Tuesday, July 13, 2010

See How Easy It Is to Recruit Stalkers

I found this video of how easily people are tricked into bad and illegal behavior almost instantly for nothing in return. Can you imagine what they do for a little money or personal favors.  How about them being told that they are doing important national security work for the government and to take part in it is their patriotic duty.  This is the exact way mid to high level stalkers recruit normal everyday people to do their stalking for them.  These new stalker recruits are probably shown phony police records about the victim and maybe even a nice shiny badge to to make it look legitimate but it is not.  I can't believe how lame people really are to participate in this stuff with no verification of its legality.   I know the hardcore stalkers exploit the average person's sense of wanting to do the right thing and helping out in a situation where a person needs help but you see how easily it can be a sham without verifying the real facts of the situation.   Anybody with common sense should know that if you are just an average person then it is not your place to punish others even if a real policeman gives the order.  The law does not allow for that type of  leeway so it can not be abused like these stalkers are doing right now.  The video said only 1 in 22 people asked for a uniformed policeman to be there when they were asked to perform one of these acts and he eventually caved in as well as you will see.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spread the Word

Last week my neighborhood had a block yard sale thing going on and I took this opportunity to do something that I should have done sooner. There was a lot of foot traffic over the weekend in the neighborhood. I made a large sign for the windshield of my car and parked it backwards in the driveway so it pointed out towards the street and everyone could read it. My sign said, "Stop crime, Stop organized stalking" and had the address of another one of my blogs I use. That blog had a personal post from me to the residents of my neighborhood on my entire stalking situation and the main text from it is below.

Thank you for coming to my blog.   I am spreading the word about a crime called organized group stalking that I have been a victim of for three plus years now and has been going on in this neighborhood since I moved here around late June 2008. ( a definition of this crime can be read at the post ‘What is Organized Group Stalking’ below)    It started when I lived in Beaverton, Oregon by a group of hostile East Indians and they followed me over here to Vancouver and the crime still continues to this day.   My whole story has been documented in the police report I filed with the FBI and Clark County Sheriff’s Office and is located on this blog where  you can learn about this crime from my story and from other links to websites on this topic. Its a very complicated crime with many parts to it.  As most victims of this crime, I do not have all the answers behind my stalking but I can tell you what I do know and have experienced for over three years now.  It is perpetrated by a group of sick  individuals ( in my case East Indians) that organize to commit this crime and manipulate or trick others into helping them. (Edit- I now know they are part of government backed and organized stalking groups. See the Oct 2010 update below) That is why I am using this blog to inform the residents that it has been going on here in this neighborhood for over two years now.  My organized stalking is a hate crime perpetrated against me by these East Indians for malice and revenge because I made a face at some girl.  I have broken no laws nor do I have any criminal record and the East Indians have zero justification for doing this to me not to mention that it is totally illegal what they are doing.  Any East Indians you have seen living or passing through this neighborhood since July of 2008 know and are definitely involved in this crime against me because their entire community takes part in it.  This includes the Indian ice cream truck drivers in the summer time who take part in the harassment as well.  I would boycott letting your children buy ice cream from them as they do not deserve the business.  The East Indians activity was extremely heavy in this neighborhood from December 2008 until the fall of 2009.  It is very possible that you might have witnessed some of their odd behavior over the last two years.  This behavior could have been anything from them sitting in their cars on the street for long periods of time then taking off quickly or running out to their cars fast and quickly taking off. Most of the really loud cars you hear revving their engines or making some loud noise in the neighborhood are acts of intimidation against me used by the East Indians or those helping them.  Also, have you noticed a high frequency of loud cars with short time spans between each car going by for like up to an hour sometimes.  These convoys as I call them are actually mostly stalkers using their loud cars as acts of intimidation towards me.  They occur at odd times too like very early in the morning before most people are up or very late at night where there has previously been no loud traffic for many hours beforehand.  If I were to believe these were just random traffic flows then these patterns would be distributed evenly throughout each day of the work week.  They do not occur everyday though and only randomly when the stalkers organize a convoy.  The East Indians used to do this a lot but it has slowed down a lot but still occurs now and then.  Have you ever heard these car’s stereo with the deep loud vibrations late at night or early morning that only lasts like 3 seconds then you have heard the stalkers in their other attempts to harass me and to avoid too much attention to themselves in the neighborhood.  They also use slamming their cars doors and trunks very loudly as well.  Anybody notice the extreme amounts of low flying propeller driven airplanes buzzing this neighborhood since the Spring of 2009? A lot of this air activity are the East Indian stalkers or whoever they hire in these airplanes to do this against me. ( this has mostly quit nowadays but used to go on all day long last summer)  These are all part of their psychological attacks they use against me but you will have to read the police report to fully understand how it all works.  I should have gotten this information out to the neighborhood sooner but being a victim of this crime has been a learning process the whole time while experiencing it and learning how to fight my East Indians stalkers and those who help them.  Exposure of what they do to everyone in the neighborhood is one of the main keys to stopping them.  The good news like I have already stated is that the East Indians activity in this neighborhood is a lot more sporadic now and has slowed down from the non stop daily assault I used to get. The reason for this being due to the fact that I went to the Clark County Sheriff in January 2010. You may have noticed the police patrolling this area more since then.  The East Indians have had to back off  a lot in their criminal activity now because they know the police have this information and now the neighborhood does as well.  I would expect a further drop off in activity for a short while because of this but it will probably creep back slowly again once they think no one is paying attention again. I will keep you notified. Its good their activity has diminished as of right now but this stalking group is demented and highly motivated and they could start up heavy harassment again anytime. ( hopefully not now since everyone now knows their tactics).  Don’t try to find a rational for this crime because there is not one available.  These stalkers are mentally deranged criminals whose motivation in life have nothing to do with normal law abiding people.  Also, remember that not all perpetrators of this crime are East Indians ( but in my case they are the main instigators) and they have either payed off or tricked others of different races into taking part as well.  Also, a lot of East Indians don’t look like what you would think of as a traditional looking East Indian either.  Many of them are light skinned and look like they are from a Hispanic background and you would not even think of them as East Indians but they are.  Take that into account as you look around the neighborhood  today or when thinking back to what has been going on in this neighborhood for the last two years.
One of the main tactics involved with an organized group stalking group is that the stalkers start a major slander campaign about the victim (that would be me) to anybody who will listen to elicit their help in the harassment against the victim.  The stalkers will lie and manipulate others to get their help in the harassment. You may have been approached by an East Indian or someone else that have been telling lies about me.   You might have even been shown some sort of phony criminal record with my picture to make it look legitimate.   Its not real though because as I  have already stated above that I have broken no laws and I don’t have a criminal record.   If you have been approached by someone then I need to know who it is and what they said about me to get your help.  You probably did not know the extent of the crime that you may have been tricked into taking part in against me.  Your actions that you might have been talked in to taking part in against me may have seemed trivial to you at the time but they are only a small part of a much larger crime of constant psychological attacks against me daily for over three years now. It is felony stalking. If you did then you have been used by the East Indians to commit a serious ongoing  felony crime against me.  Do the right thing and come forward and tell me who and what they said about me.  If you unknowingly took part in this crime against me then you should stop it immediately and provide  me the information about who is spreading lies about me and who motivated you to take part in it.  You can contact me at the email below.
I know a lot of this information sounds far out and bizarre and it is but it is all true.  I did not know people could and would organize to do these stalking activities with regularity but they do.  I would have been just as skeptical hearing of this information before I became a victim of organized stalking myself as I am sure my neighbors are  as well.  I had never heard of organized stalking up until it started in my life and it actually took me another 2.5 years later to even find out what the name of this crime was called so I could research it.  Its not something you see on the news much and I don’t think the public knows much about this crime either but the research I have done on it says that it has been growing steadily each year.  There are different kinds of organized stalkings committed by different groups for different reasons but victims of this crime are everywhere including locally, nationally and even around the world. Anybody could become a victim of this crime for all kinds of different reasons and it is a threat to everyone’s freedom and rights as Americans.  This crime entails a great deal of information on why and how it all works and through my blog and links to the other websites on this topic you can learn all about it if you take the time.  Be sure to spread this information and blog link to all your neighbors.  Please contact me at the email below for any questions, comments or concerns you might have.
Thank you,

