Monday, November 14, 2011

Worldwide Human Rights Group Launched to Address Abuses of Covert Technologies

The International Alliance Against Covert Electronic Abuse (IAACEA) was recently formed to address the issues of organized stalking and remote electronic assaults; technologies that may be surreptitiously charting the direction of the 21st century.

Cincinnati, Ohio (PRWEB) November 11, 2011
A sure sign of growth for an issue is when it reaches international proportions. Thus, on Friday, November 4, 2011, a very important international event happened: the start of a worldwide organization that is raising the issues of organized stalking and remote electronic assaults. It’s called the International Alliance Against Covert Electronic Abuse (IAACEA).
So far, advocates from 14 countries: Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Italy, UK, Spain, India, Japan, China, New Zealand, Malaysia, Morocco, as well as the United States have joined or are intent on joining the alliance.
“Our goal is to unite targeted individuals (TI´s) around the world and to encourage cooperation and exchange knowledge,” say Lars Drudgaard, from Denmark and moderator of the call.”
IAACEA is extended from of a Yahoo group currently of the same name. It contains a consortium of international organizations and individuals who have come together to address extreme human rights atrocities in their own countries and across the globe, which consist of the ultimate, most intimate violations possible: remote access and manipulation of the human mind and body via the use of covert technologies.
The technologies are the result of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) bioresearch which has been secretly occurring in the US and governments all over the world since around the 1950s and in some cases, much earlier.[
Participants share stories of how being targeted affects them and examine strategies for handling the added suffering and stress imposed on their lives. There are amazing similarities in spite of vast distances between group members. Some EMF effects may include: ringing in ears, sleep deprivation, extreme heating of skin, eye damage, migraine headaches, artificial telepathy (perceiving human voices transmitted to one’s mind), heart attacks, strokes, cancer, uncontrollable movements of limbs, difficulty breathing, nausea, extreme fatigue, plus the organized stalking scenarios that often accompany these crimes. [
“We’re learning from each other. We’re stronger together than apart. We’ve benefitted by cooperating and conversing with each other. It’s a win-win all the way around,” says Peter Rosenholm, from the United States and one of the originators of the group.
Organized stalking victim estimates in the United States number from about 500,000 to a million [ , while worldwide totals may reach as high as 30 million or more, according to estimates from a Russian researcher, as stated at one recent conference call.
English is the common language spoken at the meetings, which convene via the Skype interface on Fridays. Since there are representatives from all parts of the globe, start times vary for each participant by location; from 7 am on the west coast of the United States/10 am Eastern time to late afternoon in Europe to 10 or 11 pm in Asia to 3 am in New Zealand.
One of IAACEA's most important goals is recognition by the United Nations or another prestigious international organization so that its issues can be heard, validated and supported by a worldwide audience. Everyone involved tacitly acknowledges the importance of the cause and that individual freedoms for all humans on this planet are at imminently at risk.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Successful Sacramento 'Targeted Individuals' Meeting Aug 30, 2011

Below is a summary of Jesse Beltran 's TI meeting in his own words.  With over 80 attendees and several speakers this has to be one of the most successful targeted individual meetings ever held.  Thank you Jesse, for all your hard work.

Northern California Victims Meeting  

In co-operation with FFCHS and individuals working to help victims of Domestic Terrorism

Synopsis of meeting held in Davis California at the Veterans’ Memorial Community Center Theater

On August 30th 2011 a meeting was held in Northern California for the specific purposes of gathering signatures for a letter written to Senator Joe Simitian and to provide frequency scanning free of charge for any of the attendees.

The guest speakers were Doug Millar, Roger Tolces, Dr. Ed Spencer, Elizabeth Adams, and host Jesse Beltran.

Doug Millar is a private investigator and long time colleague of the late Ted Gunderson. Doug spoke about the history of human manipulation programs in the United States and the exposure of such programs by his dear friend Ted Gunderson the former F.B.I. agent in charge of the Los Angeles, Dallas and Memphis divisions. Doug touched on the fact that these crimes against people need to be addressed as “electronic domestic terrorism”. He believes it is more effective than using the label “targeted Individual”.

Roger Tolces was the next speaker. He is a 30-year private investigator who specializes in providing services to victims of electronic harassment. Roger was very informative. He did a question and answer session. He addressed the types of equipment he uses to detect RF transmissions and electromagnetic transmissions. He states that the technology has progressed to bio-coded directed energy; this means attacks can be DNA specific. This is how individuals
and groups of individuals can be easily targeted. Roger explained to the group different ways he helps victims build protection systems utilizing shielding technologies that he has  developed.

Dr. Ed Spencer is a neurologist who graduated from Yale School of medicine. Ed addressed issues regarding who is doing these crimes. He also addressed how the medical community would rather turn a blind eye and look to diagnose individuals as having a psychological disorder rather than deal with the truth. He emphasized the need to band together to fight these issues by finding a common ground and working towards that goal. Dr. Spencer has been a patriot by coming forth and having the courage to speak the truth, even though he faces scrutiny in the medical community. We thank him for his courage.

Elizabeth Adams from emphasized the importance of bringing others outside the victim community to our meetings to promote public awareness. She presented documentation on 31,700,000 individuals who have made websites regarding the subject of mind control programs. She provided information about legislation passed that prevents any mind control technologies being used in airspace over the City of Berkley California. Elizabeth pointed out that if we could have more turn out like this one, we would be more effective in fighting this type of terrorism in America.

Jesse Beltran the host of the event.

We had approximately 80 attendees which were comprised of victims, non-victims, media from the cable networks, public access networks, and a journalist. An  awesome turn out!

We addressed California Senate Bill 362 authored by Senator Joe Simitian. Senate Bill 362 makes it illegal for the non-consensual sub dermal transplantation of an RFID device on any human in the State of California. Violation of SB 362 is currently a misdemeanor and has a 3-year statute of limitation.

