have never been given any of the advancement opportunities I was promised. The "advancement system" of the syndicate is a slippery slope. They make you give up your security priveliges, so eventually all of your communications are watched (which is why I composed this email offline where they can't see me, and sent it via an internet cafe) and you have to attend meeting after meeting of mind-numbing pledges and chants. The premise is that if you sign contracts giving up personal liberties for the group, and you are genuinely innocent, then you will be promoted. I have only been promoted once, to the rank of manager, and I don't feel as if it is a rewarding experience.  Worse, you are never allowed to leave because they think you will give away secrets. Leaving is only permissible with a special contract that permits the syndicate to destroy your credibility (usually they make sure that the most attention any secrets that you reveal get is from crackpot UFO magazines, or diagnose you with schizophrenia).  There are other problems. If you have children, you have to send them to education in syndicate owned schools. If you have a wife, you have to report on her, allow her to be spied upon, and be prepared to target her if they decide to turn her into a TI. The official "compensation" policy is that you will get to keep the children if she lodges a divorce. However, you won't get to keep most of her material goods. They only want her to lose in the divorce proceedings so she gets nothing, not so the husband gets anything, so the syndicate takes it back as a tithe.  I suppose I should introduce the syndicate in a little more detail. I'm still not sure precisely what it is trying to do. To everyday citizens, it presents itself as a group trying to monitor terrorists (or any other kind of flavour- of-the-month undesirables like gays/communists/witches) and drive them out. To other people, its a rotary club/chamber of commerce type operation. To others still, the most twisted conspiratorial minds, it is an organization that pulls the strings behind everything. To the puritan, it is a cleansing force. To the deviant, it is a gang of other deviants where everything is permissible. It's the syndicate to everyone, though. I don't know the extent of what it owns.  I do, however, know a great deal about the targeting process. When we get targets, we divide them into four categories: mercenary, practice, planning, and enemy. Mercenary targets are bought by outside parties. We advertise under a range of guises, from ads by "individuals" claiming to be able to kidnap people, to practical jokers. Some groups, like big corporations and some governments (the government of Xxxxxx pays us to keep some people busy, so do the Xxxxxxs when they have too many people protesting whaling) know fully well what sort of services we do, so we don't really hide them.  We get a lot of money from them, but we can still muster up a fair bit if worst comes to worst. I'm not sure so much about the NWO theory. Maybe the Xxxxxxx count, but you'd be surprised at how much money we can get from crime. I don't mean that we go out robbing people, but we can outsource money from biker gangs/skinheads/drug dealers pretty easily. Our syndicate gets a lot of support from people in rough areas like Xxxxxx and Xxxx's Xxxx. Because there are areas with a lot of people in genuine need, who would leap at the thought of fighting back at the criminals, we can always find allies to pressure the criminal portions of society. Of course, they are only pressuring them into giving us money, but it's a pretty cozy arrangement.  The second type of target is the practice target. We use them to train mobs. The targets don't actually change, because we don't want TOO many people fighting back at us. But we do rotate trainees between practice targets. This stops the person seeing the same people every time there's a street show.  Then there are planning targets. These are selected by the syndicate for some reason or rather but aren't paid for by mercenaries. You can usually tell the difference between planning and practice targets because they send people with experience after them. They're still chosen by the same people though. The practice ones are of course chosen for their timidity. I don't know how the planning ones are chosen.  Enemy targets are people that decide they've had enough and turn against us. Since they protest and try to foil our plans (which, considering that our jobs are already nervy, is a real pain in the arse), we try to really give them hell. The best way, of course, is through the psychs. My supervisor used to say that the Soviets had it right with Sluggishly Progressing Schizophrenia.  Some people up-top are proposing that we just kill them and have them declared Natural Causes or Accidental by the coroner. It isn't likely to happen, though.  Anyway, I should introduce the main branches of the syndicate. Each branch recruits its own (everybody is a member of one of the branches) instead of people just joining a common pool. This keeps the work separate and stops people from finding stuff out that they shouldn't.  My branch is the Scripting, Observation, and Execution Bureau (or "The Theatre" as it is popularly known). By execution, I mean the execution of orders, not the other kind. We do the work that the majority of people with any knowledge of gang stalking will be familiar with: pestering and scripting minor incidents.  The Theatre is actually divided into two sub-branches: Scripting Orchestration Officers (or "playwrights" as they call themselves) and Field Officers (or "thespians" as we call ourselves).  We have the most variety in our recruits. Popular sources are the police, the fire department, the zoo, and technicians of any kind. But we recruit from all places. Most members are neighborhood watch types (not official Neighborhood Watch, but "concerned people"). Ironically, we make sure that we do a lot of good, just to get some credibility.  Then there is the Bureau of Authority ("The Moneybags"). They don't actually control the syndicate, but they have all the right jobs and connections. So, a judge might have control over the judicial process, but he will answer to a superior in the syndicate. Psychiatrists belong here too.  The Moneybags are so-called because they raise a lot of the money. It would be suspicious if big corporations funded groups like this, but they can invest money into front- groups. And the majority of the syndicate's work is done through completely legitimate fronts. We can tap phone lines and access people's records from behind government agencies. Usually, these are the guys that go after Enemy Targets. Normally, harrassment is organized under several "action policies". If a target isn't an enemy, a standard policy is enforced. Low level organizers (the aforementioned "playwrights") play around with the target for a while and rotate crews.  When a target is an "enemy", the policy doesn't immediately change, but orders filter down from high-level organizers (usually the Supreme Council) which direct 'Thespians' to provoke the target or a similar action, and Moneybags to crack down on them once they get in the way of the system. This is called Mincing, because the thespians lure the "meat" (by making it complain or fight back) into the "mincer".  The Bureau also protects members of the syndicate. Normally, in a court case/psych examination or similar situation where a syndicate member is at the mercy of a moneybag, a special order arrives from above telling the moneybag to take it easy on the guy and let him off scott free. The order is always printed in blue, on fancy cherry-blossom paper, but in a very official border/font.  "Cherrying" is the name for this secret process. The Bureau of Authority has a very organized system of lawyers, judges, medical officers, etc. Whenever you're committing a crime for the good of the syndicate, you must always report your location. Then they send Cousin Nancy (this is an affectionate term for the police in the employment of the syndicate that they send to arrest you instead of non- syndicate cops, so you can go straight through the appropriate channels without anything suspicious being seen) to tail you and "arrest" you the moment somebody calls 911.  