Sunday, April 3, 2011

Deception Used by the Stalkers

     There is a great deal of deception and misdirection used against targets to keep them constantly off balance especially in the beginning years of their stalking.  It is to try and get the target to make claims about their harassment coming from many different people in which they are led to believe are taking part in it. While there can be a lot of people involved in the stalking,  there are many more of them that are not really involved at all although the target may feel otherwise. The stalkers will utilize that window of opportunity when a target is highly sensitized through the use the deception to make it seem many more people are involved.  At this point targets are not usually thinking clearly, they don't understand what is going on against them and are slow to realize how much deception is being used against them in the first place.  When the accusations by the target start flying and the police intervene there are going to be many credible people claiming no knowledge of what is going on if investigated because they really are not involved in it and know nothing about it.  In the meantime the real culprits will blend in with the non involved neighbors by playing dumb to the whole situation. This will make the target look mentally unstable to the police by claiming everyone is after them long before they realize they have been duped by their stalkers.
     One of the first things I noticed when I was living in an apartment complex about my stalkers was the same stalkers I was seeing around town were using different cars frequently.  This early on showed me this was a highly organized operation against me.  I would see some of these older East Indian stalkers in their sixties driving cars around that would be considered a young persons car and I don't believe it was their actual car.  When I saw things that were mismatched like that I knew it was to keep me from identifying a certain stalker by the license plate of the car they were driving because it was not their own cars they were using anyway.  Makes me wonder did the person letting their car be borrowed know it was being used to commit the crime of organized stalking.
       After I made the move to Vancouver from Beaverton, OR the stalkers eventually rented out the three houses closest to my house that I saw were available to rent right after we moved in to our house.  All this was not apparent immediately to me because I did not want to be dragged into this thing any more than I had to but I did make mental notes to my self of which houses were available for rent.  I never payed attention too much to all the comings and goings of people in the neighborhood because the stalkers wanted me to be all bothered by it and trying to keep track of it all which is impossible by a single person with limited resources to do and with all the deception the stalkers use anyway.  I never played into their game in that respect but you can not avoid seeing it all after a while every time you come and go to your house.   The harassment started within a matter of weeks of moving in,  I just did not know where it was coming from exactly for a while because I was ignoring it as much as possible.  I knew these East Indians would show them selves to me eventually and sure enough they ended up showing me they were at all three houses that were originally unoccupied and available to rent near by my house when I moved in to the neighborhood.  Heck of a coincidence, huh?  By the time they had shown themselves to be at all three houses it had taken about a year but I had already known by this time that the main harassment was coming from these 3 houses. There were several other houses in the neighborhood further down the street taking part in the harassment by this time as well which now I believe was caused by the slander campaign against me motivating these other people to take part in it.  The last I had seen East Indians at the original three houses or anyone else for that matter was the summer of 2009 but the harassment continued.  When I went to the police in January 2010 I had listed these three main houses and about four others where there had been some activity as well but not all from East Indians by this point.   After I had told the police then they followed up with investigations at some of these houses but found white people living at these houses.  This is where my handler and stalkers thought they were real cleaver and burned me by me reporting East Indians at these houses but they failed.  I was smart enough to know by this point that what ever these East Indians stalkers showed me was total bullshit so when talking to the police I told them I had a real good feeling that who I told them I saw there and who the police would find at these houses would not be the same.  I was right because they were white people living at these houses but I had covered myself and story to the police.  These Indians I saw at these houses were just planted there just for me to see enough times and bait me into reporting to the police about East Indians living in these houses so when the police showed up it would discredit me and my story.  I knew what I was doing when I reported these East Indians because I had to tell the police something to start an investigation.  A curious thing happened the next time I left my house after going to the police and that was after previously not seeing anybody but East Indians at the two houses in view from from my house from the summer before and no one else since that time, I all of the sudden saw white people at both houses at the same time when I left.  Do you think they were trying to send a message?  Did they think they had made me look crazy by reporting these things to the police?  I would say no, not so much.  I now knew though that these white people where in on the stalking against me.  I will admit that it left me very confused more than ever before about who and why I was being stalked.  It was now something much more than just this phony racial thing by these East Indians being used against me as the reason behind my stalking but I did not know what was going on.  It took a good six more months of observing the stalking going on against me, lots more research on the Internet plus realizing other events from my past were related to this that I concluded the government had something to do with it.  I am very confident about what I have discovered as true about my story so far but since then, (Summer 2010)  I am still left figuring out all the little loose end details about my situation and trying to put the remaining pieces to the whole truth behind the government's organized stalking operation against me.
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