Saturday, December 5, 2015 Censors the Truth About the Phony Sandy Hook Shootings

A book has come out recently that blows the false government narrative, that 20 children and 6 adults were killed at Sandy Hook, in Newtown Connecticut, out of the water.  The book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, co-edited by Professor James Fetzer and several other contributors with PhD's was being sold on before it was taken down and no longer available. I mean the book and page it was on was completely removed like it never existed. Amazon totally censored it.  The book proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the shootings never took place and the whole thing was a great big lie.  You see, the government is very concerned about their criminal fraud of the phony Sandy Hook shootings they perpetrated against the American people being found out by too many in the American public.  The quislings in our Federal Government had the whole thing shut down.  Censorship of the American  Government's evil and criminal acts is alive and well by the powers that be.  There are some links to a couple articles from other peoples blogs with more in depth information about the matter below.

Nobody Died at Sandy Hook

The entire book has now been made available for free in a pdf file on the Rense website at the link below.  Good reading!

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