They all follow a minimalist strategy though. For example, the mayor of Xxxxx isn't a member of the syndicate. But several of his advisors and aides are. This way we can get laws passed in a discreet manner, and if a high-profile figure is targeted, our hold on an organization doesn't loosen. We try to arrange elections of mayors that aren't too headstrong. Though the governement is mainly used as a minor nuisance. We prefer the courts for most activities.  The Bureau of Technology (Field), BoT(F) is the group in charge of the electrical equipment. They work alongside us thespians and "gaffer" the targets by giving them the usual fatigue/headaches/medical problems. They can also destroy equipment, screw up televisions, the works. I think they are particuarly sadistic.  Different crews use different Techs, but they're all unpleasant. The incapacitators come in a lot of different forms. There are ones that come as a lightbulb that slowly gives people eye-strain and makes them tired. You can fit some in computer/TV monitors and the glare irritates people.  I've heard they're even building fridge magnets with electronic devices in them. That isn't the extent of the BoT(F)'s machinery.  They manufacture pills that can cause deformities in the womb, as well as miscarriage and give them to women in their food. They can fake HIV/AIDS so the test shows up positive the first time, but subsequent tests show that it was a false positive. This faux-HIV can be put in the target's food. They usually give the target a few health scares, but they don't like to physically hurt anyone.  One Field Tech I knew had a penchant for giving people Syphillis. They could treat it easily enough with pennicillin (and the syndicate always made sure that it would be diagnosed on time), but it showed up on the targets' permanent records for medical treatment. They also conduct extensive testing without the target's knowledge.  One TI we were monitoring was found to have a malignant tumor in his head (not our doing). He wasn't experiencing any of the symptoms, so we gave him some through the incapacitators and had a few of his friends warn him about cancer. He had a test done, and just for fun, we had the doctor tell him how dangerous it could be and how he could die soon. We gave him a six month waiting period and told him that by then the tumor could progress so far that it could never be removed. That's a lie, of course. Our BoT(F) had it out in a jiffy by sending one of their brain surgeons to do the job, but it's the fear that counts.  The Bureau of Technology (Communications) monitors the target's phone calls, emails, and absolutely everything else. They tend to recruit from the national archives, census takers office, records office, credit card companies, medicare, insurance, etc. They are the logistics branch. As I said, most of the syndicate's work is done from within legitimate areas.  What the BoT(C) does (very often) is send a "receptionist applicant" over to a credit card company or government agency pretending she knows nothing about hacking computers or accessing records. We pull a few strings and she's in. She then steals information while nobody is looking. A few old-timers like to have 100% control over the "records farm" but most prefer the minimalist approach. This is the bureau that gives out information and orders to everybody else, and also acts as a communications post for the whole syndicate.  The Supreme Council delivers orders through them. Outside orders are also taken in through the BoT(C), which advertises as a mercenary group through certain channels.  The Bureau of Alliances, or "trading partners" handles our allies. As far as I know, the syndicate is Xxxxxxan only. The only other gang stalking group in this country is a West Xxxxxxxxan organization called the confederacy. Very often they try to move into the xxxxx xxxxx so we have to hold them back, diplomatically or otherwise. However, we have contracts with Xxxxxxan groups whereby we handle their targets when they move into Xxxxxx. The same with the Xxxxan groups and the confederacy. The other groups pay for their targets to be "handled" while they travel here. We make millions of dollars this way.  Finally, the Supreme Council controls the entire operation. I have no idea who they are, except that they have a fancy name instead of being a Bureau. They do not recruit their own men. They promote from the other departments.  Most of them seem to be wealthy individuals with inheritances that manage to maintain their fortunes from investments. Not one is a CEO, Judge, or Politician. They are all just old money family types that live in the Xxxxxx Xxxxx and seem unusually lucky with their money (no doubt through insider trading).  Despite this, they have a lot of spiffy technology. They have a kind of reverse incapacitator that improves their health and increases their performance. Most of them look incredibly young for their age. We don't see them much, though. Often, an audience with one of them is a kind of reward for good service.  There are also ranks in our syndicate. The lowest members are pawns. They're not technically members, because there's no permanent service contract and they don't know they're working for us. They take orders from us but they're not expected to attend meetings. We call our pawns "concerned citizens", the Authority bureau has "office boys" or "secretaries", the BoT(F) has "lab rats" (who very often are paid volunteers for experiments, or people who don't know what they're testing), the BoT(C) has "spelunkers", the BoA has "travel agents".  Unfortunately, we're not obligated to give protection to any of these people. So, we can give a vet an order to put down a dog, without telling him that it isn't consented to by the owner, and he will do the job and get sued without us giving him legal protection. A lot of our street theater is done by people that don't even know they're part of a syndicate. They think they're a grass roots movement and don't know that there are other people harrassing the target.  The BoT(C) recruits people that think they're joining l33t hacker groups on the internet, or people that think that they're just following orders from the archives. The BoT(F) does 80% of its research at legitimate agencies like Xxxxxx's XXXXX and its drug companies. The task of pawns is to think that what they're doing is either normal and routine, or criminal in an individual isolated manner.  Recruits, however, are aware of a conspiracy. However, they still remain at a misinformed level. We simultaneously maintain teams of "religious" actors and "punk" actors. A person might join us thinking he's going to clean up the community. Another person might join us thinking he's going to cause trouble and anarchy. And they can go about their merry ways.  We even deliver information to them in different ways. To the religious ones, it's wrapped up in prophecy and revelation. To the punks, it's given a communist candy coating. However, they're all aware that the group is large.  They're also aware of a mutual benefit aspect to the operation. Only greedy un-idealistic people get beyond the recruit rank.  All the Bureaus wrap themselves up in different colours. The Moneybags pretend to be a secret club for the elite (and many of them are indeed quite powerful and wealthy, second only to the Supreme Council). The BoT(F) claims to be a "humane" research agency, or a means by which scientists can resist corporate greed, though it still attracts deviants. The BoT(C) is conspiratorially minded, and pretends to be a group searching for the 'secrets of the illuminati' or the illuminati themselves. The BoA claims to be a contract agency, traveller's club, or accounting firm.  Recruits perform tasks that they know are illegal, or immoral, but they still generally believe that they're doing it for a reason.  Managers like me come above the recruits and do some actual organization, whether leading a crew to a street theater match or planning an attack. Generally, managers know everything about the syndicate except what its goal is. Most are greedy enough to accept that it isn't a morally motivated group. We also engage in communication with other Bureaus to co-ordinate our activites.  Different terms are used for different MOs.  The Theater has "Playwrights" and "Leading Roles". The moneybags have "Success Stories". The BoT(F) has "Research Directors". The BoT(C) has "Information Awareness Officers". The BoA has "Arrangers".  Finally, a rare few are promoted to the Supreme Council.

