Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Create Bumper Stickers on ORGANIZED STALKING

I had some bumper stickers made that say, ORGANIZED STALKING IS A CRIME! with my blog address under it.  I put 4 stickers on my SUV which are fairly colorful and now everywhere I go people will see it besides just the people in my neighborhood and that is a good thing.  There is not much room on a bumper sticker and I don't know if it is the best slogan I chose but I thought it was best to get the name of the crime out there.  You find people quibble about the best name to call this crime on other websites and there are some good points to be made about the different names and why  but at the end of the day we need a unified name for it. I think Organized Group Stalking is the very best but I had space restrictions on the bumper sticker so I dropped "group".  The public knows what stalking is so that is a good word to use but OS by itself does not give the reader the idea that three or more perpetrators are involved in the stalking and that is why I think "group" is important and I try to use it a lot in my writing.  Stalking is organized by its nature and there is no such thing as random stalking whether done by an individual or a group.  All stalking takes a great deal of thought and planning and the word "organized" is sort of redundant in the OS name.  Organized Stalking is the most common phrase out there and I think it is the best to use right now.  One important thing to remember and the reason you should get bumper stickers or some kind of signage on your car is that it may be the only way to clue your stalkers into the fact that they are taking part in a crime especially when you are away from your home in your car.  Remember there are a lot of these stalkers being manipulated to come at you and in their own mind they don't even know they are taking part in a serious crime against you.   If they see the stickers they might figure out it pertains to them and that they are doing something wrong.  This may help in deflecting some stalkers away from you over the long run and may make your handlers reign in some of their more ignorant stalkers in the dark about their culpability in this crime they use against you.  The main ideas to get across on the bumper stickers is the name of organized stalking and that it is a crime.  Be sure to include a blog address of your own to go to that summarizes what organized stalking is for the reader.  Include the pertinent points of what this crime entails clearly stated so to make it easy to follow.  If you do not want to upkeep a full blog for others to follow then have a page ready to go on your blog that includes links to some of the better sites on organized stalking so a reader can quickly find more info on the topic with out having to search for it themselves.  Most people are not going to go digging deep for this information unless it affects them on a personal level so make it as easy as possible for them to find it. Remember, our goals as targets should be to spread the word to everyone about organized stalking and want the general public to take away an awareness about the existence of this crime and that innocent people are being victimized by it by our national security agencies.

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