The letter addressed to Senator Joe Simitian, was signed by attendees at the meeting. The letter requests that violation of SB 362 be changed to a felony and that the 3-year statute of limitations be changed to indefinite to be equal to that of a capital murder case. In addition, a request was made that specific language be added to consider this type of crime a form of Domestic Terrorism.

We demonstrated how shielding works, and why individuals who come up positive on preliminary scans had to be tested in a Faraday Cage. We did this by building a miniature working model of a Faraday Cage. Demonstration worked perfectly as expected.

The highlight of the meeting was the preliminary RF scanning. Twenty-four people were tested. Thirteen came up positive for RF transmission. All findings were in the LF wave range. All scans documented by written documentation as well as having each test videotaped. For further understanding visit the link below:\

I would like to thank all who attended and those who helped to make this meeting a success! We have only just begun. We must continue to band together to hold those who commit this atrocity towards fellow human beings accountable. It does  not matter if you’re a private entity or affiliated with a public agency. This type of crime falls under Domestic Terrorism. You are either a Terrorist or Treasonist! There is no in between.

Jesse Beltran

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bioethics Commission Meeting 6 Update

An interesting turn of events occurred with the Bioethics Commission in the interim between  Meetings 4 & 5 and Meeting 6 on Aug 29-30, 2011.  Apparently, it got a little too hot for the Bioethics Commission that was hearing public testimony about all the current heinous crimes being committed against innocent American citizens at the hands of the U.S. Government. They ended up sending letters out to several hundred people that did not get to speak at these two previous Meetings 4 & 5 and it stated that they would take no more testimony from these torture victims at Meeting 6.  You can read the text of the letter for yourself at this link.

By not letting all these people give more testimony, I think there was definitely pressure from above to keep the cover up on going by not giving any more attention to this issue.

Aug. 29-30, 2011, in Washington, D.C.
This meeting occurred without the testimony as stated but the Bioethics Commission Chairwoman Dr. Amy Gutman and panel came out with statements concerning all illegal human test subjects should be compensated for their suffering.  Looks like they are devising a no fault against the perpetrators of these crimes and pay off the torture victims scheme.  The link to the Washington Post story is here.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Selection of Targets Beyond Corruption- Is it Scientific Study?

         If it is not blind corruption that got us into the predicament of being a target then I think it is fair to assume that we are not randomly chosen. We either represent a threat to be controlled or a resource to be developed and exploited because that is the only way military and intelligence types think. What other justification is there for torturing innocent people for many years on end other than illegal non consensual human experimentation? I do not believe any one target represents too much a threat on an individual level to them but represents certain types of people that might come together with characteristics that are always going to be a threat to those trying to over throw our Constitution and install an illegal new Fascist style government with non existent rights for the individual.  People who tell the truth and better yet, can see the real truth behind all the obfuscations by the government would fall into that category.  They are the ones deemed dangerous by the Establishment if they can not be made to fall into line of what the government has in store for us. The supposed threat to them is not even what you have done wrong yet but what you might do in the future that gets you put on the harassment list.  Evil always operates from a place of illegitimacy so those practicing it are quick to stomp out any opposition no matter how small or irrelevant because they know it could all come undone rather quickly if the real truth gets out to too many people about what they are trying to do.  The corrupt government bureaucrats know the plan to install a Fascist government would never pass the muster of the people in a truly free democracy but as it stands now the whole political process has been compromised.  They can not fight fair because they know they have zero integrity so they either coerce you to join or label you a threat.  Once presumed a threat by this crowd, then there is never any humanitarian or ethical concerns ever involved in their decision making process when they deal with people in this category. Hence, we have the organized stalking against thousands of innocent Americans today because of it.  These controlling types of people always exploit other human beings for their benefit one way or another and if they can not do that then they destroy them.  This is all they do and it never changes.
        Ultimately, all the stalking the American government does against its citizenry has to do with control.  Its always been about control and now along with the traditional methods of mind control they are trying to do it with developing remote mind control technology which I am sure is very advanced but highly classified so I do not speculate too much about what it can do because I really do not know.  No touch covert warfare is the wave of the future between the nations and also the control of a nation's population.  Killing people is a messy laborious business along with the costly destruction of property that goes with it as history has shown us.  Until the government wrests full control of everything, they can operate covertly like they are doing today to keep dissenters down. This new Fascist Government does not want millions of people rioting across the country and greatly disrupting the system through violence and bloodshed so they will never openly state they are going to take away everyones rights.  They will take away rights in small but steady steps like is happening today always playing to the fears of society like terrorism as a reason these rights have to be taken away.  But do not fear, it will all be OK because our government bureaucrats know what is best for us and they would never take advantage in this type of situation. (please note sarcasm)  This is why 9/11 was orchestrated for the American people so their rights of freedom could be taken away from them slowly but steadily through the Patriot act. It was passed at first to loosen restrictions on surveillance and once they got that going it made it easy for corruption to set in to harass and stalk anybody they wanted for any reason all done covertly from the public. This was no accident when this was implemented and it had all been planned for a long time.  They knew exactly what they were doing.  To avoid great civil unrest with the violence and destruction that goes along with it is the reason why I believe so much money, time and resources have already gone into developing these mind control technologies and will continue to do so. It is to control the important individuals in our government, foreign governments or independent minded individuals and dissenters that might bring about problems against the plans of the New World Order. The process is already well on its way today and targets are probably the last line of defiance for them to overcome.  We may represent the type of people that would be the hardest to influence and control so they are practicing on us and refining their technics.
      I think most targeted individuals are the type of person that are no nonsense truth seekers who tell it like it is and will not back down. We may be more difficult than average to influence with mind control technologies and we are now the challenge presented for the establishment to deal with us. Since targeted individuals may not be as susceptible to the typical mind control tactics used on the masses by the various mass media outlets today such as TV, certain Internet media and the print media, it is easier for us to see the truth.  For the rest, I think the mass media mind control has been very successful and  gone a long way to making your average citizen rather complacent when it comes to challenging the government. What the people behind the New World Order fear the most about the truth seers are that they have the ability to counter the mind control complacency that most people seem to be unaware of and the influence it has over them.  With the truth, these seers wield the power to wake up the masses to what is really happening in our society and the danger that this fast approaching tyranny will have on all people if it is not stopped dead in its tracks.  Since the American government runs on a great deal of lies, deception and deceit in most of its undertakings especially as it pertains to the intelligence agencies and military, it is natural that people who have the moral courage to confront these wrong doings and bring forth the truth against them for the rest of the people to see would be a threat.  Truth is power and the great equalizer to the evil and deceit behind the Establishment and their real agenda which has very little to do with the best interest of the people.
      If all of our targeting does have to do with scientific research and our ability to resist mind control, then all targets might share similar attributes that are not present to the eye but makes us connected in some way.  It could be genetics, or something like the way our brains process information like being introverted as opposed to extroverted.  I am only speculating and I am sure there a many factors involved that determines the way we are that they might be interested in looking at from our behavior, our environment or to the way are brains are structured.  As of now there is not much information about this available and I am only putting it out there for others to ponder on.  