GLOSSARY OF TERMS (both coloquial and official):

Contract: A TI or Target. This is the official term. Used as "Enemy Contract" or
"Planning Contract". Enemy contract is often referred to as "hostile contract".

CHERRYING: Getting out of a legal tangle through the syndicate's intervention.

NIPPLE-KISSER: a 'deviant' recruit, recruited because of a desire for sadism.

HOLY POLY: a 'religious' puritan recruit.

THE EFFECT: the fact that greedy and sadistic recruits are selected for managing
jobs more readily than anybody with integrity.

FBG (fertile breeding ground): a crew of nipple-kissers, based on the idea that
they are a fertile breeding ground for future managers.

MINCING: Luring a target into the legal system.

DEFACING: making faces at a contract, or otherwise intimidating them.

XXXXXX XXXXX SYNDROME: having a target so socially unpredictable and badly-off
that you can't really think of many ways to make their life much worse.

RAINBOW SHOCK: the fact that you have to act nice to the rest of the public
immediately after you've stopped defacing a contract.

BREAK-A-LEG JOB: a particuarly hostile attack against a contract, or a plan
which involves appoaching the target and talking to them.

SAKURAKAI: a crew that is particuarly overt in its stalking and gets caught too
often. In other words, it has to be cherried all the time.

CREW: A unit of recruits and pawns under a single MO. In other words, a group of
gang stalkers.

ZAPPERATING: using electronic devices to affect the health of a target.

XXXXXXX XXXXX: rhyming slang. for big mistake, roughly means "we shouldn't have
used this method".

