Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beware of the Brainwash

Four years in, and I finally get the idea behind brainwashing and the stalking that accomplishes it.  For a long time I did not understand what was the purpose of the constant daily regime of harassment going on against me was about but I now know.  To brainwash someone you have to destroy their previously conceived reality about themselves and their life in the outside world.  Once this has been achieved along with the promotion of making the target feel isolated from their support system whether real or imagined opens them up for the new programming.  At this point, the target has been broken down from what they always thought they knew about how their life and the world around them worked.  For an American, the ideas of freedom  and personal rights of what you think, say and do are guaranteed under the Constitution. These rules or cultural values are instilled in Americans their entire life through the regular known institutions in society. What had passed as normal everyday life before and what they had always known and previously lived under are no longer present.  In this new distressed state caused by the mismatch from previously conceived ideas about what their life was and what it has now become, the target becomes malleable to their handlers or the ones attempting to reprogram them.  In this susceptible state the target is more impressionable to new ideas to be implanted into their new found reality from outside influences since it has been shown to them that the rules that pertained to their old life were not as immutable as they thought.  The new set of rules of everyday living are introduced to the target which is that they are under surveillance 24/7 with the underlying psychology of the idea that their life is not their own anymore without scrutiny by others.  This idea is reinforced many times daily and the target is constantly reminded by the new set of rules forced upon them each day which is the purpose behind all the harassment episodes.  The target then discovers when they seek help from the police or FBI for protection that no help will be forthcoming.   They are now isolated from the very institutions that are supposed to help them and they are left to deal with it on their own.  That is the brainwash and the control.  It becomes the target's new way of life where after many years it is hard for them to even remember living their life anymore from the past when the new rules were not in place.  Through this process the target is eventually indoctrinated into their new culture whether they like it or not because their is no real escape from it.  The extraordinary world of intense daily harassment from people with seemingly endless resources and devotion to mentally tormenting you each day that the target finds themselves thrown into for no logical reason becomes normalized to the target. The once shocking is now common place for every day living and you do not even give it a second thought anymore.  It all becomes just a part of everyday life but your new perspective onto the world has been changed forever and there is no going back.
      I have heard that once targets have attained this state, they can be recruited as handlers because of this normalizing of new lifestyle to them. You are now living in their new world of rules the handlers created and showed you which has formed your new mindset. You are a new brainwashed asset to them so why wouldn't they want to take advantage of you.  It took them a lot of time, effort and money to build you into what they wanted you to become which is someone now totally desensitized to the world of brainwashing and mind control but not necessarily the bad ethics that accompany it.  Who is more qualified to manipulate other targets than someone who has actually experienced it at all levels for a long period of time.  They created the new you and now they want to get some use out of you. When they take away all of your support system by ruining your life then you will be much more prone to their influence to get it all back.  All you have to do is become part of the program as a handler or whatever it is they have in mind for you.  Taking decent people, destroying their lives and making them do evil things to be left alone again and regain what they once had is how the program co-opts targets into becoming stalkers.  Is that not the ultimate mind modification program?  Its an illusion of freedom though if you join the program because you will be totally under their control and you will be manipulated even further to practice their evil with no escape.  A target who stays clear of this trap will avoid this debacle with a clear conscience to boot.  At least as a target you still have control of your life even though they will try their hardest to make you feel otherwise.  They can only control you if you let them do it.  Remember, you would not have been targeted in the first place if you were not already somewhat of a decent person with good values and capable of independent thought.  This is what they fear about you otherwise there would be nothing for the brainwash stalking program to co-opt about you in the first place. Try and keep that in mind if things become overbearing.  While some targets are co-opted this way I honestly do not believe a large percentage of them do this and this is not the main purpose of the stalking program anyway but merely an off shoot of it the handlers can use to their advantage sometimes.  I can see targets being forced with the idea of homelessness after they have lost all their support systems being coerced to join the program out of desperation and I would not blame them.  A system so rigged, unfair and powerful against an individual can force bad choices sometimes but survival to live and fight another day is the most important idea to keep alive for people living in these desperate situations.  To end, I think if a target has not been taken out of society one way or another by the first couple years of their ordeal with targeting and are still functioning then the main purpose of the brainwashing program targets go through is to prep them for more programing all in an effort for them to propagandize ideas of manipulation and social control by the government against the population.  A target can also be used as an asset to spread disinformation as well depending on what needs the handlers and the program have in mind for goals to accomplish.
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