Thursday, February 17, 2011

The People Numbers Behind Organized Stalking

I have thought quite a bit about the numbers behind the whole government organized stalking racket. I estimate in America there are about 2000 to 5000 victims at most of organized stalking that is driven solely by the military industrial complex including the national security agencies. Even if I have underestimated that number there is still substantially less than the Department of Justice study from 2009 that claims upwards of 400,000 people say they have multiple stalkers after them. There is no specific breakdown of that 400K statistic but I would guess this number represents both victims of work place mobbing and victims of domestic family disputes that are not backed by the government.  While both are similar in nature and use the same tactics as organized stalking  both can exist independently without government participation and is probably the types of victims that make up the largest percentages of that large DOJ number.  The DOJ should shed a little more light on what that number actually means like breaking it down into the percentages of who is perceived being behind these stalkings by the victim.  Until then I will continue with my own speculation.
       I base my low estimate on the amount of activity I see about the crime on websites which has been growing but not as significant as it would be if there were truly  hundreds of thousands of victims.  I believe most victims of this crime seek truth and knowledge more than average which means they are more likely to be computer/Internet literate and would have come across this information by now stimulating many more websites, message board discussions and activists making the problem known. When you are a victim of this crime and you find out what it is then it makes you want to talk about your experience and connect with other victims. You seek advice, support and all the information you can find about this crime.  It is not something you want to stay quiet about for long.  This type of reach out activity is relatively low compared to the supposed  number of victims.  Attendance of support groups in the metropolitan areas are low and the leading OS/EH net radio show on Talkshoe aired Saturday nights by the FFCHS  has usually less than  hundred people at one time even on its best nights.  The regular contributors to the message boards on organized stalking are in the few hundreds and not the thousands as you would expect.  You could argue that there are untold numbers of victims that have not come across this information yet and made their voices heard on this issue.  Its possible but I doubt hundreds of thousands are still in the dark about this subject.  The next few years will really bare out the numbers of victims because the message about this crime is growing steadily through billboards across the country and even recently a TV news report on it which I also expect to see more national TV coverage of it growing 2011.  I would expect the remaining unaware targets to come into the fold in the next year or two at the most and I doubt the numbers will greatly increase.  It is widely speculated that victims of this crime are part of some kind of sociological military experimentation as to why innocent people are mentally and/or physically tormented non stop for years on end.  If we are test subjects then the lower numbers backs that theory up.  It seems implausible that hundreds of thousands of people could be studied at one time in any meaningful way.
     The lack of any kind of action by local police departments or politicians also backs up the idea of a much lower estimation of victims. These institutions have little to no experience with it because there has not been a concerted effort by multiple victims to have something done about it locally in any one specific city, state or area.  It is easy to stifle a few thousand victims spread all across the USA which is happening right now but a couple hundred thousand people demanding action could not be avoided or covered up. The number of victims have not yet hit the critical mass needed to trigger the proper responses from these institutions.  For now victims are trying to build that momentum up but it is occurring in a haphazard way all across the country which makes it easy for the problem to stay hidden to most of the population.   On the bright side, the FFCHS organization is taking the lead in a national effort against this crime through its affidavit testimonies and petition to Congress.
    You may hear claims of thousands of stalkers are on the streets in any one area but that is the total exaggeration of targets in their paranoia phase not purposely trying to deceive others with their claims or it is flat out disinformation to discredit the real victims of this crime. There is a possible component of mind control like hypnotic suggestions the victims might be going through as well that may make them perceive more stalkers and hostility out there against them than really exists.  It is just a matter how far along mind control technology has progressed and whether you  believe things like this can be done remotely to victims or not but that is just speculation for now and not the subject of this post. I personally have never seen thousands of stalkers but a couple hundred now in about 4 years is a realistic number.   More evidence against the argument of large numbers of victims in the hundreds of thousands would be that the logistics of what it would have to take to continue the constant stalking against that many targets would be so high as to be untenable and not realistic to manage.  If the four hundred thousand victims statistic is used and were spread out in the 500 largest cities which would cover every place of significance in the country then that would leave you with 800 victims per city which is a completely outrageous and unrealistic figure.  You would need three times that many stalkers if not more to keep up the constant tactics they use against that many targets and there is no way that many people are involved in stalking in any one area at any one time.  After almost 4 years, I have observed that there is an ebb and flow to the stalking activity against me at home after the initial 2 to 3 years and I associate that with the lack of man power.  I have seen about 15 different stalkers multiple times in about 4 years which come from the core group (the real deviants and psychopaths) which again shows me the limitations of their manpower. I think the ratio needed of stalkers to targets is about 3 to 1 at minimum to keep the stalking coverage up so in my case I would estimate that there are about 20-30 targets in the Portland, OR - Vancouver, Wa  metropolitan area and 60-90 stalkers to cover these targets with the harassment over a 24 hour day.  Targets are not necessarily distributed that evenly of course and each metro area is made up of multiple cities of various populations but you get the idea. If you use my 500 largest cities idea from above then 5-10 targets per city gives you roughly 2000 to 5000 targets nationwide. 