Monday, July 18, 2011

American Torture Victims by the U.S. Government Give Testimony at President Obama's Bioethics Meetings

Full video for the entire conferences can be found at the links to the sessions below. The session link number provided on this page is where American citizens gave testimony about being tortured by the U.S. Government with electronic harassment and the organized stalking that goes along with it.

Meeting 4: Feb. 28-March 1, 2011, in Washington, D.C


Meeting 5: May 18-19, 2011, in New York, N.Y.  


An interesting turn of events occurred with the Bioethics Commission in the interim between these Meetings 4 & 5 above and Meeting 6 on Aug 29-30, 2011.  Apparently, it got a little too hot for the Bioethics Commission hearing public testimony about all the current heinous crimes being committed against innocent American citizens at the hands of the U.S. Government.  They sent letters out to the several hundred people who did not get to speak at these two previous meetings stating that they would take no more testimony from these torture victims at Meeting 6 and you can read the text for yourself at the link.

Since the rest were denied their opportunity to speak, it sure seems like there was pressure from above to keep the cover up on going by not letting anyone else to give testimony on this subject.

Aug. 29-30, 2011, in Washington, D.C.
This meeting occurred without the testimony as stated but the Bioethics Commission Chairwoman Amy Gutman and panel came out with statements concerning all illegal human test subjects should be compensated for their suffering.  Looks like they are devising a no fault against the perpetrators of these crimes and pay off the torture victims scheme.  The link to the Washington Post story is here.

Nov. 16-17, 2011, in Boston, Mass.
The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center
at Harvard Medical School
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, NRB 133

Here is an article about the meeting from February 2011.

Extreme human rights abuses through experimentation presented to Obama [1] (vid) - National Human Rights |

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beware of the Brainwash

Four years in, and I finally get the idea behind brainwashing and the stalking that accomplishes it.  For a long time I did not understand what was the purpose of the constant daily regime of harassment going on against me was about but I now know.  To brainwash someone you have to destroy their previously conceived reality about themselves and their life in the outside world.  Once this has been achieved along with the promotion of making the target feel isolated from their support system whether real or imagined opens them up for the new programming.  At this point, the target has been broken down from what they always thought they knew about how their life and the world around them worked.  For an American, the ideas of freedom  and personal rights of what you think, say and do are guaranteed under the Constitution. These rules or cultural values are instilled in Americans their entire life through the regular known institutions in society. What had passed as normal everyday life before and what they had always known and previously lived under are no longer present.  In this new distressed state caused by the mismatch from previously conceived ideas about what their life was and what it has now become, the target becomes malleable to their handlers or the ones attempting to reprogram them.  In this susceptible state the target is more impressionable to new ideas to be implanted into their new found reality from outside influences since it has been shown to them that the rules that pertained to their old life were not as immutable as they thought.  The new set of rules of everyday living are introduced to the target which is that they are under surveillance 24/7 with the underlying psychology of the idea that their life is not their own anymore without scrutiny by others.  This idea is reinforced many times daily and the target is constantly reminded by the new set of rules forced upon them each day which is the purpose behind all the harassment episodes.  The target then discovers when they seek help from the police or FBI for protection that no help will be forthcoming.   They are now isolated from the very institutions that are supposed to help them and they are left to deal with it on their own.  That is the brainwash and the control.  It becomes the target's new way of life where after many years it is hard for them to even remember living their life anymore from the past when the new rules were not in place.  Through this process the target is eventually indoctrinated into their new culture whether they like it or not because their is no real escape from it.  The extraordinary world of intense daily harassment from people with seemingly endless resources and devotion to mentally tormenting you each day that the target finds themselves thrown into for no logical reason becomes normalized to the target. The once shocking is now common place for every day living and you do not even give it a second thought anymore.  It all becomes just a part of everyday life but your new perspective onto the world has been changed forever and there is no going back.
      I have heard that once targets have attained this state, they can be recruited as handlers because of this normalizing of new lifestyle to them. You are now living in their new world of rules the handlers created and showed you which has formed your new mindset. You are a new brainwashed asset to them so why wouldn't they want to take advantage of you.  It took them a lot of time, effort and money to build you into what they wanted you to become which is someone now totally desensitized to the world of brainwashing and mind control but not necessarily the bad ethics that accompany it.  Who is more qualified to manipulate other targets than someone who has actually experienced it at all levels for a long period of time.  They created the new you and now they want to get some use out of you. When they take away all of your support system by ruining your life then you will be much more prone to their influence to get it all back.  All you have to do is become part of the program as a handler or whatever it is they have in mind for you.  Taking decent people, destroying their lives and making them do evil things to be left alone again and regain what they once had is how the program co-opts targets into becoming stalkers.  Is that not the ultimate mind modification program?  Its an illusion of freedom though if you join the program because you will be totally under their control and you will be manipulated even further to practice their evil with no escape.  A target who stays clear of this trap will avoid this debacle with a clear conscience to boot.  At least as a target you still have control of your life even though they will try their hardest to make you feel otherwise.  They can only control you if you let them do it.  Remember, you would not have been targeted in the first place if you were not already somewhat of a decent person with good values and capable of independent thought.  This is what they fear about you otherwise there would be nothing for the brainwash stalking program to co-opt about you in the first place. Try and keep that in mind if things become overbearing.  While some targets are co-opted this way I honestly do not believe a large percentage of them do this and this is not the main purpose of the stalking program anyway but merely an off shoot of it the handlers can use to their advantage sometimes.  I can see targets being forced with the idea of homelessness after they have lost all their support systems being coerced to join the program out of desperation and I would not blame them.  A system so rigged, unfair and powerful against an individual can force bad choices sometimes but survival to live and fight another day is the most important idea to keep alive for people living in these desperate situations.  To end, I think if a target has not been taken out of society one way or another by the first couple years of their ordeal with targeting and are still functioning then the main purpose of the brainwashing program targets go through is to prep them for more programing all in an effort for them to propagandize ideas of manipulation and social control by the government against the population.  A target can also be used as an asset to spread disinformation as well depending on what needs the handlers and the program have in mind for goals to accomplish.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Selection of Targets by the Government- Is It Just Corruption or Is It More?

