Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Organized Stalking E-Book Link

This is a very good source of information on Organized Stalking called "Welcome to the World of the Targeted Individual" by Laurin Gallagher

Friday, October 1, 2010

My Ongoing Story Update- October 2010

So this is what I now believe to be true about my stalking almost three and a half years since the beginning.  I think my stalking now began in my last few months in California by the government because of the train station incident before I moved to Beaverton, OR.  It followed me up to Oregon where I was probably stalked lightly(probably all different races) up until the East Indians started stalking me big time a year later. I did not recognize this light stalking before at that point in time because I was not an aware target yet and I think I missed a lot of it but I now can think of several incidents from that period that could have been stalking related.  I think this East Indian stalking group has been involved with the government since the beginning and they do it for their own community needs as well and I will explain.  What I have learned is the government will pit against you whoever they think will get a rise out of you the most. This serves two purposes.  First they want to provoke you into violence so  they will send against you whoever they think you hate the most in hopes of you getting into trouble and jail time.  This takes you out of free society which is what they want.  Why they thought East Indians would bother me more than someone else I can only guess.  Its probably because I made the face at the Indian girl originally.  If they thought it would freak me out or something more than some other racial group then they did not do their homework very well because I worked with two East Indians very closely for 10 years at my last job and others in previous jobs before that.  We got along together just fine.  But since they pitted this East Indian group against me and made my stalking race based, I have no problem slagging on East Indians for it today.  They earned it and I would hate to disappoint them.  They are the most identifiable group to me as my stalkers and they wanted me to believe that it was race based in the first place so all is fair.  Second, by sending what they think your perceived enemies are after you serves to keep the victim distracted from realizing this is really a government orchestrated stalking group against you.   It worked well on me because I never thought the government was behind it for almost three years. In truth though these East Indians are just part of the larger network of government stalking groups that includes whites, blacks, Hispanics and Asians.  Its only over the last 8 months that I realized in my case all races are involved in this and were from the beginning but they were only sending East Indians after me for 2 plus years.   I discovered this because after I went to the police the East Indians went away and I started to be stalked mostly by whites and a few from the other races.   Since these East Indians scattered after I went to the police again shows they do fear the police.  They were easily identifiable as my stalkers in my largely white community so to  avoid getting caught they started to lay low when I started to draw everyones attention to their stalking campaign against me in the community. This is when the other races started to do the stalking.  Now, after about six months some of these East Indians are creeping back again mixed in with the other races stalking me besides whites.  From all of this, I have to draw the conclusion that the local police must not have a standing policy to let these stalkings occur otherwise the Indians would not have stopped stalking me at that point for fear of getting caught.  At the same time the police did not do much to stop it either so its up in the air how much the local police are involved in this matter in my opinion.  All these multi ethnic stalkers working together is just another piece of the puzzle that the national security agencies are behind all these illegal stalkings.  Only a government organization can have all these disparate minorities mixed with whites in these kinds of numbers working for the same cause.   I also have some evidence this East Indian group was stalking someone in my apartment complex a month before I even moved to Oregon where my stalking started in earnest a year later.  That tells me they were active before I showed up and this specific example I cite was probably a community based East Indian stalking and the government not involved in this case.  If I was to believe these East Indians just wanted me out of their apartment community in Oregon because I offended them then they would not have followed me over to Vancouver, WA.  The fact that they did now tells me that it was a large government based operation from the beginning but I sure did not know that at the time and I would not figure it out for almost 2 more years from that point.  Before I had found out what organized stalking was, I was led to believe this East Indian community solely was after me and they were to a point but the government was backing it all along.  I posited  once before I understood the government was involved that the Indians must be financed by some East Indians with money but I don't believe that too much anymore.   They would have to be footing this ongoing stalking campaign against me by supporting in my estimation at least six stalker houses in my neighborhood not to mention the ongoing bills of operating the airplanes harassing me and everything else.  Is this the way rich psychopaths spend their money and am I really worth all this money being spent against me?  Probably not, from private individuals.  Also, it never did make much sense to me because I never did anything to warrant such a reaction other than make a face at a girl but it was all I had to go on.  So in conclusion, who could be paying for all these pathetic losers to stalk me other than the deep pocketed government?  They have endless amounts of money that no one has to work for to get it in the first place(other than the taxpayers) or be accountable for it as well.  Today, that explanation makes a lot of sense to me and what I now believe to be the truth behind my stalking.
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