Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Paranoia- Self Destroyer!

Anybody like the Kinks?  In this post I will try to explain in more detail of how the stalkers use endless psychological attacks against you when you are in your own home to create paranoia and fear through a noise campaign.  All this is written from my experience with it and my observations about it.  Also, a lot of this was my own  reactions to it when it was at its worst.  The stalkers harassment regime has been designed to keep the victim in a constant state of agitation pretty much all day long and late into the night.   First of all, you are profiled so they know a lot about your personality type and cater the harassment to you the victim.  They knew I was intelligent and could follow subtle patterns easily if I choose to do so and this was the crux of their attacks against me and it is also to avoid detection by the outside world.  I think a lot of targets fall into this category because I have read a lot of other target's posts and testimony and you can tell that most of them are bright people.  I think victims of less intelligence might not be able to distinguish a lot of these subtle attacks and their stalking would probably be more confrontational right from the beginning.  These types of victims probably are the easiest to get to lash out against their stalkers and get themselves in trouble with the law.  Anyway, this is how it works.  The stalkers plan starts against you to sensitize you to many common actions you take in your home everyday or the place in your home you do something with regularity.  The stalkers will ding  (by this I mean any of the psychological attacks against you) everything you do in your house many times over and they will concentrate on one thing only at a time like when you turn on the light when you go to your bedroom at night.  The ding will be like a car revving its engine loudly, the slamming of car doors or a small propeller plane will fly close by your house when you turn on your bedroom light at night.  They will do this ding every night for a couple weeks and you will learn that yes they will attack me when I turn on my bedroom light at night.  Once they are confident you have learned this, then after a few weeks your stalkers will choose a new thing to ding like when you go to the kitchen sink in front of the window and turn on the water for something.  This will go on until a new ding is chosen a few weeks later.  By the way, yes my stalkers have unobstructed views on the 3 main sides to my house and the last side does not have any thing to see in directly anyway.  They will eventually ding and sensitize you to just about every major thing you do in your house over time. When they move on to a new ding, you will not forget the dings they have already taught you.  In the victims mind, it starts a backlog of all these dings that will not be forgotten as the stalkers keep adding to that list over time.  In my case all this happened after they initially had taught me their attacks set to the times of the clock as well. (Reader, you can find this info on time attacks in my police and FBI post)  So, over a long period of time your stalkers will ding every thing you do in your house and have all these time attacks they use against you on top of that as well.  Over many months of this sensitizing of the victim, they will start to feel like any noise outside at anytime is an attack for something they are doing in their house or an attack at a set time.  There are many times on the clock each hour that are open for an attack in the victims mind (any noise outside that coincides with certain times on the clock) because they have been sensitized to these times as well through repetitious attacks.  When your stalkers have you sensitized and agitated to this point, no matter what attack they use on you then your mind will race to figure it out and assign the reason for the attack.  Whether your assessment of the attack method is correct or not, it really does not matter.  This is bad place to be at because over time this causes a great deal of constant anxiety and stress and this is the suffering of what true mind torture is all about.  These attacks happen at least 3 to 4 times an hour over the course of the day and late into the night everyday which adds up to 40-50 attacks a day.  Yes, these stalkers are that twisted and motivated to do these things that many times daily with regularity.   Its does not matter at this point what attacks they use on you or why because your stalkers have you right where they want you.  This paranoia will destroy you if you let it and your own paranoia is now doing the work for the stalkers when every sound outside sound feels like an attack.  I believe this is how the crime is designed to work.  In truth though, paranoia may be the wrong word to use because I would estimate up to 75%  of all outside noise in my neighborhood is my stalkers depending what time of day it is.  I live in a naturally very quiet neighborhood under normal circumstances. When it is really them, then it is not paranoia.   Either way,  this is something you have to absolutely get control of or it will be your undoing.  When it was at its worst for me, this is where I was at mentally but I did not understand what was happening to me or even knew what organized stalking was at that time.  Now that I have learned about organized group stalking,  I also know how to control it and defeat it. (refer to my desensitization post for this info)   My stalkers profiled me and knew this stuff would work on me and also know that most Americans are clock watchers because time is important in our culture and that the time attacks would work well on me.  I admit I was locked into the torment  for a long time and could not break the cycle but I have now.  Since they preyed on my ability of subtle patterns recognition then they should know this same intelligence allows me to deconstruct how their attacks work and can pass the information on for others to use which I have done here in this post.  Once you have deconstructed it then it empowers you and at that point you have pretty much defeated it.  Its something you have to work on to defeat it but it comes with time and effort.  It is a lot easier to defend yourself when you understand the rules of the game.  On top of all this, the victim will be stalked by strangers when they leave the house and this will cause paranoia as well if you let it.  It will make all interactions with strangers suspect to being involved with your stalking and that everybody is out to get you but that is obviously not true.   This is the illusion ( not delusion ) created when you have been steadily over sensitized to your stalkers' presence when you are out in public.  Yes their are real stalker out there after you but the vast majority of people you come across are not involved even though it may feel that way.  Once the victim knows about their stalking then they can get a better handle on this situation and learn to work past this paranoia phase caused by their stalking.  It is just a matter of getting used to it over time.  Once you learn that you are going to be stalked everywhere you go and expect it to happen every time you leave your home, it loses a lot of the effect it once had in the early stages of the victims stalking.  Not that being stalked is a good thing but you can learn to ignore most of it and that has been my attitude towards it.
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