Saturday, May 14, 2011

Selection of Targets by the Government- Is It Just Corruption or Is It More?

   I have come to believe that the answer behind organized stalking is a combination of political corruption first and then possibly scientific study second.  I think if the answer is simple corruption then the story behind it is still very convoluted.  It would be that federal contractors are being used by the intelligence agencies to organize these crime groups and training them to stalk people to make money. How do they do this? First, they need "bad guys" to chase around and make it look like they are actually doing something of value while they rip off the government for millions of dollars.  Since they need "bad guys" continuously to make money,  targets will remain the bad guys indefinitely regardless of their circumstances. The government administrators in charge of these programs maintain their power base through the bloat in their budgets not needed and abuse this power to go after anyone they want all under the largely fabricated and pressing need to stop terrorism.  I do not think they care one way or another about the innocence of individuals or real threats to consider as long as they can maintain the power base they created for themselves.  Its all the same to them.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely as the saying goes.  These corrupt contractors stay fat and happy as well with lots of money for doing nothing but harassing innocent people and I am sure they provide lots of bogus information about the target to the government to keep this illegal stalking crap ongoing against targets.  I am sure they fuel the lies that targets present some type of danger but it is total bullshit.  So everyone stays paid and happy but the poor targeted individual who has to hold on for dear life at the hands of maniacs running these stalking operations against innocent citizens. Its no different than drug companies pushing their pills on patients for every possible problem under the sun regardless if they are even safe or really needed.  Remember, pharmaceutical companies do not make nearly as much money if they cure you permanently of something instead of indefinitely treating you.  They would much rather keep you on pills forever that may or may not really help you rather than treating you permanently. They really do not care as long as they are making lots of money which they do. Security is no different.  If there are no real threats present then they have to be invented to keep the money coming in to the intelligence agencies budget and so you have the "phony war on terror".  Not that real threats do not exist from the Middle East and elsewhere but it is not nearly as serious as the government makes it out to be but being the power hungry pigs they are, they keep the subterfuge flowing so as to keep as much money coming in as possible at the expense of the American taxpayers.  I think the government has more than enough money already to do an adequate job for national security now but phony new threats have to keep being invented to keep the money spigots flowing.  It keeps the state control apparatus ever growing and far reaching into things it really has no business being involved in like prying deeply into innocent people's lives for no just reason. This is one of capitalisms main failures when ethics are taken out of the equation which is the model that just about everything seems to run under these days.  When problems are invented for services not really needed or very overstated then corruption has set in and this happens all the time in government as we all know. The problem is a lot worse than just wasting money from the public coffers though because people are being hurt and killed by this system. I find this answer to how ongoing organized stalking occurs unchecked against innocent people to be very believable especially for targets who are only experiencing the stalking tactics against them.  For the targets experiencing more than the organized stalking tactics like mind and energy weapons then it probably has more to do with human experimentation but I believe the segment of targets that believe they are only experiencing the stalking tactics are also part of the mind control experimentation as well.  Targets subjected to the stalking everyday are definitely conditioned to a new set of life rules that regular folks do not have to deal with or even understand.  The underlying message to the target is that their life is not their own anymore when they are conditioned to believe they are under a perceived constant scrutiny.  That is a form of mind control in itself so the targets experiencing this can not really be separated from targets receiving more extreme forms of mind control technology.  If the stalking is purely a social control mechanism only and targets are harassed because of corruption then the assumption should be made that targets are subjectively chosen because of political reasons and not selected for a specific reason as it pertains to mind control testing and study.   I do not know if this segment of targets is really being experimented on in the sense of a clinical study because I think the government already has a good idea of what it will accomplish. Organized stalking is already a tried and true method from the past so I doubt the clinical data it creates is the main purpose behind it but I am sure it is still documented non the less.  Most people being stalked seem to share the qualities of having independent thinking, intelligence, speaking their mind being truthful and honest.  As you can see they are qualities that are the natural enemies against the criminals that wield power in our government and intelligence agencies.  These criminals operate on lies, deceit, misinformation and misdirection so its easy to understand why targets with these good qualities are targeted.  These days its not even if you have done anything wrong but merely having these good characteristics above makes you a target automatically because of something you might do against them someday.  The fact that targets are being slandered as mentally ill and marginalized when they seek help, being tempted to act with violence against their stalkers in hopes they will be put in jail,  and actually being killed because of this system does not foretell people being gathered together for on going mind experimentation but does for political enemies to be neutralized.  There does appear to be different stages of the stalking operation against the target and I am starting to believe if the target is not weeded out in the first couple of years of their stalking due to the reasons above then it puts them in a pool of targets for possibly more advanced experimentation.  It is a kind of  mental survival of the fittest that qualifies a target for further research. Since the target has been carefully molded and prepared by the brainwashing for several years that probably makes them more prone to the long term phases of the experiment whatever that may be. The fact that a lot of targets claim not to experience the more advanced mind and energy weapons until several years into their stalking gives some weight to my argument.  Another goal or possibly even the main goal of the government organized stalking program in my opinion is that it is being used to send a message to the public about what is coming in the near future.  I think targets are being allowed to get their message out to the public about their stories because it is being used as a tool for control of the population. It is getting to the point where organized stalking is not the secret crime it has been anymore so I think this is being allowed in the open to let the general public know this is what can happen to them if they go up against this ever evolving new Fascist government that is steadily being put into place. The fact that this wicked and out of control government stalking program already exists without public knowledge or controls where people are being tortured daily and no one is doing anything to help them sends a powerful message to the masses that will scare them as it should. It will keep most people complacent through fear just like it was designed to do and just the way the government likes it.  It is a propagandized threat to the public for what happens to dissenters against the system. Most people do not have the moral courage to go up against the system anyway so the underlying message will suffice to keep most people in check.  You could say the whole program is a mass mind control technique implemented at the expense of targets lives. The program sacrifices the lives of a couple thousand targets making them spread the word to the rest of the country about the new rules for Americans if you oppose the Fascist regime being put into place. Most people can not even fathom something this awful exists in a Western Society because they have been coddled their whole life about the existence of their freedom and rights. It is all a smoke screen that will be lifted before their eyes once the general public gets the real story of what is going on in this country and that criminals are in charge of a large part of the government and have been for quite a while now.
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