Monday, June 23, 2014

What You Need To Know

    I thought I would write some things that a targeted individual should be aware about the stalking program that has been unleashed upon them from my observations and experiences as a stalking victim by the U.S. Government myself for 8 years. This deals only with the psychological aspects of being stalked and does not cover the possible electro magnetic weapons that some victims claim to experience.  A long time targeted individual can attest to most of what I say is true but people in the earlier years of their stalking still may not be aware of a lot of it and what is to come in their future. I believe most of the stalking involves going after dissenters of the standing government which today means people that believe in the Constitution, Bill of Rights and in general the rule of law.  This makes you an enemy of the Government of the United States of America these days especially if you are outspoken about their criminality in just about everything they do.  While there is illegal experimentation going on against a subset of targeted individuals I believe the vast amount of government stalking is occurring to crush good people who will never go along with their tyranny.  As an experienced stalked individual, I understand that the program would be run against these experimentees just the same as I have encountered except I have never knowingly experienced any physical mind control technologies or electro magnetic weapons used against me but certainly psychological control methodologies have been used.
     The first thing you will quickly learn is that you are put in potential to be under constant observation which is mostly true almost non stop for the first 4-5 years which means everything you say in your home (without precautions) can be heard and recorded.  This also means all of your phone calls, plus all your emails, texts etc. are being recorded. Understand also that this means they have full access to everything on your computer and all programs on it which they can open up and use when you are away. They can see in real time what you are looking at on your computer and TV and they will show you this fact through their harassment in relation to these things in later years of your stalking.  Since the harassment is very heavy for at least 3 years you can assume someone is paying close attention to everything you do.
     The NSA spying scandal that came out in the summer 2013 has now verified this as true that everyone's data is being collected but what sets you, as a government stalking victim, apart from all the other citizens is that someone is actually paying attention to everything you say, write or read and keeping an active updated file on you recording everything you do.  This is not true of many of the other millions of citizens even though the government has a back log of a lot of these peoples' info as well and could stalk them anytime at will too. You have been set aside for special attention and harassment.  The main person in charge of your personal harassment regime is called your handler and all the information taken from you is used to harass you. So, what you need to learn is when you show a great deal of anger, fear, or depression about some situation or have preconceived ideas or prejudices about anything your handler will weave this into your harassment sooner or later.  They will always try to use this information to undermine you with psychological attacks.  Remember, the handler and stalkers already know from the out set where you the victim are in the dark is your stalking campaign against you is going to go on for many many years.  Never forget, everything you say and do is being recorded even from years back.  Once you realize this though you can use disinformation in your conversations with others or in emails to send your handler down the rabbit hole for a change. Its quite comical to see how your own disinfo comes back to you through various means and it gives you a good idea of how the stalking campaign is being run against you.  False drama in you home is even better with staged false anger outbursts about certain things to throw your handler off from time to time. I even keep my wife in the dark about these outbursts to sell it authentically.  I call it living room theater.  Do not go over board with these techniques against your handler as it will be obvious. Keep in mind this is a long war and you should control what false messages you send by thinking in terms of years.  Your handler can only go by what you say or write and they certainly can never understand the nuances of your beliefs for each situation of your life unless you explain yourself out loud in great detail which most people do not do. The low quality of their psyche attacks against me from what I have said has shown to me this is true.  Its like they are fishing for a reaction using basic fear techniques that applies to all humans because they don't know what really works on me and it shows they really don't understand me even after all these years because I learned not to give myself away.  This is actually good news because it shows this is really just a generalized harassment game plan and not so much about me directly.  Remember, their number one game is to make you feel violated and invaded on all levels of your life but a lot of it is just modern day tricks of their trade that they can access your personal information and cater it to your harassment to make you feel victimized.  You will be made to feel and believe that this is all solely about you and your harassment will reinforce these ideas but it is still just a general government oppression program being used on many people so you are not alone.  This will cause a great deal of discomfort knowing all of your privacy has been ripped away from you but I promise you can work through it and you will get used to it.  Stay strong and you can become immune to all of the psychological crap they throw at you eventually. Since these techniques are very time consuming over the long run they will use them less and less on you because remember they have many others to harass and they cant spend endless time on you for ever but they will hammer you hard for at least a good three years so you sure and hell wont forget.  I am sorry to say it does not end there but the program does change in nature against you as the years progress and transitions from a more direct in your face type of stalking into something more tolerable.  The frequency per day of the attacks will go way down over time but they will still be present almost every day.
