Monday, January 18, 2010


Below is an edited version of a report I sent to the FBI and police chronicling the East Indian group stalking of me from June 2007 to the Fall of 2009.  The stalking still continues to this day.   

Please keep in mind this report was written based on what my knowledge of organized stalking was at that time which was rather limited. I was a newly aware target of only a few weeks with little background knowledge to go on.  I still did not know that the U.S. Government was actually behind my stalking because I was mislead into believing this was some sort of racial group retaliation by these East Indian stalkers.

     Let me begin with giving the background to this story. It started in April 2007 when I was living in Beaverton, OR at the Kings Court Apartments. I went to pick up a package at the office and in doing so I passed 3 Indian girls who were about 20 years old. I made a face at them as I passed which I should not have done because they did not do anything to deserve that. It was wrong of me but it certainly was not premeditated or some kind of ongoing harassment by me against them or East Indians in general. This was around April of 2007 and that was the end of it at that time or so I thought. The Kings Court complex has a circular driveway and takes quite a drive to get out either one of the ends onto the regular street. I would say about late June and into July every time I left the apartments there would be an East Indian  that passed or crossed in front of me, pulled their car out in front of me or there would be one standing in the parking lot talking on a cell phone or even staring at me as I passed on the streets outside of the complex. All of this stuff looks pretty normal at first but it never happened before when I left the apartments.  After a month of this type of activity I started to realize that none of these incidents were a random occurrence but rather that the Indians were doing this on purpose and I found it a little amusing at the time. As the weeks and months went by though it stopped being funny and started to become more disturbing when I realized how much effort it takes by lots of  East Indians to do this to me. In late August I wanted to test just how far this was going to go so I went out to get my mail at 4 a.m. in the morning and sure enough an Indian crossed my path in a car with no more than like a minute of lead time. Through no other provocation by me it kept getting more confrontational and starting in September the Indians started following me to the Fred Meyers that was close by to the complex. For four weeks in a row there was an Indian that was waiting at the dairy area pretending to be shopping but they were there for me as an act of intimidation. In October at night I left to get food at a McDonalds and as I was eating in my car and there they were again and this is when I really knew I was being followed. When I talk about the East Indians at this point it was always different ones and I also ignored them as much as possible by not even looking at them but over time I would see the same ones more frequently all over the metro area.  I realized they were following me to my girlfriends house all the way down to Tualatin . They were always waiting for me when I came back home late at night and there was always some type of occurrence with them like standing on the corner hazing me as I went by or cutting across my path in the parking lot. In early November I went to a nearby Costco and did not drive directly there but out of their sight or so I thought but they were all over that parking lot that day when I got there starring at me as they drove by and an older Indian woman sneered at my girlfriend as they drove by. Luckily my girlfriend had forgotten her card so we left but they would have been all over us at that store. We went for a drive instead for a couple hours and ended up at a Fred Meyers across town in Hillsboro . Well guess who showed up again? It was a bunch of Indians hanging out in the front when we left. This happened again as I kept going to a different Fred Meyers around the area each week. Since they were following me somehow, one night I left my girlfriends house at night and went to a store in Greshem from Tualatin , making sure I was not followed getting off and on the highway a couple of times and taking back streets. To my amazement one Indian man in his 50's showed up and blocked my way in the store. It was totally obvious why he was there as he waited for me to come out of the store and sort of peeled out with his car after he should have been long gone because he got ahead of me in a long line and was out the door long before I was finished in line. At this point I thought they must be staking out Fred Meyers all over town waiting for me. In retrospect I think they probably put a GPS tracking device on my car but I did not know that at that time.
     In December 2007 all the things were happening around my complex as usual but the East Indians were getting more aggressive in their demeanor like driving up on me fast as I left my complex and sneering at me. Also the attacks were occurring farther from my apartment like the pulling out in front of me from store driveways or getting behind me on my way to my girlfriends house because I always went the same way. When I was at my girlfriends apartment they were staking out the parking lot because no matter how long I would stay at her place they would wait because I would always have an encounter with them whether it was in her parking lot, my parking lot or anywhere in between. This was almost always at night and usually late. The only way they could know I was coming home was if they where monitoring her apartment or had a GPS unit on my car. It was also at this time they showed me that they drive cabs because once the East Indians were waiting at the entrance in a taxi to my apartment driveway late at night. After this I started to see a lot of taxi cabs late at night on the way home from my girlfriends place which I never used to see. This is a type of conditioning because when you know all these people are after you and you know they drive cabs, when you see a cab you feel like its them whether it really is or not. This is also a way to attack you all over town by driving near you and to the rest of the world its just an East Indian driving a cab but in reality it is an act of intimidation. At this time when I would go out I would some times try to evade them but I found this actually caused me more stress and I was slowly working my way back to just go to my regular driving patterns. Their attacks cause the fight or flight response and it was not always easy to adjust. They would definitely try to bait me because once at the store I was returning a cart to the cart pens when an East Indian man crossed my path holding a baby in his arms. What kind of pathetic coward hides behind a child? I wanted to do something because a lot of frustration had built up in me with all their psychological attacks but I controlled myself and let it go. Through my research about this group stalking, I learned that the Indians wanted me to attack him because I was probably being filmed and would be used against me in the future.