UNCHAINED, UNCOVERED: authorities that are not pawns or recruits.

COVERED: A member of the public that is under the control of the syndicate (as a

PUBLIC FACE: A recruit or manager's official life outside of the syndicate.

PRIVATE LIFE: a syndicate member's activities with the syndicate.

INCAPACITATOR: a device that affects the sleeping patterns/
stress/fatigue/headaches of a contract.

VOODOO: the means of acting hostile to a target (pointing, staring, etc).

LOMOSEXUAL: a syndicate member with a knack for photography. ("There's a lomo in
every crew!")

NYUNKIA: (Not Your Usual Nipple-Kissing Incapacitator Asshole), the "yu" is
pronounced as the "oo" in 'moon'. refers to a particuarly sadistic or deviant
BoT(F) member.

BONER: another word for an enemy target.

YELLOW MEAT: criminals, as opposed to "concerned citizens". refers to criminals
recruited into the syndicate.

XXXXXXXX (verb): to Xxxxxx somebody is to run them over or chase them with a

GIGOLO-BOP: to make sexual advances to an unattractive target, term mainly used
by "nipple kisser" deviants.

CANCELLING: causing a miscarriage.

CRASH TEST DUMMY: a practice target.

HANG-JOB: the experience of having a target that one has enjoyed tormenting
suddenly commit suicide. Term used mainly by nipple kissers/nyunkias.

COUSIN NANCY: a police unit sent to tail a crew and arrest them before an
unchained police unit can do it.

XXXXXX NECKTIE: a death threat made with no intention of it being carried out.

GENERAL LEEING: randomly chasing after a target and threatning to rape them
before immediately running away.

XXXX'S LAW: a police department that is thoroughly under the syndicate's




DEJA VOOOO: doing the same skit over and over again.

I hope this glossary is of help. If you have any questions, please reply.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Better Than Before

Before I became a target I was kind of floundering around in my life with not much direction and this is probably one reason for my targeting in the first place.   I never wanted to be the poster boy for Organized Group Stalking but this is what life presented me.  It gave me lemons and I making lemonade with them today as the saying goes. Obviously,  I would not have chosen this path myself at the beginning as no sane person would but adversity only strengthens you and I am in a better place for it today.  After I worked my way through the worst phases of my stalking like being in a fog and not knowing about this crime for 2.5 years while I had to experience it daily and being an active participant in it, ( my mind could not let go of it and not by my conscious choice) I started to gain control of my life again.   Learning about it changed a great deal of things for me and I started to improve upon my techniques of desensitization to it that I had started even before I finally learned about the existence of the crime.  The more you study it and learn about the techniques behind it and the how and why they do the things they do against you then it demystifies it and makes it much less threatening.   I am complacent person by nature (again a good target trait) but once I get going I will not stop.  I am an all or nothing type of person and I am now fulfilling my all portion of it by working behind the scenes against my stalkers daily.  My stalking has given me a great deal of purpose in my life now by motivating me to combat my stalkers and raise awareness about the crime.  I have learned to focus, discipline and control my mind much better than before because I never had the motivation to do it before.  Besides my activism, this focus has led me to become successful in other parts of my life as well that had been stagnating for a long time.   I have joked with my girlfriend that the worst thing my stalkers could do to me at this point is leave me alone because I would lose all my purpose and motivation again.  Actually, its too late for my stalkers because I will continue my activism regardless of what they do.  Nowadays, when the stalking activity is way down or goes away for a day  or two in my neighborhood I find that I don't even care about it and it has no bearing on my happiness one way or another.  When you get to this point you will know you have defeated your stalkers on a psychological level.  Everyone who is being victimized by these psychological attacks should be aiming to attain this point in their lives.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

See How Easy It Is to Recruit Stalkers

I found this video of how easily people are tricked into bad and illegal behavior almost instantly for nothing in return. Can you imagine what they do for a little money or personal favors.  How about them being told that they are doing important national security work for the government and to take part in it is their patriotic duty.  This is the exact way mid to high level stalkers recruit normal everyday people to do their stalking for them.  These new stalker recruits are probably shown phony police records about the victim and maybe even a nice shiny badge to to make it look legitimate but it is not.  I can't believe how lame people really are to participate in this stuff with no verification of its legality.   I know the hardcore stalkers exploit the average person's sense of wanting to do the right thing and helping out in a situation where a person needs help but you see how easily it can be a sham without verifying the real facts of the situation.   Anybody with common sense should know that if you are just an average person then it is not your place to punish others even if a real policeman gives the order.  The law does not allow for that type of  leeway so it can not be abused like these stalkers are doing right now.  The video said only 1 in 22 people asked for a uniformed policeman to be there when they were asked to perform one of these acts and he eventually caved in as well as you will see.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spread the Word

Last week my neighborhood had a block yard sale thing going on and I took this opportunity to do something that I should have done sooner. There was a lot of foot traffic over the weekend in the neighborhood. I made a large sign for the windshield of my car and parked it backwards in the driveway so it pointed out towards the street and everyone could read it. My sign said, "Stop crime, Stop organized stalking" and had the address of another one of my blogs I use. That blog had a personal post from me to the residents of my neighborhood on my entire stalking situation and the main text from it is below.

