Friday, January 21, 2011

Former High Ranking FBI Official Admits Organized Stalking is Real

 I cut and pasted the information below from a comment by McToast from a forum on the website.  He did such a good job of organizing it and commenting on it to make it easier for others to get the information that I thought I would pass it along.

Post from McToast below :

I found this youtube video on a friends forum.  it is a former FBI Division Chief, Ted Gunderson. 
His title was FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION SENIOR SPECIAL AGENT IN CHARGE of the Memphis, Dallas and Los Angeles Offices.
Ted at one point had 100's of FBI agents working under him.
He admits that organized stalking is real and that he is a TARGET. It does not get much more credible.

His video from 2007 - Illuminati Infiltration of F.B.I.-Ted Gunderson 1/4 -2 -3 -4

Please watch all 4 segments, or I listed some times below to look for if you don't have time to watch.

Some points to look for -

"thousands of victims that have been targeted by an illegal U.S. Government rogue enterprise that is active 24 hours a day
within the United States"... "these programs are financed by illegal black operations, i.e., drugs, prostitution, gambling, kidnapping children who are auctioned off as sex slaves."  Video 3/4 11:40 to 12:40

At one point he describes being a target of "gang stalking" Video 4/4 4:25-4:30

Mr Gunderson claims to be a target of Organized Stalking.  He even goes into details of some of the shit they have pulled on him.  And if that is not credible enough, his webmaster Clarence Malcolm, the guy that runs Ted's website, has been FACTUALLY poisoned by uranium 235 contamination.  Uranium 235 is radioactive and only accessible by the military, and is used in high level assassinations because it makes people appear ill before they die. No standard blood tests will test for this type of poisoning, so unless Ted had been quick thinking his webmaster would have died.  Side note, Ted is currently in the hospital after cancer and an organ failure, so pray for him.
More Below!!!

The below text I copied from an article.
 "In a recent symposium on the Gulf Coast and 9/11 disasters, Gunderson went into further details about gang stalking. Through his 30 years of experience and research, in addition to nearly as much time in the FBI, Gunderson lays down the framework of gang stalking in the U.S. He states it is an illegal black-ops program of military intelligence, CIA and FBI that makes COINTELPRO of his day look like Sunday school. Throughout the U.S. operating 24/7 there is a Central Command, located in the U.S., with multiple satellite offices whose administrators can instantly initiate surveillance, phone taps, and harassment. They have the technology, government funding and manpower to dispense against anyone at any time! Gunderson has files on the program and thousands of case studies on individuals he calls "targeted". This is the truth about illegal government gang stalking from the mouth of a top ranking career FBI Chief with thirty years experience in the Bureau. See below link at 7:20 to 9:45.
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