   I have come to believe that the answer behind organized stalking is a combination of political corruption first and then possibly scientific study second.  I think if the answer is simple corruption then the story behind it is still very convoluted.  It would be that federal contractors are being used by the intelligence agencies to organize these crime groups and training them to stalk people to make money. How do they do this? First, they need "bad guys" to chase around and make it look like they are actually doing something of value while they rip off the government for millions of dollars.  Since they need "bad guys" continuously to make money,  targets will remain the bad guys indefinitely regardless of their circumstances. The government administrators in charge of these programs maintain their power base through the bloat in their budgets not needed and abuse this power to go after anyone they want all under the largely fabricated and pressing need to stop terrorism.  I do not think they care one way or another about the innocence of individuals or real threats to consider as long as they can maintain the power base they created for themselves.  Its all the same to them.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely as the saying goes.  These corrupt contractors stay fat and happy as well with lots of money for doing nothing but harassing innocent people and I am sure they provide lots of bogus information about the target to the government to keep this illegal stalking crap ongoing against targets.  I am sure they fuel the lies that targets present some type of danger but it is total bullshit.  So everyone stays paid and happy but the poor targeted individual who has to hold on for dear life at the hands of maniacs running these stalking operations against innocent citizens. Its no different than drug companies pushing their pills on patients for every possible problem under the sun regardless if they are even safe or really needed.  Remember, pharmaceutical companies do not make nearly as much money if they cure you permanently of something instead of indefinitely treating you.  They would much rather keep you on pills forever that may or may not really help you rather than treating you permanently. They really do not care as long as they are making lots of money which they do. Security is no different.  If there are no real threats present then they have to be invented to keep the money coming in to the intelligence agencies budget and so you have the "phony war on terror".  Not that real threats do not exist from the Middle East and elsewhere but it is not nearly as serious as the government makes it out to be but being the power hungry pigs they are, they keep the subterfuge flowing so as to keep as much money coming in as possible at the expense of the American taxpayers.  I think the government has more than enough money already to do an adequate job for national security now but phony new threats have to keep being invented to keep the money spigots flowing.  It keeps the state control apparatus ever growing and far reaching into things it really has no business being involved in like prying deeply into innocent people's lives for no just reason. This is one of capitalisms main failures when ethics are taken out of the equation which is the model that just about everything seems to run under these days.  When problems are invented for services not really needed or very overstated then corruption has set in and this happens all the time in government as we all know. The problem is a lot worse than just wasting money from the public coffers though because people are being hurt and killed by this system. I find this answer to how ongoing organized stalking occurs unchecked against innocent people to be very believable especially for targets who are only experiencing the stalking tactics against them.  For the targets experiencing more than the organized stalking tactics like mind and energy weapons then it probably has more to do with human experimentation but I believe the segment of targets that believe they are only experiencing the stalking tactics are also part of the mind control experimentation as well.  Targets subjected to the stalking everyday are definitely conditioned to a new set of life rules that regular folks do not have to deal with or even understand.  The underlying message to the target is that their life is not their own anymore when they are conditioned to believe they are under a perceived constant scrutiny.  That is a form of mind control in itself so the targets experiencing this can not really be separated from targets receiving more extreme forms of mind control technology.  If the stalking is purely a social control mechanism only and targets are harassed because of corruption then the assumption should be made that targets are subjectively chosen because of political reasons and not selected for a specific reason as it pertains to mind control testing and study.   I do not know if this segment of targets is really being experimented on in the sense of a clinical study because I think the government already has a good idea of what it will accomplish. Organized stalking is already a tried and true method from the past so I doubt the clinical data it creates is the main purpose behind it but I am sure it is still documented non the less.  Most people being stalked seem to share the qualities of having independent thinking, intelligence, speaking their mind being truthful and honest.  As you can see they are qualities that are the natural enemies against the criminals that wield power in our government and intelligence agencies.  These criminals operate on lies, deceit, misinformation and misdirection so its easy to understand why targets with these good qualities are targeted.  These days its not even if you have done anything wrong but merely having these good characteristics above makes you a target automatically because of something you might do against them someday.  The fact that targets are being slandered as mentally ill and marginalized when they seek help, being tempted to act with violence against their stalkers in hopes they will be put in jail,  and actually being killed because of this system does not foretell people being gathered together for on going mind experimentation but does for political enemies to be neutralized.  There does appear to be different stages of the stalking operation against the target and I am starting to believe if the target is not weeded out in the first couple of years of their stalking due to the reasons above then it puts them in a pool of targets for possibly more advanced experimentation.  It is a kind of  mental survival of the fittest that qualifies a target for further research. Since the target has been carefully molded and prepared by the brainwashing for several years that probably makes them more prone to the long term phases of the experiment whatever that may be. The fact that a lot of targets claim not to experience the more advanced mind and energy weapons until several years into their stalking gives some weight to my argument.  Another goal or possibly even the main goal of the government organized stalking program in my opinion is that it is being used to send a message to the public about what is coming in the near future.  I think targets are being allowed to get their message out to the public about their stories because it is being used as a tool for control of the population. It is getting to the point where organized stalking is not the secret crime it has been anymore so I think this is being allowed in the open to let the general public know this is what can happen to them if they go up against this ever evolving new Fascist government that is steadily being put into place. The fact that this wicked and out of control government stalking program already exists without public knowledge or controls where people are being tortured daily and no one is doing anything to help them sends a powerful message to the masses that will scare them as it should. It will keep most people complacent through fear just like it was designed to do and just the way the government likes it.  It is a propagandized threat to the public for what happens to dissenters against the system. Most people do not have the moral courage to go up against the system anyway so the underlying message will suffice to keep most people in check.  You could say the whole program is a mass mind control technique implemented at the expense of targets lives. The program sacrifices the lives of a couple thousand targets making them spread the word to the rest of the country about the new rules for Americans if you oppose the Fascist regime being put into place. Most people can not even fathom something this awful exists in a Western Society because they have been coddled their whole life about the existence of their freedom and rights. It is all a smoke screen that will be lifted before their eyes once the general public gets the real story of what is going on in this country and that criminals are in charge of a large part of the government and have been for quite a while now.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Deception Used by the Stalkers