     At this point I would like to state some more background information about myself. I have learned since the attacks began of how group stalkers operate and the certain criteria that made me a good target for them. In the time from the first incident there was about a 2 month lag in time before the East  Indians really started their gang stalking of me. I believe in this time I was being profiled and followed to see all my connections to people in my life. They made their plans and put them into motion. I was a good target because I lived alone and I did not have a job and the only person I knew at this time was my girlfriend because I had only been in Oregon for about a year. I was isolated and the perfect target for them. Also, I only went to a few stores and drove the same way each time which made it easy for them to do their attacks. A large part of how they operate is tracking everything you do and all your patterns and they will use this to attack you. The East Indians have you under surveillance (visual and probably audio) 24 hours a day and they have people on stand by waiting to react when you come out. There is no other way the East Indians could do what they do if this was not true. No matter what time of day or what day of the week it was they would be there when I left. The East Indians also would time how long it took me to move to different areas around my apartment complex so they could time meets with me at any location at the apartments or even the areas on the streets around the complex when I left or came home. I used to go for drives just for fun but I would always stop by this same restaurant to get dinner on the way home all within the about an hour of the same time each time I went.  One time I went in ordered at this restaurant and was waiting when I noticed a table of East Indians and they sure jumped up in a hurry because they wanted to make sure I saw them and the woman laughed at me as they went by me. Yes, this East Indian family had dinner at this place in hopes I would show up so they could do what they did. That's dedication to the cause and that was only a minor effort by them from what I would see in the future.
     In January, 2008 the apartments across from me and on my back wall both became available and guess who moved in? Yes that's right, East Indians, and I had 6 more months on my lease to go. Now they had me where they wanted me and they started teaching me their system of harassment slowly but surely. The East Indians started teaching me certain times on the clock that they could attack me with any hour of the day anywhere in the world if they chose too. This is how it works. They started coming home at 12 after the hour every day at 8 o'clock making sure to really jingle their keys or slam their door so you notice and then teach you the same way the relationship to the other side of the clock a half a hour later which is 42 after the hour. After they do that for several days or a couple of weeks through repetition you get it that they want you to know these times on the clock.( 12 and 42) Then they spread it out and teach you the two new time sets of (17 and 47) and (22 and 52 ) the same way. So their big numbers on the clock at the minute marks are 12, 17, 22, 42, 47 and 52 ( these will be referred to as the "Indian main times or numbers" from here on). An example for the 8 o'clock hour where they could attack me would be ( 8:12, 8:17,8:22, 8:42, 8:47, and 8:52) and this is true for all hours of the day. These numbers come up six times an hour for each hour of the day, 24 hours a day which gives them 144 (6x24 ) chances in a 24 hour day to attack you with audio stimuli or conditioning. So, a barrage of these mild sound attacks begins daily as you notice more and more. These psychological attacks would occur several times an hour all day long and most of the night as well. While in my apartment the East Indians only left or came home on those times and so did all their visitors which occurred many times in the evening. The East Indians would open and close the front door on those times, throw the tiniest pebbles or something similar at my door or windows or they would use the lightest tap on my back wall. Running the kitchen water tap on those times was also very common or when I would use the toilet. My normal sleep hours are roughly 5am to 1pm and the Indians started waking me up in the morning on those main Indian times mentioned above like every hour or two. I know they could hear me sleep because I am a loud snorer . This went on for months and since I was getting woken up every hour or so I was getting bad sleep which made me stay in bed even longer. I don't know how they woke me up at those times but when it is constant and everyday then you know its definitely not a coincidence. Its a good thing I did not have a job at this time because I would have not made it due to sleep deprivation. On the outside of my apartment at one of those East Indian main times it was anything from a car horn honking, car alarm going off, car engine revving loudly, car doors being slammed or someone even beating their trash can on the dumpster outside. There were quite a few more East Indians in at least 3 more apartments pretty close by so when I would hear this day after day on these times its obvious its them especially later at night when most people are asleep. I know other people can randomly make the same noises at those times going about there business but the majority of the time it was the East Indians harassing me while looking like normal everyday activities to the outside world. These numbers from above can be used against you when you leave your house and go into the outside world too. Say you are at the mall sitting on a bench then one of them will pass you at one of those times and if you are outside at a restaurant patio within earshot of their car they will pass and rev their engines loudly at one of those times to let you know its them. And yes you do start to learn and recognize the engine sounds from the cars they use. Once you learn this technique they use you don't even have to visually see them anymore to know its them doing it most of the time. I didn't have a 100% certainty all the time but you know that you are followed everywhere you go and they rev there engines loudly on these times so you match these two things together and you know that the vast majority of the time that yes it is the East Indians harassing you. They will also pass you on the highway at these times.
     Most of these examples taken by themselves seem pretty harmless but the cumulative effect day after day, month after month and now year after year affects your sense of mental well being which these psychological attacks are designed to do. This would be true for any individual because you cant avoid it. Mind you this is happening (everything at my apartment) on top them chasing me everywhere I go and coming at me every time I leave or return to my apartment complex. You have to experience this to really understand what I have gone though and how it affects you. Its hard for decent people of good character to relate to this because they can not believe that this many people would organize to work against and torment a person constantly with no end in sight. The East Indians are pure evil and it continues to this day.
