Monday, September 13, 2010

Government Sponsored Organized Stalking

In the train station incident that triggered an investigation against me by the government in my opinion, I already stated that I understand how my activity looked suspicious.  After 4.5 years later it makes no sense though. Have I been in contact with other suspected terrorists or criminals, in contact with terrorist sponsored countries or organizations domestic or abroad, had dealings in weapons or bomb making materials or anybody associated with them? Or have I had any other dealings in anything illegal? Absolutely not. They know this statement is true but I am still subjected to stalking. Is the government into psychological terror tactics against innocent people as opposed to just surveillance? The simple answer is, yes they are. The terror tactics are highly illegal and even the surveillance part of it is as well depending on what methods they are using and for how long.   Why do they not separate the surveillance from the terror tactics.  I don't consider being watched in public necessarily wrong for a reasonable period but the daily regiment of psychological attacks are unjust and the real crime. Those who take part in these attacks on any level are criminals no matter how anybody tries to spin it or justify it and they all should be locked up. So what this all boils down to is the government creates its own stalking watch groups under the guise of community policing and unleashes them on innocent Americans.  In reality these watch groups are psychological terrorist groups. What you have then is state created and sponsored domestic terrorists stalking groups to stalk alleged enemies of the state. That is rather ironic in the land of the free and home of the brave.  Victims are treated as guilty regardless of the real facts and apparently stay in that category forever.  Since these watch groups seem to have no oversight and are run locally, they do whatever the hell they want.  Obviously they are run by morally bankrupt people who have no problem mentally torturing others or worse.  This is what a psychopath does.  This corruption exists through a combination of a gross lack of ethics and lack of any kind of control mechanisms in these watch programs that allow this abuse of power to continue.   I do not know if the local police advocate for these watch groups or not but all local police departments should be aware of this problem by now or have been aware for a while and I do not see much action on their part so this is a form of compliance in itself.   If I am to believe the government is not involved and the stalkings are coming solely from criminals not in cahoots with the government somehow then why will the police and FBI not go after the stalkers?  You would think that these stalking groups that are this organized would be capable of committing successful violent terrorist attacks against this country would catch the interest of our national intelligence and security agencies but it does not because they are compliant with them.  This is especially true when it comes to the stalker airplanes that are allowed to troll around all day to harass people because they could be used effectively as terrorist weapons as they have been in the past.  The fact these airplanes are involved in the harassment has government written all over it because they would never let our air space be invaded daily in this manner by airplanes of dubious backgrounds if it was not government sponsored in the first place.  I have also been stalked now seamlessly in four states. Two I have lived in which is the basically the same metropolitan area of Portland/Vancouver but I was also stalked on two trips out of state to Idaho and California. Who has the resources or a network of stalking groups to pull something like this off at a moments notice when you leave town except the Federal Government and intelligence agencies? Along with the above, the most overwhelming evidence in my own mind came to me when I thought about it a bit and realized how easy it would be for these low level stalkers to be picked up by the police or FBI and with a little prodding they could be made to talk.  These are not hardcore thugs but mostly a bunch of deviant pussies who could be broken easily and made to talk.  I have seen many that would fall into that category.  With the sophisticated surveillance equipment that exists today enough evidence could be gathered in a matter of days to break these stalking rings up if the FBI got involved. Through interrogation of the small time lowlife stalkers the police or FBI could then work their way up the chain of command in short order. They would not even have to get to the top level to break up the racket of stalkers.  If enough of these small time stalkers got put in jail then the word about it would spread like wildfire real fast and soon the pool of small time thug stalkers would dry up real quickly.  It would diminish a great deal of the organized group stalking taking place today in a short amount of time and it could be done quickly with minimal effort.  With this idea of how simple it would be to shut down these stalking groups and why nothing was being done about it, it all fell in place for me.  With this epiphany I had about the entire situation before me, I now knew that indeed the Federal Government along with the National Security Agencies and possibly parts of the local police are all involved in this and allow it to happen.  I am now very confident about the truth of the matter saying that the government is involved behind all of it.

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