Thank you for coming to my blog.   I am spreading the word about a crime called organized group stalking that I have been a victim of for three plus years now and has been going on in this neighborhood since I moved here around late June 2008. ( a definition of this crime can be read at the post ‘What is Organized Group Stalking’ below)    It started when I lived in Beaverton, Oregon by a group of hostile East Indians and they followed me over here to Vancouver and the crime still continues to this day.   My whole story has been documented in the police report I filed with the FBI and Clark County Sheriff’s Office and is located on this blog where  you can learn about this crime from my story and from other links to websites on this topic. Its a very complicated crime with many parts to it.  As most victims of this crime, I do not have all the answers behind my stalking but I can tell you what I do know and have experienced for over three years now.  It is perpetrated by a group of sick  individuals ( in my case East Indians) that organize to commit this crime and manipulate or trick others into helping them. (Edit- I now know they are part of government backed and organized stalking groups. See the Oct 2010 update below) That is why I am using this blog to inform the residents that it has been going on here in this neighborhood for over two years now.  My organized stalking is a hate crime perpetrated against me by these East Indians for malice and revenge because I made a face at some girl.  I have broken no laws nor do I have any criminal record and the East Indians have zero justification for doing this to me not to mention that it is totally illegal what they are doing.  Any East Indians you have seen living or passing through this neighborhood since July of 2008 know and are definitely involved in this crime against me because their entire community takes part in it.  This includes the Indian ice cream truck drivers in the summer time who take part in the harassment as well.  I would boycott letting your children buy ice cream from them as they do not deserve the business.  The East Indians activity was extremely heavy in this neighborhood from December 2008 until the fall of 2009.  It is very possible that you might have witnessed some of their odd behavior over the last two years.  This behavior could have been anything from them sitting in their cars on the street for long periods of time then taking off quickly or running out to their cars fast and quickly taking off. Most of the really loud cars you hear revving their engines or making some loud noise in the neighborhood are acts of intimidation against me used by the East Indians or those helping them.  Also, have you noticed a high frequency of loud cars with short time spans between each car going by for like up to an hour sometimes.  These convoys as I call them are actually mostly stalkers using their loud cars as acts of intimidation towards me.  They occur at odd times too like very early in the morning before most people are up or very late at night where there has previously been no loud traffic for many hours beforehand.  If I were to believe these were just random traffic flows then these patterns would be distributed evenly throughout each day of the work week.  They do not occur everyday though and only randomly when the stalkers organize a convoy.  The East Indians used to do this a lot but it has slowed down a lot but still occurs now and then.  Have you ever heard these car’s stereo with the deep loud vibrations late at night or early morning that only lasts like 3 seconds then you have heard the stalkers in their other attempts to harass me and to avoid too much attention to themselves in the neighborhood.  They also use slamming their cars doors and trunks very loudly as well.  Anybody notice the extreme amounts of low flying propeller driven airplanes buzzing this neighborhood since the Spring of 2009? A lot of this air activity are the East Indian stalkers or whoever they hire in these airplanes to do this against me. ( this has mostly quit nowadays but used to go on all day long last summer)  These are all part of their psychological attacks they use against me but you will have to read the police report to fully understand how it all works.  I should have gotten this information out to the neighborhood sooner but being a victim of this crime has been a learning process the whole time while experiencing it and learning how to fight my East Indians stalkers and those who help them.  Exposure of what they do to everyone in the neighborhood is one of the main keys to stopping them.  The good news like I have already stated is that the East Indians activity in this neighborhood is a lot more sporadic now and has slowed down from the non stop daily assault I used to get. The reason for this being due to the fact that I went to the Clark County Sheriff in January 2010. You may have noticed the police patrolling this area more since then.  The East Indians have had to back off  a lot in their criminal activity now because they know the police have this information and now the neighborhood does as well.  I would expect a further drop off in activity for a short while because of this but it will probably creep back slowly again once they think no one is paying attention again. I will keep you notified. Its good their activity has diminished as of right now but this stalking group is demented and highly motivated and they could start up heavy harassment again anytime. ( hopefully not now since everyone now knows their tactics).  Don’t try to find a rational for this crime because there is not one available.  These stalkers are mentally deranged criminals whose motivation in life have nothing to do with normal law abiding people.  Also, remember that not all perpetrators of this crime are East Indians ( but in my case they are the main instigators) and they have either payed off or tricked others of different races into taking part as well.  Also, a lot of East Indians don’t look like what you would think of as a traditional looking East Indian either.  Many of them are light skinned and look like they are from a Hispanic background and you would not even think of them as East Indians but they are.  Take that into account as you look around the neighborhood  today or when thinking back to what has been going on in this neighborhood for the last two years.
One of the main tactics involved with an organized group stalking group is that the stalkers start a major slander campaign about the victim (that would be me) to anybody who will listen to elicit their help in the harassment against the victim.  The stalkers will lie and manipulate others to get their help in the harassment. You may have been approached by an East Indian or someone else that have been telling lies about me.   You might have even been shown some sort of phony criminal record with my picture to make it look legitimate.   Its not real though because as I  have already stated above that I have broken no laws and I don’t have a criminal record.   If you have been approached by someone then I need to know who it is and what they said about me to get your help.  You probably did not know the extent of the crime that you may have been tricked into taking part in against me.  Your actions that you might have been talked in to taking part in against me may have seemed trivial to you at the time but they are only a small part of a much larger crime of constant psychological attacks against me daily for over three years now. It is felony stalking. If you did then you have been used by the East Indians to commit a serious ongoing  felony crime against me.  Do the right thing and come forward and tell me who and what they said about me.  If you unknowingly took part in this crime against me then you should stop it immediately and provide  me the information about who is spreading lies about me and who motivated you to take part in it.  You can contact me at the email below.
I know a lot of this information sounds far out and bizarre and it is but it is all true.  I did not know people could and would organize to do these stalking activities with regularity but they do.  I would have been just as skeptical hearing of this information before I became a victim of organized stalking myself as I am sure my neighbors are  as well.  I had never heard of organized stalking up until it started in my life and it actually took me another 2.5 years later to even find out what the name of this crime was called so I could research it.  Its not something you see on the news much and I don’t think the public knows much about this crime either but the research I have done on it says that it has been growing steadily each year.  There are different kinds of organized stalkings committed by different groups for different reasons but victims of this crime are everywhere including locally, nationally and even around the world. Anybody could become a victim of this crime for all kinds of different reasons and it is a threat to everyone’s freedom and rights as Americans.  This crime entails a great deal of information on why and how it all works and through my blog and links to the other websites on this topic you can learn all about it if you take the time.  Be sure to spread this information and blog link to all your neighbors.  Please contact me at the email below for any questions, comments or concerns you might have.
Thank you,

