Sunday, March 21, 2010

Acceptance of Your Stalking

This post is about coming to terms with being a target of multiple stalkers organized and run by the US Government against you.  You will have to come to accept your stalking situation, not because you deserve it or that you should ever have had this happen to you in the first place but in the sense that this is  part of your life now and it will not go away quickly or easily. You are in for a long drawn out fight but do not despair because there are lots of things you can do to help yourself deal with it so you can survive it.  The first year or two, I use to struggle with thinking it was always going to end but it never did and it just kept escalating with time.  Of course I had no idea what organized group stalking was at that time so I was at a disadvantage.   Eventually though,  I understood that thinking that it would end was not helpful to me surviving it so I started to learn to deal with it.  This is the time I started to condition my own mind and that is mentioned in my desensitization post.   It was a great relief when I learned about what organized stalking was on websites and that I was not alone anymore.   It filled me in on some missing pieces to the puzzle of what organized stalking is about but certainly not all of them.  Be sure to educate yourself on OS as much as possible because information is power and everything I have learned since has been put to good use.  So, even though it is a less than ideal situation to be group stalked, it is important not to over react to it.  Your mind will have to stay strong to deal with this and its very important to remember that is really where your war against your stalkers is taking place.  Control your mind and emotions and you will survive.  Never forget with your stalkers, that you are dealing with a bunch of spineless pussy cowards so don't let them get the best of you. Think of how depraved and soulless these pathetic losers are that they do this to find purpose in their shallow lives.  Laugh at them and be glad you are not lowlife trash like they are.  Always know that you are a much better person than they will ever be and you will prevail.   Don't let them pull you into their game.  They will try to frustrate you to the point that you will come after them or lose control but don't let anger overtake you.  If you do you are playing right into their game plan.  Anger and violence will be your downfall if you let them get to you so don't do it.   It will only get you in trouble with the police and you could lose your credibility about reporting the stalking at some later point.  Can you imagine trying to explain the intricacies involved with organized group stalking and what is happening to you to a beat cop who shows up to an incident if you lose control and assault one of your stalkers?  It will be a no win situation for you so avoid it at all costs.  If you are having anger issues you can program that anger right out of your mind by conditioning yourself.  I dealt with some anger at different times in my first year or so of my stalking but I realized that would not serve me well so I conditioned what anger I did have right out of my head for good.  I have not felt anger for over years now and I will never go back to that again. You can also take more control of your situation by being proactive in fighting back but do it in the right way. Tell your story to as many people as you can because it will free you a great deal emotionally.  The worst thing I did was not take action sooner than I did but I also did not understand what I was up against for a long time.  I think a lot of targets fall into this category for a while before they find out what organized stalking is and then what they can do to fight back.  Exposure of this crime to law enforcement who still uphold the law and the general public is key to ending or reducing your stalking. Tell as many people as you can and provide good Internet links to good sources of information on this crime to back yourself up. Do not be overbearing when telling people or argue with them about it and just try to get basic concepts across like innocent Americans citizens are being stalked by the government and then let it lay.  Remember its exposure to new ideas first and then let them process it in their own right. If they act interested then give them more info on it or let them ask questions.   For me, I have told everybody I know about my story and now with my blog I am reaching people all over the world.  That is a good feeling of empowerment.  Become an activist against organized stalking because if you are a target then you are in the front lines of this battle whether you like it or not and if you don't sound the alarm about this crime to others then who will?  Fight the good fight everybody!
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