     There is a great deal of deception and misdirection used against targets to keep them constantly off balance especially in the beginning years of their stalking.  It is to try and get the target to make claims about their harassment coming from many different people in which they are led to believe are taking part in it. While there can be a lot of people involved in the stalking,  there are many more of them that are not really involved at all although the target may feel otherwise. The stalkers will utilize that window of opportunity when a target is highly sensitized through the use the deception to make it seem many more people are involved.  At this point targets are not usually thinking clearly, they don't understand what is going on against them and are slow to realize how much deception is being used against them in the first place.  When the accusations by the target start flying and the police intervene there are going to be many credible people claiming no knowledge of what is going on if investigated because they really are not involved in it and know nothing about it.  In the meantime the real culprits will blend in with the non involved neighbors by playing dumb to the whole situation. This will make the target look mentally unstable to the police by claiming everyone is after them long before they realize they have been duped by their stalkers.
     One of the first things I noticed when I was living in an apartment complex about my stalkers was the same stalkers I was seeing around town were using different cars frequently.  This early on showed me this was a highly organized operation against me.  I would see some of these older East Indian stalkers in their sixties driving cars around that would be considered a young persons car and I don't believe it was their actual car.  When I saw things that were mismatched like that I knew it was to keep me from identifying a certain stalker by the license plate of the car they were driving because it was not their own cars they were using anyway.  Makes me wonder did the person letting their car be borrowed know it was being used to commit the crime of organized stalking.
       After I made the move to Vancouver from Beaverton, OR the stalkers eventually rented out the three houses closest to my house that I saw were available to rent right after we moved in to our house.  All this was not apparent immediately to me because I did not want to be dragged into this thing any more than I had to but I did make mental notes to my self of which houses were available for rent.  I never payed attention too much to all the comings and goings of people in the neighborhood because the stalkers wanted me to be all bothered by it and trying to keep track of it all which is impossible by a single person with limited resources to do and with all the deception the stalkers use anyway.  I never played into their game in that respect but you can not avoid seeing it all after a while every time you come and go to your house.   The harassment started within a matter of weeks of moving in,  I just did not know where it was coming from exactly for a while because I was ignoring it as much as possible.  I knew these East Indians would show them selves to me eventually and sure enough they ended up showing me they were at all three houses that were originally unoccupied and available to rent near by my house when I moved in to the neighborhood.  Heck of a coincidence, huh?  By the time they had shown themselves to be at all three houses it had taken about a year but I had already known by this time that the main harassment was coming from these 3 houses. There were several other houses in the neighborhood further down the street taking part in the harassment by this time as well which now I believe was caused by the slander campaign against me motivating these other people to take part in it.  The last I had seen East Indians at the original three houses or anyone else for that matter was the summer of 2009 but the harassment continued.  When I went to the police in January 2010 I had listed these three main houses and about four others where there had been some activity as well but not all from East Indians by this point.   After I had told the police then they followed up with investigations at some of these houses but found white people living at these houses.  This is where my handler and stalkers thought they were real cleaver and burned me by me reporting East Indians at these houses but they failed.  I was smart enough to know by this point that what ever these East Indians stalkers showed me was total bullshit so when talking to the police I told them I had a real good feeling that who I told them I saw there and who the police would find at these houses would not be the same.  I was right because they were white people living at these houses but I had covered myself and story to the police.  These Indians I saw at these houses were just planted there just for me to see enough times and bait me into reporting to the police about East Indians living in these houses so when the police showed up it would discredit me and my story.  I knew what I was doing when I reported these East Indians because I had to tell the police something to start an investigation.  A curious thing happened the next time I left my house after going to the police and that was after previously not seeing anybody but East Indians at the two houses in view from from my house from the summer before and no one else since that time, I all of the sudden saw white people at both houses at the same time when I left.  Do you think they were trying to send a message?  Did they think they had made me look crazy by reporting these things to the police?  I would say no, not so much.  I now knew though that these white people where in on the stalking against me.  I will admit that it left me very confused more than ever before about who and why I was being stalked.  It was now something much more than just this phony racial thing by these East Indians being used against me as the reason behind my stalking but I did not know what was going on.  It took a good six more months of observing the stalking going on against me, lots more research on the Internet plus realizing other events from my past were related to this that I concluded the government had something to do with it.  I am very confident about what I have discovered as true about my story so far but since then, (Summer 2010)  I am still left figuring out all the little loose end details about my situation and trying to put the remaining pieces to the whole truth behind the government's organized stalking operation against me.