     I believe the number of victims stays low because the man power to do the job is constantly fluctuating so there are not that many new victims being targeted because it would result in the reduction of stalking activity on other targets. The stalker groups have limited resources and can only cover so many targets at once so the number of targets is pegged to what the stalkers can cover which I think remains fairly constant. An important thing to remember is organized stalking is very labor intensive which requires a great deal of planning and coordinating  everyday and I would imagine it is quite burdensome to keep the whole thing ongoing against the target.  I don't claim to understand what their motives are for the number of targets that exists now but I do know that the more targets there are then the harder it is for them to keep the constant stalking activity up because it requires many more dedicated stalkers to do the job.  Because of this,  I don't believe the victim base can really expand much from what it is now because only so many people (fringe stalkers) can be tricked into doing this for short durations of time.  Fringe stalkers are what I call people who are really not criminals at heart and are the people tricked and lied to, to get their participation in the stalking.  I believe turnover of this fringe group of stalkers is high and the handlers constantly need to recruit new stalkers.  So, it is not an ever growing body of stalkers in total amount but a constant influx of new fringe stalkers coming through the revolving door.   This leaves only the core criminals of the stalking groups which I imagine remains fairly constant while everyone else is fluid.
       The core group of criminal stalkers in any one area are the ones that really understand the crime they are committing and is relatively small in size compared to the rest of the active fringe stalker group which do not really understand they are committing crimes by doing these stalking activities.  So, the composition of stalker groups varies considerably with different levels of understanding of this crime by each member. Again, the idea of much lower numbers of stalkers is backed up in my opinion by the lack of the crime being exposed by the perpetrators themselves.  There has been no disclosure from an actual stalker yet that has amounted to much of anything. There has been a few anonymous emails admitting to the crime with details on how they operate but there is no bona fide evidence through a confession yet.  From this I deduce that there are not nearly as many stalkers as reported by some and more importantly I think this shows that the stalker's own lack of understanding and ignorance of their crimes is what is keeping them silent.  For the young stalkers it is a game and someone is coaxing that out of them.  They know its wrong but not criminal.  They are young, ignorant and don't ask too many question I am sure.  They think it is funny and a big joke to them. Do you think they have the mindset they are working to slow kill someone through psychology? For most, I doubt it.  Many of these young people I have seen with the glowing immaturity on their faces shows me that they are clueless as to what they are taking part in.  How about the Dudley Do Rights (community watch group members as I call them) and their mind set?  They think they are doing something admirable for the community from the lies they have been told that you are a threat.  They do not realize that they are the ones committing crimes against the target.  These fringe stalkers justify it to themselves many ways I am sure but I doubt they think they are mentally torturing someone to death slowly and methodically.  All these people have no idea or background to this crime they all take part in so why would they confess to something they don't even understand to begin with in the first place.  I think these types of people make up the majority of the stalker pool in each area.  I think their active stalking time does not last long or they do it very infrequently.  So they are in and out of it quickly and never had an inkling of what the hell they got involved with in the first place so it is easy for them to stay quiet about it and quickly forget.  This serves the handlers running these stalking campaigns against their targets just fine by keeping a fluid and ignorant source of stalkers constantly coming and going.  That leaves the core criminal group of stalkers to keep quiet and they are the ones probably being paid and certainly understand the repercussion against them if they come out with the real story behind organized stalking. They like what they do and get paid so I do not think too many from this group are going to step out of line.  Lastly, there could also be mind control again keeping all these stalkers quiet depending on how pervasive and advanced you believe mind control technology is capable of being used on remote subjects.
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