I have learned a great deal about my situation in the three months since I wrote the post above.  Through my ongoing research and experience with this crime, I have  discovered and now believe that this East Indian stalking group is connected with the government.  This East Indian stalking group is part of some community police watch group organized by the governments’ national security agencies.   All races are involved in these illegal stalking campaigns but the government were using just these East Indians against me for over two years but many whites and others are involved in this and currently living on 166th Ave.  You know who you are and so do I.  These police watch group members are turned loose on innocent American citizens to harass at will 24/7 and this is what they have been doing to me on this street.    The people on these watch lists have triggered some sort of criteria to be put on a national watch list whether the suspicion is legitimate or not.  Most people on these watch lists have done nothing wrong, broken no laws or have criminal records and are innocent of any wrong doing  just like my situation.   These community watch group members are being lied to about the victims to motivate them to carry out these stalking activities.   This is a highly illegal practice and everyone connected with this crime on any level will be held accountable for their actions.  To be blunt, if you take part in this crime in any manner then you are a criminal and are committing  felony stalking.  Ignorance of the law does not relieve you of the guilt of committing these crimes or the consequences that will follow.   These watch groups do not have the authority to let you commit these crimes and if you are involved in this then you need to wise up now that you are being used to do the illegal dirty work for the national security agencies.   You are the ones that will be held accountable someday for these crimes as I collect evidence against you all on a regular basis.  For everyone else, unfortunately this is the sad state of how far our once proud country has fallen from grace.   Innocent Americans are being mercilessly tortured  through psychological warfare campaigns and worse every day.  I have another blog with much more detailed information about my situation at the following link.

I have now gotten some feedback from the neighbors and it was an important step to get that info out to them. I don't think they totally get it yet but a least they know something is up and they are now aware. My sign is still out there and it will be for a while longer. I would recommend other targets doing something similar as I did because the more your neighbors understand whats going on the better it will be.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Targets - Dont Think or Feel Like a Victim