     All of the above kept up until the end of June'08 when I moved out. The East Indians also started doing the time attacks in my girlfriends parking lot whenever I was there at night whether it was a few hours or all night long and it lasted until pretty early in the morning. I even saw an East Indian that I had already seen harass me at other places walk by in the parking lot below from my girlfriends second story window that was only open about a half a foot and I was far back from the window. It makes me wonder how he could have known I was looking out the window at such a sharp angle which only showed a small portion of the pavement below. Obviously the East Indians were using more sophisticated surveillance techniques than I could believe or understand at that time and that would prove to be even more true in the future. I was dealing with professional harassers (gang or group stalkers) but I did not know what that was at that time. This same  East Indian threw me this weird arm gesture when he met me at an intersection on a different night when I was coming home from her apartment. I did not understand what that arm gesture meant at that time but I would know its meaning in the future. Another strange behavior I saw them do when leaving my apartment was the pacing back and forth quickly while talking on a cell phone. Again, I did not understand what that meant at that time but would in the future. They also tried to condition me to think that by me seeing them talking on their cell phones during their attacks that I would think anybody on a cell phone was part of the attack. It would be used in the future to show me that yes its the East Indians attacking me again whenever I saw them talking on a cell phone. That method did not work on me for too long though because I realized lots of people talk on cell phones everywhere and its just a part of everyday life. One thing I learned in this process is whatever the East Indians showed you was for something planned in the future and nothing was random. One message I did understand was when coming home one day there was an angry looking East Indian in his 20's that stormed by my car while he was holding his girlfriends hand. She was a Chinese girl and I believe the message sent was that now other people from different races were involved in this stalking which proved to be true in the future. Another theme I was noticing was adults with children. One Saturday afternoon on the way to my girlfriends place I saw an East Indian man with a small boy leering at me as I went by. Now, I have read that you are less likely to be attacked when a small child is with you so it could have been that the coward was protecting himself if I was to punch on the breaks and attack him but I found it odd he would bring a small boy with him. I learned later that the East Indians have no problem using their children in their attacks against me and I think this was a way to show that association. They are really sick people!
     In late June 2008 I moved into a rental house in a newer type neighborhood in Vancouver, WA which was about 5 years old with my girlfriend and her son. The street was wider than normal with good site lines to all the many houses in the area with no trees or large bushes to cover or screen part of the house. The house itself had very large windows with 1 foot wide area of window at the top with no blinds.( it was easy to see in) There was a small park behind the house with other houses backed up against it too but again with lots of site lines from the other houses in back. I knew that this house would be wide open for attacks from all directions before we moved in but I did it anyway because even after all I had been through up until that point, I was still in denial about it happening again even though deep down I knew it was not over yet. It did not take long for the East Indians to show up at the stores again in Vancouver.  In fact it was the first week we were in Vancouver that it happened when I saw the same old hag East Indian woman  who had come by a Fred Meyers in Beaverton, OR to scowl with hate at me like the evil old bat that she is.  She  had also sneered at my girlfriend in front of me another time when this same woman had followed us into a parking lot at Costco.  Since this woman has made it a point to show herself to me three different times,  I think she is one of the main players in financing my stalking because she thought she was real important to herself in her own mind  and looked like she might have money.  In the Fred Meyers I gave her the proper respect she deserved by smirking and laughing at her.  Back in Vancouver, sometimes at first the East Indians would not be at stores but as they organized their forces that quickly went away. I was being tracked again but how? By this time I was positive they had a tracking device on my car. Another bad thing about my neighborhood was there were many houses available for rent and I knew the East Indians would be coming soon. Also, it was a very quiet neighborhood with minimal car traffic especially at night which was ideal for their attacks. I had already noticed that the few cars going by late at night on the weekends were only on those main East Indian times or the few car alarm beeps I heard was the same thing most of the time. It was starting again ever so slowly. By August 2008 I knew they were in the neighborhood somewhere because I would run into them at the store. Three East Indians came into Walmart after me and my girlfriend went in when it was around 11 pm and I watched as they checked out before us and left while we were still in line. Previously they had not acknowledged me which was fine but as they got to the door, all three turned around and looked at me and then kept going. Again in August when I went to look out my window from the second story window, the second I did there was a loud revving of an engine sound I had become all too familiar with. This was how I knew the East Indians were close and I was under constant surveillance again. The East Indians would slowly show me over time where they were and they ended up in two houses that I knew had been for rent after we moved in because I remember seeing the "for rent" signs in the yards of these houses. This information should be easy to verify. So it was about August the East Indians moved in the house that was on the opposite side of the street four houses down and by about November to my knowledge they were in a house on our backside across the little park because that's when they started their attacks from that house in back. (they use a small dog to bark at the Indian times) We now had surveillance on the front and the back of our house. A key point happened again in the fall to show me other people than East Indians were involved in the harassment against me. One week I went to Target and I believe one of the original girls I made a face at was walking into the store in front of me.( I figured out what this was probably about much later and is explained in the update below). The East Indians were starting to stage people ahead of me now at stores because they knew the second I left my house and at this point I was not resisting and just going to the same stores most of the time making it very easy for them to do these things. Afterward I got lunch at a food place I had not been to before and had no problems. I did the same thing the next week because I am a creature of habit. This time they had planted two people in this food place eating lunch all on the assumption I would go back there which I did. They were sitting next to the area I had to walk by and the East Indian had to turn his head a good 90 degrees to look at me and smile as I went by. I definitely recognized him from Beaverton and the fellow he was with was a white boy which again was showing other races were involved. I got my food and left and they were also gone. As soon as I opened my door to my car a loud horn sounded which I have no doubt in my mind was them and this is very typical of the kind of things they do every time I go shopping and in my neighborhood as well.
