Friday, March 12, 2010

Targets-Do Tell Your Story

I would tell targets to definitely go to the police and tell them your story about organized group stalking but you have to go about it the right way.  Only when the truth comes out about the U.S. Government stalking its citizens will there be a chance of something changing for the better. The more people that know the better but you have to be careful about how you go about telling your story. For the police I would not try to go and explain it in person or on the phone first but I would suggest writing your story down and make sure you spend a good amount of time making it as readable as possible for your audience to understand.  By submitting it in writing or e-mail first you give the reader time to digest and reread the information over again so it sinks in and they will have at least a little background on it before you go and talk to the police in person.  Also providing good website links with good information on organized group stalking in your report will help back your case when meeting with the police.   For your report I would try to give the best examples of your stalking that you think somebody who has never heard of group stalking can understand and follow.  I would try and not give examples that are too far out to believe for your audience no matter how real they may be.  You will have a hard enough time getting them to believe just the normal tactics that your organized stalkers use against you.   So I would just stick with the basics in your report because ultimately you are trying to get the police to help you and why hurt those chances by reporting covert technologies (this would be the energy weapons and mind weapons mentioned on other targets sites) that makes your report that much harder to believe.  In time, after seeing how the police choose to handle your situation then you might want to mention your suspicion that these unknown technologies are possibly being used against you.  To my knowledge, I never experienced these things myself so I ended up reporting most of my entire stalking experience in my report.  When in person with the police you have to present yourself with a calm demeanor when describing your experience to them.  Getting upset or emotional will only hurt your cause by making you look like you are not  in control of yourself and casting doubt on your situation.  Get a group of people that you trust and can vouch for your character when you go to the police.  Also I would try to go with someone who might have witnessed some of the stalking  activities against you.  If you go to the police alone you might want to consider the fact that some targets claim they have been sent to the psychiatric hospital against their will.   I think that was more common in the past but things are changing today for the better. Still, be careful about it if you have to go alone and you might want to research how your local police handle these situations.  For the rest of the people in your life including friends and family I would put your police report on a blog with the group stalking web links like I did and let them read it for themselves. You can fill in all their questions later.  Anyone who is worth while in your life will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are going through something bad even if they don't understand everything about group stalkings.  Remember, you will find a great deal resistance to these ideas by a lot of people because it is overwhelming to them and they have many preconceived ideas about America and that our government does not, could not do these things to its own citizens.  Its a huge wall of ignorance to overcome so give them plenty of time like literally from months to years to slowly acclimate to the information that you should keep feeding them slowly in small doses. The good news is that awareness about the existence of organized group stalking is growing everyday so sooner or later it will become easier for victims to come forward with their stories and be believed by the general public and authorities.   Remember, that you always have the truth on your side so stay steady in your course of actions and it will show through eventually. Your stalkers operate on a web of nothing but lies, arrogance and deceit which will surely fail someday as all things that lack integrity eventually do. Time will bare out the truth about these criminals against true American Patriots and freedom loving Americans.

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