As a target its important not to think of yourself as a victim.  Easier said than done, I know.  The mindset that you maintain will have a lot to do with how you deal with your stalking.  Letting the stalkers have an emotional impact on you with their attacks will help keep you feeling like a victim and drag you down which is exactly what they want.  Instead of letting their harassment affect you negatively, learn to deal with these attacks and don't give them any meaning or apply a significance to them in your mind.  Don't think of them as a reflection of what or who you are as a person because they are ultimately meaningless in the course of your life. Dont try to rationalize their insanity they impose on your life. It is a futile exercise to try to make sense of it and more than likely you did nothing wrong in the first place and do not deserve this treatment.  In the first years of your stalking, your stalkers spent a great deal of time and effort to sensitize you to certain sounds or sights. Through intense periods of repetition of psychological attacks using these sights and sounds,  you learned to associate negative thoughts or feelings to these same noises and sights.  Every time after that, when you heard these sounds or saw these sights then negative thoughts or feelings arose and you got the sensation of being a victim when they occurred.  As you were living through this period of your life, you were probably not even aware that this sensitization was happening to you at that time.  Its a whole process they put you through to try to train  you to think and feel like a victim.  It works but once you understand it you can break the cycle.  This is how this crime is designed and supposed to work but understanding it should help you defeat it. The most important thing to always remember is that you are always the one that controls what power and effect these psychological attacks have on you and your mind and not your stalkers.  Your mind is the battleground in your struggle against your stalkers. Learn to control what you think to diffuse any negative meaning you have associated with these attacks against you and you can find some peace of mind once again.  Its something you work on over time and ties into using the techniques from my desensitization post.   It will take some time to set your mind straight again but keep working at it and you can change your mind to have no negative emotions or thoughts on anything your stalkers do against you. You can condition your mind against your stalkers to have no fear, anger or any other negative emotion that they may try to use to control you ever again.  This will help you further marginalize them to nothing of significance in your life or mind just as it should be. Just be neutral and use your energy to fight them the right way.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Paranoia- Self Destroyer!

Anybody like the Kinks?  In this post I will try to explain in more detail of how the stalkers use endless psychological attacks against you when you are in your own home to create paranoia and fear through a noise campaign.  All this is written from my experience with it and my observations about it.  Also, a lot of this was my own  reactions to it when it was at its worst.  The stalkers harassment regime has been designed to keep the victim in a constant state of agitation pretty much all day long and late into the night.   First of all, you are profiled so they know a lot about your personality type and cater the harassment to you the victim.  They knew I was intelligent and could follow subtle patterns easily if I choose to do so and this was the crux of their attacks against me and it is also to avoid detection by the outside world.  I think a lot of targets fall into this category because I have read a lot of other target's posts and testimony and you can tell that most of them are bright people.  I think victims of less intelligence might not be able to distinguish a lot of these subtle attacks and their stalking would probably be more confrontational right from the beginning.  These types of victims probably are the easiest to get to lash out against their stalkers and get themselves in trouble with the law.  Anyway, this is how it works.  The stalkers plan starts against you to sensitize you to many common actions you take in your home everyday or the place in your home you do something with regularity.  The stalkers will ding  (by this I mean any of the psychological attacks against you) everything you do in your house many times over and they will concentrate on one thing only at a time like when you turn on the light when you go to your bedroom at night.  The ding will be like a car revving its engine loudly, the slamming of car doors or a small propeller plane will fly close by your house when you turn on your bedroom light at night.  They will do this ding every night for a couple weeks and you will learn that yes they will attack me when I turn on my bedroom light at night.  Once they are confident you have learned this, then after a few weeks your stalkers will choose a new thing to ding like when you go to the kitchen sink in front of the window and turn on the water for something.  This will go on until a new ding is chosen a few weeks later.  By the way, yes my stalkers have unobstructed views on the 3 main sides to my house and the last side does not have any thing to see in directly anyway.  They will eventually ding and sensitize you to just about every major thing you do in your house over time. When they move on to a new ding, you will not forget the dings they have already taught you.  In the victims mind, it starts a backlog of all these dings that will not be forgotten as the stalkers keep adding to that list over time.  In my case all this happened after they initially had taught me their attacks set to the times of the clock as well. (Reader, you can find this info on time attacks in my police and FBI post)  So, over a long period of time your stalkers will ding every thing you do in your house and have all these time attacks they use against you on top of that as well.  Over many months of this sensitizing of the victim, they will start to feel like any noise outside at anytime is an attack for something they are doing in their house or an attack at a set time.  There are many times on the clock each hour that are open for an attack in the victims mind (any noise outside that coincides with certain times on the clock) because they have been sensitized to these times as well through repetitious attacks.  When your stalkers have you sensitized and agitated to this point, no matter what attack they use on you then your mind will race to figure it out and assign the reason for the attack.  Whether your assessment of the attack method is correct or not, it really does not matter.  This is bad place to be at because over time this causes a great deal of constant anxiety and stress and this is the suffering of what true mind torture is all about.  These attacks happen at least 3 to 4 times an hour over the course of the day and late into the night everyday which adds up to 40-50 attacks a day.  Yes, these stalkers are that twisted and motivated to do these things that many times daily with regularity.   Its does not matter at this point what attacks they use on you or why because your stalkers have you right where they want you.  This paranoia will destroy you if you let it and your own paranoia is now doing the work for the stalkers when every sound outside sound feels like an attack.  I believe this is how the crime is designed to work.  In truth though, paranoia may be the wrong word to use because I would estimate up to 75%  of all outside noise in my neighborhood is my stalkers depending what time of day it is.  I live in a naturally very quiet neighborhood under normal circumstances. When it is really them, then it is not paranoia.   Either way,  this is something you have to absolutely get control of or it will be your undoing.  When it was at its worst for me, this is where I was at mentally but I did not understand what was happening to me or even knew what organized stalking was at that time.  Now that I have learned about organized group stalking,  I also know how to control it and defeat it. (refer to my desensitization post for this info)   My stalkers profiled me and knew this stuff would work on me and also know that most Americans are clock watchers because time is important in our culture and that the time attacks would work well on me.  I admit I was locked into the torment  for a long time and could not break the cycle but I have now.  Since they preyed on my ability of subtle patterns recognition then they should know this same intelligence allows me to deconstruct how their attacks work and can pass the information on for others to use which I have done here in this post.  Once you have deconstructed it then it empowers you and at that point you have pretty much defeated it.  Its something you have to work on to defeat it but it comes with time and effort.  It is a lot easier to defend yourself when you understand the rules of the game.  On top of all this, the victim will be stalked by strangers when they leave the house and this will cause paranoia as well if you let it.  It will make all interactions with strangers suspect to being involved with your stalking and that everybody is out to get you but that is obviously not true.   This is the illusion ( not delusion ) created when you have been steadily over sensitized to your stalkers' presence when you are out in public.  Yes their are real stalker out there after you but the vast majority of people you come across are not involved even though it may feel that way.  Once the victim knows about their stalking then they can get a better handle on this situation and learn to work past this paranoia phase caused by their stalking.  It is just a matter of getting used to it over time.  Once you learn that you are going to be stalked everywhere you go and expect it to happen every time you leave your home, it loses a lot of the effect it once had in the early stages of the victims stalking.  Not that being stalked is a good thing but you can learn to ignore most of it and that has been my attitude towards it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Statistics of Multiple Stalkers