     I would now like to discuss the East Indians following me to places far away from home and will cite three examples that have happened since I have been in Vancouver, WA. In late August 2008 me and my girlfriend went to Bellingham, WA on a Saturday. I was pretty certain they had a tracking device on my car and that we would see them on this trip. This would prove to be true. We spent the night in Bellingham and had no problems but on the way back we decided to go to the Space Needle in Seattle. We walked to it from the parking lot and went up it. It had been busy with lots of people around but there were no East Indians. Up on the needle after a while I saw the first East Indian and he was up to no good. I knew by his body language what was going down but I gave no reaction ignored him and went on my way. Me and my girlfriend stayed up there for quite a while as a few more East Indians arrived but I did not let that ruin my time. A couple passed us and the woman was totally gooning at me for some kind of reaction but I just looked away. We eventually went back inside to go down when the first East Indian man I had seen blows past us and throws me that weird arm gesture I had seen one of them give me many months earlier down in Tualatin, OR. So this arm gesture was to show me it was them and rattle my cage but it did not. Shortly after I saw another one of the East Indians definitely from Beaverton doing the funny fast pacing thing with a cell phone I had seen months earlier down in Beaverton.  Again this was to show me that yes we were being attacked by the East Indians from Beaverton, OR in Seattle, Washington. We just got in line to go down and that couple jumped in line with us but they did not make our elevator ride down. Down on the ground again we were heading back to the car and there were at least 7 more of them with 3 East Indian boys in their late teens walking right at us spread out wide in a menacing way. At the parking garage there was one East Indian sitting on a bench talking on his cell phone. I would see this guy again more than once in the future down in Vancouver, WA. So how could they have done this if we had not been followed which I had been looking out for and never saw anyone. I was now positive there was a GPS tracking device on my car and I now knew they would follow me long distances if I used my car which they did again in the future. On another trip around May 2009 we went to Poulsbo, WA to visit my girlfriend's mother and we all went out to lunch. I had already been passed on the highway by an Indian at one of those times and later at the restaurant we were eating on the patio outdoors when I looked up towards the entrance to see an East Indian looking back over his shoulder at me while talking on a cell phone. Soon there was a car load of them driving by in the parking lot right next to us. Another trip in late August 2009, me and my girlfriend took another car trip to Idaho Falls, ID. We stopped for gas in some tiny town in central Washington and after getting gas pulled off the street in front of a small intersection to eat a quick lunch. Within 5 minutes or so an old East Indian woman and a young girl had come across the highway bridge to walk right in front of us. She had a sun umbrella and in the hot central valley this actually looked legitimate to me at the time and maybe it was but in retrospect I doubt it. On the trip to Idaho Falls which is a real long car trip, I don't think we were followed because we took all kinds of back streets when we got sort trapped more than we wanted to in Boise. On the highways there were no cars behind us for long periods of time and it turned into night well before we got there. The next morning we went to eat breakfast at the hotel restaurant and it was real quiet out and only about three tables full of people in there. I was still half asleep and the Indian situation was not even on my mind until I heard a loud car go by.(warning sign #1) I looked at my watch and it was about 9:42 a.m. and sure enough here comes an older East Indian couple and they sit down at the table right in front of us in a nearly empty restaurant. I was not taken off guard by this as I had expected it. It was just a matter of when and where but I cite this example to show the kinds of extreme lengths the Indians do to try and intimidate me 700 miles from home.
