Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Targets - Dont Think or Feel Like a Victim

As a target its important not to think of yourself as a victim.  Easier said than done, I know.  The mindset that you maintain will have a lot to do with how you deal with your stalking.  Letting the stalkers have an emotional impact on you with their attacks will help keep you feeling like a victim and drag you down which is exactly what they want.  Instead of letting their harassment affect you negatively, learn to deal with these attacks and don't give them any meaning or apply a significance to them in your mind.  Don't think of them as a reflection of what or who you are as a person because they are ultimately meaningless in the course of your life. Dont try to rationalize their insanity they impose on your life. It is a futile exercise to try to make sense of it and more than likely you did nothing wrong in the first place and do not deserve this treatment.  In the first years of your stalking, your stalkers spent a great deal of time and effort to sensitize you to certain sounds or sights. Through intense periods of repetition of psychological attacks using these sights and sounds,  you learned to associate negative thoughts or feelings to these same noises and sights.  Every time after that, when you heard these sounds or saw these sights then negative thoughts or feelings arose and you got the sensation of being a victim when they occurred.  As you were living through this period of your life, you were probably not even aware that this sensitization was happening to you at that time.  Its a whole process they put you through to try to train  you to think and feel like a victim.  It works but once you understand it you can break the cycle.  This is how this crime is designed and supposed to work but understanding it should help you defeat it. The most important thing to always remember is that you are always the one that controls what power and effect these psychological attacks have on you and your mind and not your stalkers.  Your mind is the battleground in your struggle against your stalkers. Learn to control what you think to diffuse any negative meaning you have associated with these attacks against you and you can find some peace of mind once again.  Its something you work on over time and ties into using the techniques from my desensitization post.   It will take some time to set your mind straight again but keep working at it and you can change your mind to have no negative emotions or thoughts on anything your stalkers do against you. You can condition your mind against your stalkers to have no fear, anger or any other negative emotion that they may try to use to control you ever again.  This will help you further marginalize them to nothing of significance in your life or mind just as it should be. Just be neutral and use your energy to fight them the right way.
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