The 2009 U.S. Department of Justice study (link below) states in Table 3 (page 12) in the appendix that 13.1%  of the roughly 3.4 million stalking victims in America has three or more stalkers which equates to roughly 445,000 victims with 3 or more stalkers.  So, you can see that this group stalking is a real phenomenon and comes from a credible source.


There has been more information released about the break down of the statistics cited above in that 185,000 respondents claim a group of three or more are working together to stalk them.  Use the link below.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What is Surveillance 24/7 ?

Most people understand that the phrase in the title means being watched 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  If you are not a target though it really has no meaning other than the words because there is no concept or idea of experience that comes in your mind because most people have never been under surveillance 24/7 so you really don't understand what it means.  I write this for the general audience to get an idea.  Everything you do in your house can be broken down into patterns whether you know it or not.  It can be broken down into time intervals and physical locations of the house.  People are all the same in our humanity by sharing the common experiences of eating sleeping, sex and using the toilet and shower.  Even our recreation at home is very similar by watching TV programming or movies, reading books, playing games or whatever.  You spend a certain amounts of time a day doing these things and you do each of the activities in certain parts of your house.   The point of all this is a great deal of what you do is on a patten with probably less variation than you might think.  You do not think about everything you do in your house or even away from your house  as a recordable pattern because no one ever cared about quantifying this stuff before.  Guess what?  Your stalkers do.  In fact that's all they do.  They track everything and are more aware of what you do than you yourself because they need this information so they can plan their attacks against you.  The more reconnaissance they do the easier it is to organize to attack you.  You have to realize they are taking your patterns in by the day, weeks, months and years and someone is analyzing this info to use against you.  Remember they are playing for the long term because these constant attacks take a great deal of effort by many people and the the more efficient use of their army of dimwits against you the better.  They do this by predicting your behavior by your patterns.  As an example, every time you turn on your bathroom light to use it, its a chance to attack you.  Say you have not used the bathroom in over two hours, so you are due to use it within a half an hour.  You may not know that information about yourself but your stalkers have been recording how many times a night your bathroom light goes on and the intervals in between them.  See, its better for them to have a stalker waiting to run to their car or already waiting in their car for a half hour or less to buzz your house with their loud car the next time you turn your bathroom light on than to wait for hours not knowing if you will or will not use your bathroom again that night.  Its about efficiency and not needlessly burning out their personnel.  Its not an exact science because a person does have some variations but there are many patterns to be gleaned about your home life if someone cares to watch every thing you do.  I also was going to say that the 24/7 surveillance does not last forever but I would say it did for me for about two years.  They have backed off some probably because they have different targets to work on and they now know I am not going away(this is to my benefit which I will explain in the future) so they can be more casual about it.  The observation periods are for shorter amounts of time now with it ceasing at some point during the day where it never did before.  I have no doubt that they could go 24/7 again but it would not get them anything and the police know now so that makes it harder for them than before.  I always thought that the tolerances of a human being watching something constantly would not be high enough to do this monitoring by humans only.  I don't know how they do it but I always thought it was more like an electronic camera watching my house and when it noticed a light going off at night or something it would record the time or sound an alarm so the idiot in the room monitoring the work station could call their goons in to do their stalking tricks on the street but this is only speculation on my part.  Anyway,  I hope this gives a better idea of how stalkers operate when watching your house.
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