     Now back to the main story, it was November 2008 and a new phase of attacks had begun. Now when I was going to Fred Meyers I would not see or have any problems with East Indians but what replaced it was odd little occurrences with usually Asians but some white men as well. Most of this was very subtle but after a few weeks of this in the absence of East Indians, I started to understand that these other people are probably involved in this. There is no way to know for sure but I trust my gut instinct on this matter. My research on group stalking backs this up by stating people from all walks of life get involved in this type of stalking for all kinds of different reasons. A good example was when I turned onto the frozen food aisle once and I saw a white man on a cell phone looking at stuff in the freezer. The cell phone was clue number one so I put him in a suspicious category but I did not really care and continued my shopping up and down that aisle. The last thing I grabbed was a frozen pizza and went around the corner to a new aisle. Now, this guy had not even been looking at the frozen pizzas and was actually on the opposite side down the aisle away from the pizzas when I went around the corner. Well, he comes blowing by me real fast like 30 seconds later in the new aisle with the same kind of pizza I had just grabbed. It was obvious it was some kind of display for me and I would later find out this is a technique stalkers use called mimicking in which the stalker copies my action. (getting the same pizza as me) The purpose of using these other people is to create paranoia because now it seems like everyone is out to get you. I'll admit it is somewhat effective at first and you don't know what's real or not real anymore for a while. Over time though I got a handle on it and made my peace with it. While it was bizarre, I reasoned in my own mind these attacks are meaningless to me if its not an East Indian so that technique ultimately failed as soon as I got control of the paranoia it creates. Even if it is an East Indian now, I don't care anymore and go on my way. What did I care what these people thought of me because I realized they knew absolutely nothing about the real me and had been fed nothing but lies about me. I could not figure what these other peoples motivations were to get involved with this matter. The East Indians had obviously been running a major slander campaign against me to get these other people to cooperate with them and who knows what lies they had spread about me to these people. I cant see how someone could be duped and blindly fall in line with this stuff against me when they did not even know me. Research on this topic showed me this is a common tactic group stalkers use to manipulate others into doing their bidding for them by blacklisting the target.(me)
     On the same point, when we moved into our neighborhood there were about 3 black families living down the street and one family right in back of our house off to the side with real good views into our kitchen and family room. I don't know their ethnicity but they looked like to me they were from some country like Somalia or that part of Africa. Over time they all showed me one way or another that they were allied with the East Indians by participating in the attacks against me. Again, I thought to myself, what is the connection between these black people and the East Indians. The Indians must have told them all these lies about me to get their participation because I had never had any interaction before with any of them. These black people were not the main players but they did help out the East Indians somewhat and I do believe the house in back was used for observation into our house at a minimum.
     Another method to cause paranoia and confusion involved the 24 hours a day observation of our house. What I came to realize is that the East Indian observers also could see not only my house but everything that anybody does on the street and they would use that against me to make other neighbors look like they are involved in this when they are not. An example of this would be when going outside to get in my car I would see a totally innocent neighbor talking on a cell phone in their front yard and so would the East Indians. I had already been conditioned somewhat to the fact that cell phones were a warning sign to look for in an attack outside the house and then the East Indians would start using the time that the incident occurred and its half hour counter part on the clock all day long with their audio type attacks ( see Beaverton above) which creates the illusion that an innocent neighbor was involved in this. Another example is someone coming up to your door who probably is not involved with this and then the East Indians would hit that time and its half hour equivalent all day making it feel like the person who came to the door was another attack against you. As a side note, there were plenty of non Indian people that did come to our door on the main Indian times over the last year that I do believe were involved in the stalking but we never answer the door so it does not really matter. When you are in the early stages of your paranoia from all the East Indians attacks it is very hard to tell fact from fiction but I eventually got a grip on it. I realized in time that logically there is no way all my neighbors were involved and finally figured out how the East Indians created this illusion. The bottom line is if a normal neighbor(not involved in the stalking) makes some type of noise outside the Indians will try to make it look like they are involved by either sending a loud car by quickly after the noise occurred or by doing the other types of audio attacks on that minute of the hour and its a half hour later counter part on the clock all day long.
     By November I had discovered a new East Indian house on an off street about the distance it would take to send a car to pass my house from that direction in the time frame from being notified by the East Indian observer watching my house of some action going on in my house. This was to start in earnest by the middle of December 2009 and I will detail that more below. It was now December and the East Indians were really stepping up their attacks with very fast response times to different types of actions by me from in my house. It takes a great deal of effort for what they started doing and I will explain. December 2008 brought a lot of snow for several weeks and it is fun to watch the snow fall but I would notice the East Indians would go by within like 30 seconds from either direction from me looking out my window. It did not matter what time a day I looked out the window this would happen or the taking out of the trash in the front yard too. The pattern they were showing me is that they will attack me when I show myself by sending a car by the house.(24 hour a day surveillance against me). I mean even if I cracked my window blind open in the middle of the night in the dark for 5 seconds they would put a car past the house in like 30 seconds where previously there had been no street traffic for hours before. I experienced these things over and over again many times. In January 2009 the attacks were getting more sophisticated when the East Indians started to expand the scope of their invasion into my life and show me they could hear into my room and house. It started when something changed in the room that could be heard like watching TV for a while and putting on the mute button. A fast loud car would blow down the street within a matter of seconds. The same thing happened with changing a TV channel after it had been on a another channel a long time or playing something on my computer speaker for a few seconds, minutes or even hours. When it stopped, I would get the car going by. Same thing with the cloth dryer buzzer going off and I experienced these things many times over and over again. There was a visual component to the Indians surveillance as well because I would use my bathroom at night with all the lights off because more than enough light from the street lamps outside came in through the window and was enough to see and use the toilet. It is one of those blurry bathroom windows over the toilet which faced the house the East Indians were in and for a long time at night a loud car would go by within 30 seconds of when I first started to use the toilet when previously it had been quiet out for hours. This continues today with a variation of a car or plane(explained below) going by 12, 17, or 22 minutes after I use the toilet in the middle of the night or the more rare 42, 47, or 52 minutes afterward. I have experienced this nightly plus also in the day and mind you there is zero traffic in the meantime. So it is obvious that a night scope is being directed at my bathroom window and probably used in conjunction with tracking sound in my house and room because my bed and floorboards creek when I get up and walk to the bathroom. The surveillance was also starting to be used against me downstairs but that was no surprise there because I knew the Indians would see into our house rather well because of our large windows from at least three houses they were in. The attacks they would use from this is when I had been downstairs and went upstairs to my room a loud car would go by within seconds of me entering my room. This happened all the time in the middle of the day when there was usually no traffic and it happened later at night as well. This was done I believe with a combination of visual and audio gathering with the timing of how long it takes me to get into my room and the car would be sent at the right time. I know it was them because then there would be no cars for a very long time and this happened everyday for many months but they have finally backed away from this type of attack. Another variation of this attack though would be that the fast cars would continue like one every 2 minutes for like a half an hour to an entire hour and then it would stop and there would be no traffic again. I would also hear these convoys( a term I have since learned that is used by the stalking community) very early in the mornings when normally there was no traffic any other day at that time for like a half hour to an hour and then it would be all quiet again or the small amount of traffic that did go by would be only at the times of the main numbers they use. This was also common once I had gone back up to my room upstairs from being downstairs in the mid to late afternoon and then it would stop and be all quiet again. Longer convoys upwards of two hours would also be used a lot on the weekends during the day. I would assume this is because more Indians and their friends are available to do this on weekends. The monster of all convoys though was about 5 hours one Sunday afternoon and this was right before our year lease was up . I believe this was a major push by them to make us move when our lease was up but they failed. I reasoned if we moved they would just follow again like they did from Beaverton, OR so we stayed.
