Saturday, January 15, 2011

Monitoring America-- The Washington Post

Here is a good but incomplete story from the Washington Post on the surveillance police state that we live in today in America.

Unfortunately,  the story omitted the most important part of the untold story which is that the government is doing a lot more worse illegal things than just monitoring people.  The story does not cover how most of these innocent people on this Guardian database list are being mercilessly psychologically tortured or even being exposed to electronic harassment weapons each day from the underlings in these stalker groups under control by our American National Intelligence  Agencies.  The story even claims these people have done nothing wrong or been charged with anything.  This certainly applies to my situation as well. The story mentions a guy taking pictures of a Fire Boat and a Ferry Boat in Orange county as being suspicious behavior and then is targeted for surveillance and probably a whole lot more than he bargained for which is very similar to what happened to me.  I watched trains at train stations for long periods of time and I also like industrial parts of cities that the railroads serve.  I have spent time in these types of areas all across the country taking pictures of these things or just driving around them because it interests me.  This is a very common hobby that many other railroad enthusiasts partake in   everyday across this country.  One day around the Spring of 2006, I did see that I caught the eye of some undercover person and my life changed from that day on considerably for the worse.  It started out slowly and took another 15 more months for me to experience and realize that  harassment had started against me.  Later, I figured out I had been under surveillance the whole time since at least the Spring of 2006 but I did not know it at the time.  The harassment was orchestrated against me in a very deceptive way which led me astray of who was really behind it which was the American National Intelligence Agencies.  I was led to believe that it was some sort of racial retaliation by East Indians for some insignificant act on my part at my apartment complex in the Spring of 2007. I experienced these East Indians harassing me through organized stalking tactics for the next two and a half years until I slowly realized the East Indians were just one criminal group the government uses among many to illegally harass innocent Americans.  My story is complicated and the rest of the many details to it can be read in the other posts on my blog but I am still subjected daily to psychological harassment since the summer of 2007 which equates to mental torture over the long run for those people that really cant understand the ordeal targets have to go through everyday.  They have been monitoring me close to at least five years now by my estimation and they know I am not involved with terrorism or illegal activity in any manner whatsoever but they still let their stalker trash cretins harass me non stop everyday.  The question then arises to why is that being allowed to happen against innocent people.  The answer is that it really has nothing to do with me taking pictures or the suspicion it might have initially caused but more to do with some type of political neutralization or some kind of illegal non consensual humane experimentation going on.  There is plenty of historical precedent already set by the U.S. Government for both these types of actions against its own people from the past.  When they pried into my life they did not find any illegal activity whatsoever but they did find out about my political views  by probably listening to my phone conversations and reading my emails. They learned that I speak my mind and I have no problem stating the fact that criminals run our government and have for a long time.  I always seek and speak the truth about our government and call them out on all their unlawful dealings which are many. This poses a threat to them and what I believe is one of their motivations to neutralize me.  For the illegal experimentation part of it I can not really say why it is happening other than it seems that once you are black listed by the government then you become a throw away American citizen opening you up to all kinds of malfeasance by government employees or their contractors who have a need to carry out unethical experiments that would never be allowed under the law in a normal situation.  In essence you become a lab rat for them to do what they want to do to you with their remote technologies and psychological torture techniques.         


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