Thursday, September 2, 2010


     The government now treats individuals as guilty when they decide to blacklist you until proven innocent.  I thought it was supposed to be the other way around in America. Innocent until proven guilty.  Not anymore, in the police state America has become.  The problem is no one in government or Homeland Security is interested in actually determining whether blacklisted targets have done anything illegal but actual guilt or innocence has nothing to do with it and never really did.  There is something much more sinister going on with these organized stalkings across the country and it is a power play to squash dissent against whoever they want and for any reason they decide whether it is true or not.  The whole stalking system has been created to accomplish this task by the new Fascist type government that has been taking hold in Washington DC since 9/11 with more power everyday at the expense of personal rights and freedoms of all its citizens.  To perpetuate the system it must have fodder to keep it going and this is the plight targeted victims find themselves in today.  Its a social control system that needs to be up kept and active so it is always ready to go and they can sic it on whoever they want.  I know Homeland Security knows most of us targets present no real threat to anyone but again the system has to be kept going no matter what to continue its funding and existence.   
         I believe I was originally put on a national security watch list because of an incident I had at a train station in the Spring of 2006.  It took me about three and a half more years figure out the government was behind my stalking. One reason is that I never equated the East Indian hate group stalking against me to be some part of a government watch group but I now believe that as absolutely true today.  My story starts with me watching trains at a train station which is not a crime or so I thought.  I am a rail fan and there are many across the country like me which means I like trains and everything to do with them and all the different industries served by the railroad.  I can go to a train station and sit for many hours at a time waiting for trains to go by and have done that since my late teens.  I also like photographing the industries and the run down parts of cities where trains run.  After 9/11 security stepped up a great deal and in early 2006 I had my first known experience with an undercover agent at the Santa Clara, CA Train Station.  I am mostly interested in freight trains and they are far and few in between in Santa Clara but it has a very active commuter rail system.  I am very observant and one day I am watching this Asian guy get off a train and I did not know what he was up to but I knew he was not a regular commuter.  He saw me watching him and he got on his cell phone and tried to play it off but he did not fool me.  So he takes off the other way eventually and I thought it was over.  A few minutes later this same dude comes from behind my vehicle and is totally scrutinizing and looking into the back of my SUV as he slowly walks by me. My SUV was parked right in front of the tracks.  This dude was undercover and was looking for a bomb or something. I think to myself, "Great, this douche bag thinks I am a terrorist."  It pissed me off but as I settled down I realized that I totally fit the profile of a terrorist other than being white.  I was recently out of a job, single male under 40 with no real ties to family or friends, spent lots of time at the train station, liked to photograph industrial areas that most would not be interested in, and that particular day I was already pissed about something I can not even remember today but I was agitated and I know it showed.  Unfortunately this is the same M.O. of a terrorist staking out targets like train stations for long periods of time over multiple days while sizing up the weaknesses of the security.  So I  soon realized  after that, that  I was was probably put into some national data base watch list.   Soon, one time after that I was at the train station and I noticed a small plane kept flying in big circles and directly flying right at me each time as it went over again and again.  I was pretty sure they were watching me at this point as I had never seen a plane do that before my incident with the undercover agent and I had been going there for many years.  Also in this same time period I went to the Port of Redwood City one Sunday afternoon to photograph it because it is industrial and train tracks went out there which is what I like.  It was deader than dead out there and no one was around so I start photographing from my SUV and off the bay comes this little airplane once again making a beeline right at me and flew right over me a couple of times so I now knew I was being watched.  I understood the suspicion but I had a totally clear conscious because I was not doing anything wrong then or now.  I thought that after they investigated me a while they would realize I am not a terrorist and move on.  This all happened the last few months in California before I moved to the Portland, OR area.  Looking back now I had a few odd occurrences in parking lots in the San Jose area before I left that could have been the beginning of my stalking  by the government and probably was but its been 4.5 years ago and I don't remember enough details to say it was them with certainty.  When I got to the Portland area in Beaverton nothing really stood out to much in my mind for about a year where my story starts in the police report and the overt harassment began.  Thinking back, there where some unusual instances that come to mind from that period though.  I had been over to the Vancouver train station to watch trains and had noticed a whole bunch of white people checking me out but I did not think much about it. One time coming out of a shopping center a young thug got behind me making fun of me for no apparent reason. He was a dark minority and may have been East Indian but I did not pay much attention so I don't really know. The other time was by a real smug Indian girl leering at me after popping out from behind a wall as I left my parking lot on a very cold night.  Her action did not fit the situation in any manner so it was suspicious and odd behavior to me and this was a month or two before I made a face at some different 20 year old Indian girl that I eventually thought started the whole East Indian hate group stalking me.  I think I was already being stalked lightly back then by the East Indians and others but I did not recognize it as stalking at that time because I was an unaware target.  To finish, a couple years after the train station incident above, I started to learn that after 9/11 many rail fans across the country at train stations and other places have been hassled by the police with some even being arrested or having cameras and pictures confiscated.  I wonder if all these people are blacklisted and being stalked today like me.
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