Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Basis for Organized Stalking

    I think of the overall organized stalking activity in this country only a small percentage originates from the government exerting control over certain segments of the population.  The shadow government or New World Order crowd if you prefer have handlers now at the neighborhood level picking out the new targets to persecute that will not conform to their plans of a one world socialist dictatorship.  I was minding my own business before this all came crashing down into my life.  Its not like I was some radical activist or trouble maker before this occurred.  I do speak my mind and have no fear of speaking the truth like telling people our government is being run by criminals.  Like myself, a lot of these other chosen targets are people of integrity that have good morals and character, they also speak the truth, have intelligence and are compassionate. They also are independent minded enough to not go along with the crowd if it is not the ethical choice to do so.  These targets have nothing to do with being criminals, un-American or terrorists but are simple dissenters to the criminals that run our government.  This is the threat we present to them and the basis for our stalking and why we were put on the watch list because we are decent honest people unlike the government officials after us. 
     After you have been put this black list then you are thrown to the wolves which means as a victim you can be subjected to just about anything.  Being stalked constantly is having psychological warfare waged against you non stop.  It can still get worse from this point. Even though I have had no personal experience with it myself,  I thought I would mention that there is a portion of stalking victims experiencing more than regular stalking tactics and it involves energy and mind control weapons.   These are the victims of even more vicious military type weapons experimentation.  These targets claim that their stalking involves energy weapons being directed at them in their homes that cause burning pain through excessive heat on different parts of their body and devices that can make a person hear voices and sounds in their head. It is called voice to skull technology or V2K for short.  Their claims are that these weapons work through walls at a distance so the victims can be attacked remotely and there is little to shield oneself from these attacks. While it sounds outlandish at first, if you follow anything the military is working on or follow past claims of what they have already accomplished you will quickly find that there is a basis in science for these devices that exist right now that are capable of these things or something very close to it.  Besides, the military industrial complex is always at least 20 years advanced ahead in all these technologies from what is publicly made available to scrutinize.  Where do you think all these billions of dollars go each year into these black budget projects the Pentagon and National Security Agencies have that the public has no idea about?  So, the military,CIA and FBI have all these fantastic energy and mind weapons they have got their hands on and want to use on people but the problem is that they can not be used or experimented with ethically.  The military and agencies want feedback on how these weapons work on targets who are unaware of why and what they are being targeted with to see the long term effects it has on them both mentally and physically.  These are slow torture/kill weapons so even though some of these weapons can cause death or physical damage little by little the primary reason for them is the psychological damage done to control or influence a target.  I think that rogue elements in the military and intelligence agencies have no problem carrying out the targeting of innocent people to gain information on how these weapons affect people and will stop for no one.  The experimentation is therefore done covertly against victims just like the targets claim.  There have been many historical instances already documented of the U.S. Government experimenting illegally on people unknown to them.  Look up the Tuskegee syphilis experiment and the withholding of proper treatment to study the long term effects of the disease had on the unwilling victims.  The latest case exposed just recently was again syphilis given to unknowing Guatemalan prisoners for study.  I find experimentation with these energy and mind control weapons today as completely believable based on historical events of the past targeting of innocent civilians with disease and the general lack of ethics practiced by large powerful organizations and governments that are accountable to no one.  These weapons today are just modern examples of this same unethical type of targeting of innocent people from the past that has always persisted.  For these reasons, I believe there is truth to these accusations from some targets claiming to be experiencing these nefarious energy and mind weapons.
     To end, all of this has to do with controlling the population for the new worldwide dictatorship that is coming.  We, as chosen targets are the first wave the New World Order has come after but eventually everyone will be subjected to this if you do not go along willingly with their plan.  Everyone will be under a yoke of tyranny like the world has never seen.

Monday, December 6, 2010

First of its Kind

Billboard in Milwaukee, WI  (JAN 2011)
This is the first known billboard ever to raise the awareness on the topic of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment that first went up in Milwaukee, WI in December 2010. The link goes to the press release about the event.    http://www.prweb.com/pdfdownload/4881944.pdf 

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