Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Survey of Targeted Individuals

This is a survey of targeted individuals (link below) from the organization Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance. I think the most interesting feedback is on question 16 which shows the steady growth of this crime over time.  Another important fact in question 3 is that almost 80% of targets surveyed are 40 years old and over.   For the deniers of organized stalking claiming we are all a bunch of schizophrenics, the facts don't bare that out because this disease is diagnosed in people when they are in their teens and into the twenties.  The vast majority in this sample were well into their thirties or older when their targeting began.  I guess there is no previous medical conditions stated for the people of the sample but I assume that these people are experiencing these stalkings or this type of thing for the first time in their life when asked about when the targeting began.  Question 36 and 37 shows what a broad range of abuse that targets experience.

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