    You will have to come to realize your stalkers have the ability to know where you are in your house at all times and even when you move to different parts of the house they will show you just how quick they are aware of that new information through their stalking attacks to let you know they know.  While a lot of the stalking techniques used against you in your home could be done through audio listening devices only and more passive direct observation through your windows especially at night, it is very labor intensive to do this over the long run so I believe there has to be technological automation involved in this. I believe either cameras, imaging technology or sensors are being used with computer monitoring to alert and show them where you are in real time.  While I do not know they can really see you as a total fact like a camera, using some automation technology makes a lot of sense considering the time and effort involved to constantly stalk you in your home especially in the early years of your stalking.  I believe a handler sits at a work station monitoring a victim in real time with sensors or whatever alerting them to your changing situation in your home.  They are the call player much like a coach on a football team but the handler's assets are a stalking team ready to play out the stalking order or instruction immediately to make their play a success.  I believe a lot the house monitoring comes from the small government prop planes that troll around the skys of all our metro areas 24 hours a day since 9/11 occurred and they orchestrate the local harassment against you.  They have lots of free time because they obviously have no real work to do so the government has enabled them to to harass innocent American citizens instead.  Most of the public is probably unaware of them but they are up there all the time whether they are harassing you or not.  Drones will be used for this in the future for monitoring if they are not already being used now across the country. So, you should understand now that there are these very proactive real time stalking techniques that are used almost non stop in the first couple years while at home but there are also the more passive techniques that do not require real time monitoring such as a general drive by or fly by to buzz the house at an assigned time. There are also many events that are planned out in advance for you like when you go to the store there are the street theater techniques but they are used against you in shopping stores and parking lots instead of your neighborhood.  As stated above, the nature of your stalking campaign waged against you will change from a very confrontational non stop frenzy to more and more subtle physiological attacks over the years.  The handler and planners have literally hundreds of ways to harass you that you are not even aware of yet and they will roll them out against you over time. Much of these subtler attacks will come through the use of popping sounds they can stimulate in electronics you use like the computer and watching TV.
     So knowing that you are watched this closely can be kind of stressful but it will pass with time as you get used to your new reality.  My best advice is just live your life as you always did and do not change your behavior for them or you will make yourself miserable because of it. I never changed anything I do in my home from a privacy stand point because I am an open and honest person so do not let them intimidate you into being ashamed from being yourself.  Remember, anything you do in you private life no matter how embarrassing you think it may be is nothing your stalkers do not do or experience themselves. It is human behavior and it is what it is so do not feel shame about it. One major exception to this rule is reacting to their various stalking attacks.  If they can see and hear you in your home then, you better learn not to show reactions to the daily attacks.  Learn to play the straight faced person in all situations and you will learn to control your reactions to their attacks anyplace at home or away which will serve you well in your long battle with this evil in your life. It is much like a poker game so be aware of your facial and body language. They will be looking for your tell ( gestures that give you away) if something bothers you or not so be aware of them.  Your own tells can be used to trick them back as well if you are aware of them and display them to fake them into believing you are being highly bothered by something they are doing when it really does not. Overall though, I would say that the best course of action is by showing no reactions to your stalkers because you deny the deviants their little fix they thrive on to harass you. Its like denying a junkie their next hit of smack.  You control them by depriving them of what they want and since you are also possibly being studied for mind control methods by your handler and the government you can deny feedback to them which makes you not a very good subject to study so be weary of what you say and do.  Resist them in this way and the less you say about what they do specifically and how it affects you personally the less they have to work with.  A very important thing to remember is that your handlers and stalkers are not the almighty, all knowing entity that knows everything about whats going on in your mind at all times.  You will read and be misled by disinformation in the TI community that they can read your mind anytime, anyplace remotely but I do not think this has been substantiated as truth one way or the other.  I do not feel this is true after 8 years in my experience but instead that a great deal of cataloging what you say and do in your life for years on end and sensitizing you to certain patterns is used to trick you into believing they can read your mind at will by weaving this information into their harassment techniques used against you.

Friday, January 3, 2014


A letter was published to the president in a Washington D.C. daily entertainment newspaper regarding organized stalking and the torture of U.S. citizens by the government.  The president is fully aware and knows about the information contained in the letter.  He and his duplicitous administration have been in full compliance with it from the beginning. The ongoing torture is just a carry over from the crimes set in place against the people by the Bush administration.  The letter should serve to shame him and his administration for the total disgrace of their conduct and traitorous behavior towards the American people.

The letter appeared in the Express magazine print edition from the July 16, 2013 on page 4.  It was published in this paper because it was all that the victims of this crime could afford to pay. Originally, it was meant for the Washington Post but the victims do not have a $110,000 to pay for a full page ad in that newspaper.

The letter is on page 4 of the July 16, 2013 print edition which is linked in the upper right hand corner.

Express (Washington D.C. daily)

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