Monday, March 21, 2011

OS/EH Tidbits Before I Became An Aware Target

     I thought I would relate a couple of instances in my past where I heard some stories that more than likely involved OS/EH although I did not know about any of this stuff back then when I first heard it.  About 3 or 4 years before I became aware of my own targeting I had talked to a guy that worked for the same organization as I did and he had some interesting things to say.  I crossed paths with this guy like 2 or 3 times a year at most.  We were on break together once around 2004 or 2005 and out of the blue he told me people were following him where ever he went.  So, of course I asked , "who is following you?"  He made a odd face and shook his head slightly back and forth.  Then I asked how long it had been going on and he told me a year and a half.  I did not disbelieve him but obviously I had no clue as to what he was talking about.  He was uncomfortable talking more about it and we quickly moved on to other things.  At the time I thought this was odd that he would bring up the topic but then would not talk about it.  Years later, I think he had to have been talking about an organized stalking campaign going on against him.  I think he was probably an unaware target at that time which is why he was really at a loss as to what to say about it because he did not understand it himself.  I can relate to that phase of being totally in the dark about organized stalking and not really wanting to discuss it because it was so complicated and hard to try and explain it to others.
     Another quick story was when my father told me about this guy he worked with thought that Bill Clinton was talking to him in his head when he was at work.  This story took place around the mid 90's at the Lockheed Martin facility near NAS Moffett Field where they both worked in Sunnyvale, CA.  My dad had been in the air force for the minimum four years before eventually landing a career at what was Lockheed at that time in the early sixties.  He worked for this company for 35 years in classified work relating to satellites and I assume this other guy must have been in the same department as well.  I was fascinated with this story at the time but really did not know what to think about it.  Anyway, I guess the guy went away, supposedly got help and eventually returned for a while at his job.  He did not last too much longer though and then the guy was gone for good.  My dad told me this guy really thought that this voice in his head was real. This poor guy was definitely in the belly of the beast at Lockheed Martin.  What I know nowadays about microwave voice to skull technology sheds a whole new light on this story.  This guy was more than likely being used for experimentation at work and he really was hearing the Bill Clinton voice in his head.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The People Numbers Behind Organized Stalking