I have learned a great deal about my situation in the three months since I wrote the post above.  Through my ongoing research and experience with this crime, I have  discovered and now believe that this East Indian stalking group is connected with the government.  This East Indian stalking group is part of some community police watch group organized by the governments’ national security agencies.   All races are involved in these illegal stalking campaigns but the government were using just these East Indians against me for over two years but many whites and others are involved in this and currently living on 166th Ave.  You know who you are and so do I.  These police watch group members are turned loose on innocent American citizens to harass at will 24/7 and this is what they have been doing to me on this street.    The people on these watch lists have triggered some sort of criteria to be put on a national watch list whether the suspicion is legitimate or not.  Most people on these watch lists have done nothing wrong, broken no laws or have criminal records and are innocent of any wrong doing  just like my situation.   These community watch group members are being lied to about the victims to motivate them to carry out these stalking activities.   This is a highly illegal practice and everyone connected with this crime on any level will be held accountable for their actions.  To be blunt, if you take part in this crime in any manner then you are a criminal and are committing  felony stalking.  Ignorance of the law does not relieve you of the guilt of committing these crimes or the consequences that will follow.   These watch groups do not have the authority to let you commit these crimes and if you are involved in this then you need to wise up now that you are being used to do the illegal dirty work for the national security agencies.   You are the ones that will be held accountable someday for these crimes as I collect evidence against you all on a regular basis.  For everyone else, unfortunately this is the sad state of how far our once proud country has fallen from grace.   Innocent Americans are being mercilessly tortured  through psychological warfare campaigns and worse every day.  I have another blog with much more detailed information about my situation at the following link.

I have now gotten some feedback from the neighbors and it was an important step to get that info out to them. I don't think they totally get it yet but a least they know something is up and they are now aware. My sign is still out there and it will be for a while longer. I would recommend other targets doing something similar as I did because the more your neighbors understand whats going on the better it will be.
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