     Another method that is very important to understand is when the East Indians set the times on the hour of the clock to use their attacks against me each day. It works like this. The Indians pick a time of when I do a certain action and match it to the minute of that hour the action occurred and will use that number and its half hour equivalent to make the attacks on me at those times each day. A common one they used was when I would come downstairs after waking up and they would know when I did this from what I have already explained above. Say I got up and came downstairs at 11:06 am. For that day :06 and :36 of each hour would be in play for attacks all day long and the Indians would hammer those all day long. In addition to those two times they would blend in attacks with their main numbers of (:12, :17, :22, :42, :47, :52) to set attacks. So on each hour they would attack on the new numbers of that day (:06, :36) and a few of the main numbers they always use everyday. They would set the two new times each day to whenever I came downstairs. The new times they set each day by one of my actions gives them the variety in the times of attack each day to avoid detection and while they will hit the :06 and :36 all day from the example above if someone in the outside world were to detect this pattern like why do loud cars go by only on these times all day long it gets changed the next day anyway. The East Indians need this variation of time for attacks each day to blend with the main numbers because if they only used the main numbers which never change it would become an easy detectable pattern to the outside world. I could have blunted this method somewhat if I had started coming downstairs at one of their main times everyday and the East Indians would not be able to set new times for each day. Once they have trained you on this technique through lots of repetition they can vary up the action they choose that the victim does each day to set new times. Other common actions used to set times for each day was when coming home from being out, the time you got home and its half an hour counterpart on the other side of the clock were used. Sitting in the chair I use in the living room was another one of the Indians favorite times to use and still is today.
     The airplanes came next in about March 2009 slowly but surely. I am not talking about the passenger jet liners high over head but the lower flying propeller driven airplanes. I started noticing when I went downstairs late at night I would hear an airplane sputtering around at the East Indians main times on the clock. This went on for a while until one day I saw an airplane flying rather low out the window in my living room window I look out of all the time. Of course it was at one of the main Indian times and I had never seen an airplane fly that low in the 9 months I had been looking out that window. This kept up for a while and I would see this same type of thing a few times more until it started to get a lot more aggressive. Then one week in the spring something amazing happened and the traffic on the street at night for the whole week disappeared completely and I mean nothing. It was replaced with an airplane diving at all the Indian main times they use to harass me all week long like up to 8 times at night. So, if you follow the logic of this, it means the street has very little natural traffic at night and most traffic before this time was the Indians or their allies ( I have described their techniques above). I already knew this but I make the point for the reader to understand. Ever since then the airplane attacks have been consistent and aggressive and the early mornings from around 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. are a very common time. There are at least two airplanes involved that I have seen. For weeks the Indians would wake me up right before the Indian main times which would be followed immediately by the diving of an airplane on the main Indian times over the neighborhood like several times a morning. How can they wake me up at at those times I do not know but they did it in Beaverton as well. They still come every morning now but the Indians use a combination of techniques like when I use the bathroom they will buzz the house the following half hour, entire hour afterward or even two hours afterward. Also, the 12,17, 22 minutes after I use the bathroom will be used to buzz the house. The attacks happen in the evening as well and go into the late evening but at a much less frequent pace. In the mornings they know if I am sleeping or not by my snoring and their constant monitoring of our house. They now mix these airplane attacks in combination with all the other types I have mentioned before.
     I wonder what the people that still live in this neighborhood today before me and all the East Indians moved in must be wondering why all these planes buzz their houses every morning because I am sure it did not happen before. Same thing with the convoys I mentioned above and the people must be wondering what all these odd traffic patterns are about. Most people are caught up in their everyday lives to notice and probably don't put too much thought in it because they don't know what the real story is behind it.