I have thought quite a bit about the numbers behind the whole government organized stalking racket. I estimate in America there are about 2000 to 5000 victims at most of organized stalking that is driven solely by the military industrial complex including the national security agencies. Even if I have underestimated that number there is still substantially less than the Department of Justice study from 2009 that claims upwards of 400,000 people say they have multiple stalkers after them. There is no specific breakdown of that 400K statistic but I would guess this number represents both victims of work place mobbing and victims of domestic family disputes that are not backed by the government.  While both are similar in nature and use the same tactics as organized stalking  both can exist independently without government participation and is probably the types of victims that make up the largest percentages of that large DOJ number.  The DOJ should shed a little more light on what that number actually means like breaking it down into the percentages of who is perceived being behind these stalkings by the victim.  Until then I will continue with my own speculation.
       I base my low estimate on the amount of activity I see about the crime on websites which has been growing but not as significant as it would be if there were truly  hundreds of thousands of victims.  I believe most victims of this crime seek truth and knowledge more than average which means they are more likely to be computer/Internet literate and would have come across this information by now stimulating many more websites, message board discussions and activists making the problem known. When you are a victim of this crime and you find out what it is then it makes you want to talk about your experience and connect with other victims. You seek advice, support and all the information you can find about this crime.  It is not something you want to stay quiet about for long.  This type of reach out activity is relatively low compared to the supposed  number of victims.  Attendance of support groups in the metropolitan areas are low and the leading OS/EH net radio show on Talkshoe aired Saturday nights by the FFCHS  has usually less than  hundred people at one time even on its best nights.  The regular contributors to the message boards on organized stalking are in the few hundreds and not the thousands as you would expect.  You could argue that there are untold numbers of victims that have not come across this information yet and made their voices heard on this issue.  Its possible but I doubt hundreds of thousands are still in the dark about this subject.  The next few years will really bare out the numbers of victims because the message about this crime is growing steadily through billboards across the country and even recently a TV news report on it which I also expect to see more national TV coverage of it growing 2011.  I would expect the remaining unaware targets to come into the fold in the next year or two at the most and I doubt the numbers will greatly increase.  It is widely speculated that victims of this crime are part of some kind of sociological military experimentation as to why innocent people are mentally and/or physically tormented non stop for years on end.  If we are test subjects then the lower numbers backs that theory up.  It seems implausible that hundreds of thousands of people could be studied at one time in any meaningful way.
     The lack of any kind of action by local police departments or politicians also backs up the idea of a much lower estimation of victims. These institutions have little to no experience with it because there has not been a concerted effort by multiple victims to have something done about it locally in any one specific city, state or area.  It is easy to stifle a few thousand victims spread all across the USA which is happening right now but a couple hundred thousand people demanding action could not be avoided or covered up. The number of victims have not yet hit the critical mass needed to trigger the proper responses from these institutions.  For now victims are trying to build that momentum up but it is occurring in a haphazard way all across the country which makes it easy for the problem to stay hidden to most of the population.   On the bright side, the FFCHS organization is taking the lead in a national effort against this crime through its affidavit testimonies and petition to Congress.
    You may hear claims of thousands of stalkers are on the streets in any one area but that is the total exaggeration of targets in their paranoia phase not purposely trying to deceive others with their claims or it is flat out disinformation to discredit the real victims of this crime. There is a possible component of mind control like hypnotic suggestions the victims might be going through as well that may make them perceive more stalkers and hostility out there against them than really exists.  It is just a matter how far along mind control technology has progressed and whether you  believe things like this can be done remotely to victims or not but that is just speculation for now and not the subject of this post. I personally have never seen thousands of stalkers but a couple hundred now in about 4 years is a realistic number.   More evidence against the argument of large numbers of victims in the hundreds of thousands would be that the logistics of what it would have to take to continue the constant stalking against that many targets would be so high as to be untenable and not realistic to manage.  If the four hundred thousand victims statistic is used and were spread out in the 500 largest cities which would cover every place of significance in the country then that would leave you with 800 victims per city which is a completely outrageous and unrealistic figure.  You would need three times that many stalkers if not more to keep up the constant tactics they use against that many targets and there is no way that many people are involved in stalking in any one area at any one time.  After almost 4 years, I have observed that there is an ebb and flow to the stalking activity against me at home after the initial 2 to 3 years and I associate that with the lack of man power.  I have seen about 15 different stalkers multiple times in about 4 years which come from the core group (the real deviants and psychopaths) which again shows me the limitations of their manpower. I think the ratio needed of stalkers to targets is about 3 to 1 at minimum to keep the stalking coverage up so in my case I would estimate that there are about 20-30 targets in the Portland, OR - Vancouver, Wa  metropolitan area and 60-90 stalkers to cover these targets with the harassment over a 24 hour day.  Targets are not necessarily distributed that evenly of course and each metro area is made up of multiple cities of various populations but you get the idea. If you use my 500 largest cities idea from above then 5-10 targets per city gives you roughly 2000 to 5000 targets nationwide. 
     I believe the number of victims stays low because the man power to do the job is constantly fluctuating so there are not that many new victims being targeted because it would result in the reduction of stalking activity on other targets. The stalker groups have limited resources and can only cover so many targets at once so the number of targets is pegged to what the stalkers can cover which I think remains fairly constant. An important thing to remember is organized stalking is very labor intensive which requires a great deal of planning and coordinating  everyday and I would imagine it is quite burdensome to keep the whole thing ongoing against the target.  I don't claim to understand what their motives are for the number of targets that exists now but I do know that the more targets there are then the harder it is for them to keep the constant stalking activity up because it requires many more dedicated stalkers to do the job.  Because of this,  I don't believe the victim base can really expand much from what it is now because only so many people (fringe stalkers) can be tricked into doing this for short durations of time.  Fringe stalkers are what I call people who are really not criminals at heart and are the people tricked and lied to, to get their participation in the stalking.  I believe turnover of this fringe group of stalkers is high and the handlers constantly need to recruit new stalkers.  So, it is not an ever growing body of stalkers in total amount but a constant influx of new fringe stalkers coming through the revolving door.   This leaves only the core criminals of the stalking groups which I imagine remains fairly constant while everyone else is fluid.
       The core group of criminal stalkers in any one area are the ones that really understand the crime they are committing and is relatively small in size compared to the rest of the active fringe stalker group which do not really understand they are committing crimes by doing these stalking activities.  So, the composition of stalker groups varies considerably with different levels of understanding of this crime by each member. Again, the idea of much lower numbers of stalkers is backed up in my opinion by the lack of the crime being exposed by the perpetrators themselves.  There has been no disclosure from an actual stalker yet that has amounted to much of anything. There has been a few anonymous emails admitting to the crime with details on how they operate but there is no bona fide evidence through a confession yet.  From this I deduce that there are not nearly as many stalkers as reported by some and more importantly I think this shows that the stalker's own lack of understanding and ignorance of their crimes is what is keeping them silent.  For the young stalkers it is a game and someone is coaxing that out of them.  They know its wrong but not criminal.  They are young, ignorant and don't ask too many question I am sure.  They think it is funny and a big joke to them. Do you think they have the mindset they are working to slow kill someone through psychology? For most, I doubt it.  Many of these young people I have seen with the glowing immaturity on their faces shows me that they are clueless as to what they are taking part in.  How about the Dudley Do Rights (community watch group members as I call them) and their mind set?  They think they are doing something admirable for the community from the lies they have been told that you are a threat.  They do not realize that they are the ones committing crimes against the target.  These fringe stalkers justify it to themselves many ways I am sure but I doubt they think they are mentally torturing someone to death slowly and methodically.  All these people have no idea or background to this crime they all take part in so why would they confess to something they don't even understand to begin with in the first place.  I think these types of people make up the majority of the stalker pool in each area.  I think their active stalking time does not last long or they do it very infrequently.  So they are in and out of it quickly and never had an inkling of what the hell they got involved with in the first place so it is easy for them to stay quiet about it and quickly forget.  This serves the handlers running these stalking campaigns against their targets just fine by keeping a fluid and ignorant source of stalkers constantly coming and going.  That leaves the core criminal group of stalkers to keep quiet and they are the ones probably being paid and certainly understand the repercussion against them if they come out with the real story behind organized stalking. They like what they do and get paid so I do not think too many from this group are going to step out of line.  Lastly, there could also be mind control again keeping all these stalkers quiet depending on how pervasive and advanced you believe mind control technology is capable of being used on remote subjects.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

FFCHS Los Angeles Billboard Press Release

FFCHS Los Angeles Billboard Press Release   (link)

Map link for the locations of the billboards

click to enlarge

Here is the latest billboard project about Organized Stalking/Electronic Harassment.  It is one of ten new billboards that have gone up in the Los Angeles area sponsored by Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

TV News Report Covering Gang Stalking

Good news for the victims of organized stalking because a local TV news station in Salinas, CA has covered the topic of gang stalking and even makes the point about the term gang stalking that it is not in reference to what a person would  normally consider a gang or gang members.  This is an important distinction to make to the public that this crime does not involve the Bloods, Crips or any other gang of that nature.  This is a rare occasion that this topic is covered in the mass media and hopefully the start of a national trend.  The link is below.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Former High Ranking FBI Official Admits Organized Stalking is Real

 I cut and pasted the information below from a comment by McToast from a forum on the website.  He did such a good job of organizing it and commenting on it to make it easier for others to get the information that I thought I would pass it along.

