Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Deniers and Cognizant Dissonance

One thing I noticed about a lot of deniers (mostly men) of organized stalking is that most of them don't have the imagination to understand what a victim endures day to day. They lack the empathy for what the victim experiences.  They can only see the short term application of these tactics the target has to tolerate and think of them in that manner as no big deal and never consider the chronic effects on a victim.  That is understandable to a certain extent because most people are not in touch with what psychological warfare is all about and how it affects the victim over the long term.   That these deniers think they would be above the effects of a psychological warfare campaign plotted against them is laughable and only shows their ignorance about the experience.  I know people who are not victims of this crime don't really research the subject because it does not affect them personally so its easy for them to be flippant and dismiss it.  A lot of the acts of intimidation are lame taken in small doses but after a couple years of these attacks everyday no one is beyond the effects of it against your psyche.  A targeted individual can learn to minimize a lot of the damage through desensitization which is good but they can go a long time before they are aware of their stalking campaign against them and really understand what is happening to them. Before this time most do not know how to protect themselves and to handle the situations they will be forced to experience.  At least today more resources are becoming available with information online on how to help your situation and what to do to fight back against your stalkers. That average people who are not victimized by this crime can not understand this concept of organized stalking is not hard to believe because nothing in their life they have ever had to experience would prepare them for having to deal with a hostile group after you 24/7.  For a target trying to tell their story to deniers don't waste your time with this type of person.  These types of people are not the ones that make change happen in society and everything must stay within their comfort zone and conform to their narrow view of reality.  There is something deeper at play here though with the deniers when hearing about organized group stalking. What they experience is something called cognizant dissonance.  Everyone probably experiences this upon hearing about organized stalking at first to a certain degree for a while until it sinks in but many will keep denying it regardless. What cognizant dissonance entails in relation to organized group stalking is when a person is presented with  this new information never heard before and the information goes against everything they think they know about America and our personal rights under the Constitution then they will deny it is happening.  It goes against everything they have been taught and think that local law enforcement would not let innocent people suffer these indignities, that the national security agencies would never do this to their own innocent citizens and only people of great importance might get stalked.  They have never heard of groups of people being organized by the government to harass others.  They are of course wrong on all accounts.  Since their brain is overloaded with this new information that contradicts their belief system they simply deny its existence to themselves to avoid the great stress created if they now have to deal with the new information in their new reality of the situation.  It is a bitter pill to swallow, I know. Bearers of bad news have never been popular with the general public especially if it is significant bad news that changes the known rules and sets up a paradigm shift in society. It is resisted by many. Its a great burden to become aware now all of the sudden that every American has to deal with the fact that America is and has been in a police state for a while now and the rights and freedoms we uphold as the cornerstone of our democracy are mostly a myth.  People don't want to have to now accept that our government is responsible for allowing criminal elements to operate freely with their consent that are torturing innocent civilians to a slow death. Its a hidden tyranny to the public right under the guise of national security with a big smiley face stamped on it so everybody feels better about the government going after all the false bad guys and terrorists for our own good.  In reality though  innocent people are being systematically destroyed by the state.  Don't kid yourself into thinking that OS/EH is not that bad.  It is a conspiracy by national security agencies to destroy and slow murder innocent Americans through psychological torture and/or electromagnetic energy and mind weapons.  To end, a good example of this cognizant dissonance in history would be when the concentration camps were liberated from Nazi Germany in WWII.  The German civilian population did not want to believe the horror stories that occurred in these death camps because it went against their value systems on how to treat other human beings.  The U.S. Army marched thousands of German civilians through these camps so they would see the horror and gross inhumanity perpetrated by their own people against others.  America is already on the slippery slope down into full tyranny if things don't change.  Innocent people are being destroyed now for no lawful reason at all.  America will become a full blown fascist state if things are not countermanded soon.  If you were a victim of organized stalking you would absolutely understand this to be true and have no reservations at all about your rights as an American under the Constitution and Bill of Rights as being nothing but a sham as things now stand.
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