     I watch the San Diego Padres baseball games everyday of the season and the East Indians learned this by listening through my wall everyday in Beaverton, OR. This will be an excellent example of how the East Indians incrementally teach you to the ways of their techniques and slowly expand them so they can mess with you all kinds of ways. Let me say at this point, the longer that the stalking and harassment have continued ( two and a half years now) the better and quicker I have been able to see all the methods and patterns they do. The East Indians know that I know this as well otherwise they would not be so fanatical and relentless in carrying out their attacks against me without the knowledge that they are having a high success rate. Watching baseball in Vancouver consisted of the loud drive by of a car at the first pitch of each Padre game and the same thing at the conclusion of each game. This lasted for like a month or more and this was to show me that the East Indians know what's going on in my house.(some sort of audio surveillance). After this the airplane took over the buzzing of the beginning and endings of Padres games for like another month before moving on to different parts of the games. I try to ignore this stuff as much as possible but the Indians do it so much you cant not know it after a while. This next trick of theirs took me a while to understand because the plane kept coming back with several passes in the early parts and or the middle parts of the games. Towards the end of the season and on into the World Series I figured it out. In the first , second, fourth, or fifth inning of each game, the scoreboard on the TV screen was used as a source for the attacks. Let me explain. Say it is the first inning of a game with two outs then that makes a "1" at the top of the scoreboard for first inning and a "2" under it for two outs which makes a "12" and is one of the Indians main numbers. So, the second inning, two outs make a "22" , fourth inning two outs make "42", and fifth inning two outs make"52" which are all Indian main times. Also, there is a top and bottom to each of those innings which makes 8 chances a game to attack. Once I figured out what the East Indians were doing it was a match of the plane buzzing the house every time during the game one of these innings with two outs would occur. The innings mentioned with two outs above could and would be used for an opportunity for an attack. The plane would buzz the house 3 or 4 times a game at these times when the conditions above were met in the game and they were also blended in with attacks at the regular Indian times. So, now I knew they were messing with me like this and football season was coming. I did not know what these attacks during football games would be but this is what I have discovered so far. The plane has been buzzing the house at the "12" minute mark (12:00 to 12:59 in seconds)during that minute for all four quarters. Also "17" (one of their numbers) which is a common football score has been used. When a team is about to kick a field goal to make 17, the airplane buzzes the house right before the kick. Right before other scores that will make an Indian number have also been used to buzz the house. They have also been buzzing me when the football is on the 12, 17, 22, 42, or 47 yard line at the beginning of the play during the game.
     The East Indians also use their children in attacks or to hide behind as mentioned above. When I was in my room in the summer they would send a three year old on a scooter (which has a very distinct sound) trained to come down the street and stop across the street from me on the Indian main times and then go back to the East Indian house. This would go on for hours in the early evening. Then they switched this kid to a new house right around the corner on my side of the street and the same thing happened. This kid would stop right in front of my house on these main Indian times and then go back to the East Indian house on my side of the street over and over again. Another kid they put into action was about a 12 year old boy who would bounce a basketball or would do a phony type hollering on the Indian main times. These were mixed in with all other type attacks. Also, when I would go upstairs in to my room in the afternoon in summer, the scooter or the kid would make their appropriate sounds like within a minute of me getting into my room(another demonstration of the Indians always knowing where and what I was always doing in my house) before going to the pattern of using the main Indian times the rest of the evening as mentioned above. Another thing the East Indians would do is shine their cars up real good which totally reflected light all over the inside of my house as they drove by. I only saw this happen on the Indian times they used to harass me throughout the summer.
     For three weeks in a row in August 2009 I went to Fred Meyers and I was met at the door by a person talking on a cell phone who had been involved in an attack on me in the past. The first time was as I was approaching the front door an East Indian woman talking on a cell phone came out right before I got there at the entrance. She and some man had previously had honked at me rushed up behind me at a gas station earlier in the summer. The second time, I was coming out the Fred Meyers when the black kid with a cell phone who lives behind me was conveniently going into the store. He had blocked me on my street with his car when I came home on the Fourth of July. I did not slow down for him though and pulled up on him real fast and he backed down quickly as I then went around him slowly in the middle of the street as the rest as his family stared at me from the sidewalk as I went by. The third incident was the white boy from the restaurant incident mentioned above from practically a year before just happened to be walking in the door using a cell phone as I was coming out.
     My girlfriend is also a victim of the East Indian's harassment even if it is only a small fraction of what I get. The East Indians like to sneak up on her in stores so when she turns around they are right in her face. We have learned to work together very well at this point to combat problems in our household caused by this stalking. I have protected her as much as possible by never telling her of how the East Indians methods work in detail but she knows of the constant harassment. If you don't know the rules to their methods it cant hurt you and it will seem like normal outside activity but it is all coming out now in this report.
     I wish I had gone to the police and FBI much sooner but there is no way I could have known what I was in for the last two and a half years of my life. Good people can not understand how sick and evil these Indians are and how driven they are to commit this evil. I know I sure did not know about these types of crimes since I had never heard of group stalking before and I don't think the general public knows much about it either. I worry about this group of East Indians and what they might do to me, my girlfriend or her son. Any group this demented is capable of doing just about anything at anytime to us and this is now how I live my life day to day knowing that fact. Its hard to relate this story to others because you have to live it to really understand it and only another victim of this type of stalking can truly understand.