Post from McToast below :

I found this youtube video on a friends forum.  it is a former FBI Division Chief, Ted Gunderson. 
His title was FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION SENIOR SPECIAL AGENT IN CHARGE of the Memphis, Dallas and Los Angeles Offices.
Ted at one point had 100's of FBI agents working under him.
He admits that organized stalking is real and that he is a TARGET. It does not get much more credible.

His video from 2007 - Illuminati Infiltration of F.B.I.-Ted Gunderson 1/4 -2 -3 -4

Please watch all 4 segments, or I listed some times below to look for if you don't have time to watch.

Some points to look for -

"thousands of victims that have been targeted by an illegal U.S. Government rogue enterprise that is active 24 hours a day
within the United States"... "these programs are financed by illegal black operations, i.e., drugs, prostitution, gambling, kidnapping children who are auctioned off as sex slaves."  Video 3/4 11:40 to 12:40

At one point he describes being a target of "gang stalking" Video 4/4 4:25-4:30

Mr Gunderson claims to be a target of Organized Stalking.  He even goes into details of some of the shit they have pulled on him.  And if that is not credible enough, his webmaster Clarence Malcolm, the guy that runs Ted's website, has been FACTUALLY poisoned by uranium 235 contamination.  Uranium 235 is radioactive and only accessible by the military, and is used in high level assassinations because it makes people appear ill before they die. No standard blood tests will test for this type of poisoning, so unless Ted had been quick thinking his webmaster would have died.  Side note, Ted is currently in the hospital after cancer and an organ failure, so pray for him.
More Below!!!

The below text I copied from an article.
 "In a recent symposium on the Gulf Coast and 9/11 disasters, Gunderson went into further details about gang stalking. Through his 30 years of experience and research, in addition to nearly as much time in the FBI, Gunderson lays down the framework of gang stalking in the U.S. He states it is an illegal black-ops program of military intelligence, CIA and FBI that makes COINTELPRO of his day look like Sunday school. Throughout the U.S. operating 24/7 there is a Central Command, located in the U.S., with multiple satellite offices whose administrators can instantly initiate surveillance, phone taps, and harassment. They have the technology, government funding and manpower to dispense against anyone at any time! Gunderson has files on the program and thousands of case studies on individuals he calls "targeted". This is the truth about illegal government gang stalking from the mouth of a top ranking career FBI Chief with thirty years experience in the Bureau. See below link at 7:20 to 9:45.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Monitoring America-- The Washington Post

Here is a good but incomplete story from the Washington Post on the surveillance police state that we live in today in America.

Unfortunately,  the story omitted the most important part of the untold story which is that the government is doing a lot more worse illegal things than just monitoring people.  The story does not cover how most of these innocent people on this Guardian database list are being mercilessly psychologically tortured or even being exposed to electronic harassment weapons each day from the underlings in these stalker groups under control by our American National Intelligence  Agencies.  The story even claims these people have done nothing wrong or been charged with anything.  This certainly applies to my situation as well. The story mentions a guy taking pictures of a Fire Boat and a Ferry Boat in Orange county as being suspicious behavior and then is targeted for surveillance and probably a whole lot more than he bargained for which is very similar to what happened to me.  I watched trains at train stations for long periods of time and I also like industrial parts of cities that the railroads serve.  I have spent time in these types of areas all across the country taking pictures of these things or just driving around them because it interests me.  This is a very common hobby that many other railroad enthusiasts partake in   everyday across this country.  One day around the Spring of 2006, I did see that I caught the eye of some undercover person and my life changed from that day on considerably for the worse.  It started out slowly and took another 15 more months for me to experience and realize that  harassment had started against me.  Later, I figured out I had been under surveillance the whole time since at least the Spring of 2006 but I did not know it at the time.  The harassment was orchestrated against me in a very deceptive way which led me astray of who was really behind it which was the American National Intelligence Agencies.  I was led to believe that it was some sort of racial retaliation by East Indians for some insignificant act on my part at my apartment complex in the Spring of 2007. I experienced these East Indians harassing me through organized stalking tactics for the next two and a half years until I slowly realized the East Indians were just one criminal group the government uses among many to illegally harass innocent Americans.  My story is complicated and the rest of the many details to it can be read in the other posts on my blog but I am still subjected daily to psychological harassment since the summer of 2007 which equates to mental torture over the long run for those people that really cant understand the ordeal targets have to go through everyday.  They have been monitoring me close to at least five years now by my estimation and they know I am not involved with terrorism or illegal activity in any manner whatsoever but they still let their stalker trash cretins harass me non stop everyday.  The question then arises to why is that being allowed to happen against innocent people.  The answer is that it really has nothing to do with me taking pictures or the suspicion it might have initially caused but more to do with some type of political neutralization or some kind of illegal non consensual humane experimentation going on.  There is plenty of historical precedent already set by the U.S. Government for both these types of actions against its own people from the past.  When they pried into my life they did not find any illegal activity whatsoever but they did find out about my political views  by probably listening to my phone conversations and reading my emails. They learned that I speak my mind and I have no problem stating the fact that criminals run our government and have for a long time.  I always seek and speak the truth about our government and call them out on all their unlawful dealings which are many. This poses a threat to them and what I believe is one of their motivations to neutralize me.  For the illegal experimentation part of it I can not really say why it is happening other than it seems that once you are black listed by the government then you become a throw away American citizen opening you up to all kinds of malfeasance by government employees or their contractors who have a need to carry out unethical experiments that would never be allowed under the law in a normal situation.  In essence you become a lab rat for them to do what they want to do to you with their remote technologies and psychological torture techniques.         


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