     In final, I would like to say that I have been very honest in what has happened in my life for the last two and a half years and would be more than happy for any police agency to give me a lie detector test about the information in this report. I will pass with high marks. I do not think the East Indians will make the same offer.


      When I started writing the report above I did not even know what the term group stalking meant. I was a victim of this crime but I did not know what to call what I had been through up until that point except harassment. In the two weeks it took me to organize my thoughts and my experiences and write the report that went to the authorities I learned what group stalking was and have been researching the topic on the Internet ever since. I have learned a great deal already and it has helped me understand some of my previous experiences with the East Indians that I did not understand at the time. I mentioned in the report above that I did not understand why other people of different races would just follow in line against me with what the Indians wanted without even knowing me. I now believe I know why that is but it is pure speculation on my part.   I mentioned in the report that one time I was walking through the parking lot to go into Target  in Vancouver and one of the original Indian girls I made a face at got in front of me by about 5 yards or so and we both walked into the Target that same distance apart. I thought that what she did was odd at the time but I knew from my experiences with the East Indians that it was not random even though I did not understand why she did that at the time. I think the East Indians were trying to frame me to make it look like I was following this girl or harassing her and I was probably filmed as we both went in the store. In reality, I was just walking into Target and she got in front of me and that is all there was to that incident. I imagine the East Indians took this film to some civil rights group and started telling them all about what a bad guy I was and showed the film to them making it look like I was the one causing problems and harassing her. So I believe this is how the East Indians rallied people of other races to their cause to come out to the stores I go to and harass me by showing them this set up in the film which was just not true. This happened in about late September 2008 and I started having these odd occurrences with people other than East Indians in November 2008 so it kind of fits the time line of events rather well. I also had another experience that I think I was probably being filmed to make it look like I was following this other East Indian man. On two different occasions I had seen this East Indian man standing outside the entrance to Fred Meyers as I went in through the entrance. I think he was there to bait me again while I was more than likely being filmed again to see if they could catch me trying to do something. All I did was just walk past him and went into the store. This third time though (August 2009) was when I was already in the store right where I turn onto the main front aisle in back of the cash registers. Right before I make the turn here comes the same East Indian man from before and he cuts right across my path as I make the turn and now I am in back of him as we walk down the aisle together. He was carrying this bag which I could see with stuff hanging out of it and letting it hang very low which looked very odd and out of place to me. I now think there was probably a camera in that bag filming backwards and again trying to make it look like I was following or harassing him. Again, totally untrue but I want to make the point that I think the East Indians tried to set me up to look like I was doing something wrong. All that really happened though is that I went down the aisle a ways with him sort of in front of me and off to the side a bit and then I turned right into an aisle to do my shopping. I don't know how long Fred Meyers keeps their surveillance tapes but the tape would totally back my side of the story up of what really happened if this East Indian man ever accuses me of anything. From my research on the Internet, this is a common tactic the stalkers will use to try and frame a person with these types of events to rally others to their cause by making the target look guilty of something that is not true. I am now on guard if they try this against me in the future and will not let it happen.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Purpose of my Blog

 I created this blog to raise awareness about a serious crime called organized group stalking that is being perpetrated in my case by the U.S. Government's Intelligence Agencies. They work with crime groups and police watch group members for illegal and unfounded non stop surveillance and harassment against me.  I am not the only victim of this crime and this is happening to many other innocent American citizens across the country.  In my case the harassment was originally orchestrated against me as a revenge type group stalking by East Indians for an insignificant encounter I had at my apartment complex.  I had been stalked by many in the East Indian community for three years in the Portland OR/Vancouver WA metropolitan area before I went to the police and then the situation changed.  After this, the East Indians went away but then members of the other races (mostly white) got involved in my stalking which eventually led me to realize something much more was going on against me than I understood at that time but that the government was indeed behind it.  It is all a very complicated matter with a lot more to the story which can be read throughout the posts on my blog  but I now know that this East Indian group is actually just one group of many crime groups the U.S. Government works with to stalk American citizens. While the exact reasons for this stalking programs existence remains unknown because it is officially denied and carried out covertly from public scrutiny,  the real reasons behind it point to corruption in the out of control security state America has become since the 9/11 attacks and even illegal human experimentation may be at the heart of it.  I have broken no laws nor do I have a criminal record so there is no justification to these stalkings which are totally illegal.  Most others experiencing this crime also claim to be innocent of any wrong doings.  I hope to achieve three things with this blog. The first is to expose all the East Indians and others engaging in these illegal organized stalkings for the criminals that they are along with the illegal government program behind it that runs these stalking groups. The second is to educate the general public about the existence and seriousness of this type of crime, and the third would be for information and support for other targeted individuals who come across this blog.  I can only relate my own experiences, research and opinions in this matter from what I have gone through the last six years with this illegal stalking against me in hopes of others learning from it.  The whole situation is a real threat to every Americans' rights to freedom under the Constitution so it is in everyone's best interest to expose this and take action against it.  I have now documented my story in the police report on my blog and continue doing so with ongoing posts about this crime for everyone to learn from them.  Truth has a way of ringing out loud and clear so if I stay steady in my course over time then I am confident I will succeed in all three of my goals for this blog.
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